The Rift

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Chapter 25

“Beth, you awake?”

Bethie rolled over and opened her eyes with a sleepy smile. She stretched. “I was dreaming about Jay.”

Judah smiled and wrapped her in his arms, coating her cheek with morning kisses. “Oh, yeah?”

She nodded. “He told me to tell you ‘thank you’ and then he suggested a new cheek highlighter,” she giggled.

“Sounds like him.” Judah looked at the clock. “I have to get up. You want to ride in with me?”

Bethie rolled over, curling into the sheets of their bed. “I’m meeting Liam for breakfast. Maybe you and Mac can join us after his therapy appointment?”

“Absolutely.” Judah jumped out of bed and opened the curtains. The morning sun streamed through a window. “It looks like it’s shaping up to be a great weekend. We should hit the water.”

“Perfect. I’ll back the bags and ask Liam to join. You tell Mac.”

Half an hour later, Judah was on his way to pick up Mac and Bethie was walking to meet her brother.

Liam sat waiting in a downtown diner, a cup of coffee sat next to a pad of paper while Liam tapped the end of a pen against his lips. The summer was nearing its end. They all struggled day to day in their own ways, yet always knew when to depend on the others. Liam knew this, yet he still felt there was unfinished issues. He wrestled with his indecision for months. Until he finally realized that was exactly what it was like for Jay. Jay never could say what he really felt, for fear of hurting someone. Liam refused to let that fear continue, it was time to put it to rest. Liam would speak the words Jay couldn’t. His pen scratched the surface of the paper.

Dear Mr. Keller,

I know you don’t agree with how your son lived. I also have to believe you loved your son in your own way, but I thought you should know him the way other people, who him knew him, loved him and how he returned that love, unconditionally. Your son was a bright beacon of truth and light...

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