A New Start (Book 1)

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Hey, thanks for being here! I'm Ella it's nice to meet you! This entire series will flow nicely hopefully :) you will start off as the daughter of a professor, then after the war goes on to help the avengers, then in the final book meet the ever so lovely Kylo Ren in an epic ending. Who will you end up with? and Who you will love? I guess you will have to read and see. I will try and update every day but if I can't I will tell you all what's going on with me on my wall thanks <3 enjoy the stories

Drama / Erotica
Ella Marie
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Hey hot stuff <3

Hey, you guys so this is my first story I’m writing so I’m kinda nervous but still confident in my skills.

This is going to be a POV so there will be plenty of (y/n) and shit like that 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am a reality shifter so this story is just me sharing what happens in my dr. If you want on another story I can share my shift script and any tips I have so you too can experience this first hand.

Just a warning too so that way I don’t get taken down... this will have mature content harsh language bisexual content and a tw: for knife play and emotional abuse.

I want this story to tap into a kinky side of you all and still have rich drama and emotions present.

In this story, you -(y/n) will have multiple sexual relations with different characters in the Harry Potter Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Star Wars Universe. Also, I have to say all these characters belong to J.K. Rowling, Marvel, and whoever the fuck owns the Star Wars movies. Disney I guess. I do not have the rights to them.

I would also like to state I do not support J.K. Rowling in any way shape or form because of her comments made towards the transgender community.

I’m so sorry for this long message.

So for this story when someone is talking I’m just going to put their initials to make it easier for you and me to visualize. In this story, you have a mother and there will be no present father figure, which makes the book a little bit spicier...

So for example... if your mother is talking to you it will say m: at the begging of the quote I hope this makes sense.

I would also like to put the characters that you have a relationship with here so that way you know what is to come, BUT I will not put it in order so you will have to read and find out. I will try and post updates weekly if not then I will update on my wall what is going on with me.

In this story, you are not a student at the school, your mother is a professor at Hogwarts so you will not be sorted into a house. Which I feel is kind of good cause in some stories they write you as a Hufflepuff when you’re actually a Slytherin so there is no house confusion in this story.

In my DR and in this story, all music is released, along with shows and movies except ones with the actors in the HPU have different actors in my DR so there is no confusion. There will be flat-screen TVs and Radios but no phones and any other tech from after the year 2009 which is when the story is set when you first enter. This makes the timing convenient for a nice flow. We begin in the year 2009 and Harry and all of them are in their 6th year. You are all 16 except the Weasley twins who are ofc a year older. So the war is in 2012 and then it segways into Avengers the first movie when they try to stop Loki. But don’t worry about that right now.

So without further ado please enjoy ;)

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