For My Love (WMBW)

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What happens when everything you hold dear is torn apart by crime and undying love?

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Chapter 1

Nicola Gentry:


That’s all I could muster up to say as I seen a note on the fridge saying my no good parents would be out on a cruise what hurt the most was that they wouldn’t even be able to see me on my first day of high school. I slammed the fridge as my mind started racing after I felt burning tears run down my face why would they do this to me when I’ve been talking about this moment for months. Marciano didn’t make it any better being my parents best friend and gold digger might I add he’ll go through multiple black titanium cards and use it on anything lavish he can get his hands on which pissed me off even more because I can use that money to save for school.

My fingers had started fidgeting and mind racing as I contemplated on whether or no I should eat something anything at this point If the angel and devil were on my shoulders trying to see if I would do one or the other head hurting and tastebuds are tingling and the burning sensation almost as if I even denied the feeling for a second then it would come back to bite me in the arse.

So I figured that one piece of cake wouldn’t hurt as I grabbed a small plate from the cabinet along with a fork. My mind had started to racing once more as I pulled out a Butterscotch cake with morsals on top with whipped icing and chocolate syrup to add that touch. If my taste buds weren’t pleased I knew more than anything I was my face and hands moved in delight as they indulged in this sweet tooth’s galore.

Every single taste felt exhilarating and better than last as I kept eating more than last as I finished my cake then drank a tall glass of water then went upstairs and took a shower as I finished then laid down in bed until morning.

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