A Chance of A Lifetime

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Advanced placed student, Caydyn Starks, receives a chance of a lifetime after saving the Chief of Surgery's life. Being in high school and offered a position in Medical school, for free, years in advance, and with no knowledge of his career plans, Caydyn accepts without a doubt. What's wrong with that? Exactly, nothing, but drama, personal problems, and his dreams are put to the test through the next four years of his life. His fathers, one being a lawyer and the other a cardiothoraccic surgeon, pressure him to follow his dreams, and not everybody else's. Will his chance be just a chance, or will it be his life? Will the drama, pressure, and problems be the death of him or his career?

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Chapter 1 - Caydyn

― Edited

(Owen Joyner as Caydyn Starks)


So.. Me... Caydyn.. Caydyn Starks... I am seventeen...British.. And living in America... I want to be a doctor.. Currently, I am a college freshman living at home... I kind of skipped two grades and college. Well the bachelor’s degree required to be admitted into medical schools.. Oh, and when I said I’m living at home, I am living at home with my Dads.. Dads as in two.. Denton and Camden. Camden is my real father. After I was born he got with Denton, and that’s who I knew. I never knew my biological mother. I mean, I love my Dads.. They care about me and everything, so obviously, I love them.

“Caydyn, come down stairs buddy! Somebody is here to see you.” A faint voice was heard from downstairs. I think it was Denton’s voice, but I kept typing on my laptop. After finishing the sentence I spoke.

“Coming dad!” I got up from the computer chair, and made my way down the stairs.

“Someones special lady is here..” When I got to the bottom of the stairs, Denton was standing there with the door wide open. My girlfriend, Rose, was standing at the door.

“Hello Mr. Starks.” She walked past the threshold and gave him a quick smile.

“Hello Rose. You know the rules, leave the door open. Be good to my son, he secretly loves you.” He whispered towards her and they both smiled.

“Dad.” I gave him the be quiet sign. He gave me a facial expression that said what, and then he smiled. She walked over to the stairs, and walked up the steps smiling at me. This girl is indeed beautiful.

“Thanks Dad.” I smiled at him. Rose walked past me on the steps, as I made way for her, and up to my room. We were planning on doing a little homework, and maybe making out in the process.


Anyways, because I’m seventeen, my girlfriend is also seventeen. She is in high school, and and I help her with her school work and such, so it’s okay with us both. She knows that she’s going to get all of the questions correct, and have a great boyfriend. Smiling, I shifted the car into park, and looked out upon the campus. I had my own car and life. My dad’s aren’t rich, but we’re not poor. I mean, one works at a law firm and the other is a surgeon, but that’s the expectations. I was currently studying medicine; and working to achieve my degree.

Hold on, I’m missing something. I have to start from the beginning, because you need to understand why I want to be what I want to be... Or, why I’m here now.

I was in the 10th grade, it was before I skipped two grades. I was an honours student, and in the system as one. Beginning out, I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but I had my mind set on becoming a psychologist. It’s what I wanted to do.


But I was on my way to school, and I stopped at Starbucks to get my morning coffee. It was about 7:50 when I got there. It started out like a regular normal old day. I mean, nothing was out of ordinary until something happened. I was ordering my regular white chocolate mocha, tall, and stood there waiting. I was just looking around the room while they were preparing my drink, bored out of my mind. Every kind of person was in there, the college study group was in the corner with their laptops socializing, the businessman with the Bluetooth and black tie, and even the lawyer type who was at a table drinking his. What caught my eye was how he was just looking at the computer like he was going blind. His eyes scanned around the building and he was confused. I thought he was intoxicated so I didn’t mind. What got my attention next changed everything. His eyes shrinked and he hit the floor. When he collided into the ground, I was the first to respond. I ran to his area and caught his head before it bounced on the ground.

“Oh my god.” One of the female workers turned and walked to the end of the counter.

Grabbing his head, I stabilized his neck, and held it still.

“Someone come here!” I aggressively seeked help. I heard no footsteps of anything, just quick breaths.

“Now!” I screeched. The black tie came over.

“Hold his head, just like this. Somebody CALL 911!” I told him and he took my place. I made my way to his other side and heard someone talking on the phone.

I immediately checked his eyes and mouth. His eyes were rolling back. Neuro. I thought. His mouth was clear, so I didn’t know what was there.

“Okay. Next, he’s going to seize, keep his neck still.” I looked up at him. His eyes instantly widened and he looked from him to me.

“He might throw up, and if he does you hold his neck in that place, but I will have to roll him on his side.” I instructed. He was scared I could see, I didn’t have time to calm him in anyway.

I could kill him... I don’t know what the hell that I’m doing..

“Someone, grab his phone off the table.” I screeched at the worker. She ran over to the table and grabbed it.

“Wh—.. What d-do I do now?” She stuttered.

“Slide to emergency call and tap medical ID.” I didn’t even turn around, I watched him ready to roll.

“Okay.” She was ready.

“Read what it says.” I commanded her and tended to him.

“He’s 40, and has something called hypertension. On his notes, he put something about neck pains and his head feeling inflamed.” She stopped reading and I processed it all quickly.

“Uhh...” I put my hand to my temple and thought quickly.

“Does anyone have a needle?” I asked looking around. Their eyes widened and I took that as a no.

“Hand me a pen.” Right when I said that, he started to seize.

“ETA on the EMTs?” I turned my head to the the left.

“They’re in traffic.” I turned back and processed what would happen next.

“Keep him still.” I said to the man. He kept him still, but was scared of the vomiting.

“Okay... Seize... Neck... Head... Neuro... That means the spine.. And spinal cord.. So could it be inflamed?” I was talking to myself and whispering.

“Who are you talking to?” The man’s voice was loud and demanding, but I couldn’t let him distract me or slow me down in anyway. Something needed to be done, and it needed to be done now.

“It could, but, inflamed?” I instantly thought of water.

“Pen!” I held my hand out and made a decision. I disassembled it and readied myself.

I aimed at the back of his neck and slowly impaled the tip on the spot. Right after, blood and clear liquid came out and he stopped moving erratically. The liquid drained onto the floor and some got on my hand. I paid it no mind and the man jerked up and almost scared everyone.

He was breathing erratically, and almost moved the pen into another area of his head.

“Hold him down!” I used my other hand to stabilise his shoulder.

“The EMTs are on the way.”


“Good morning Professor.” Passed one of my orientation teachers while getting out of the car. He gave me a slight smile and walked towards his car. He wore regular professor clothes on a daily basis. He was a nice person, so I didn’t shun him.

Grabbing my laptop bag, I walked to the building. I had one of my main classes for the study of medicine. Basically I sat in a room for two hours to hear a lecture and do some reading.

I opened the door to the building and was blasted by the immediately cool breeze coming from the air conditioner. I had college friends, because they were more mature than those in high school. They were all cool to be around and only one enjoyed the relative partying life, while still studying to be a doctor.

“Hey guys.” Quin, Blake, Adam, and Claire were all standing at the door wearing scrubs.

“Hey.” One said.

“He’s not here yet?” I asked pointing at the door. I noticed it wasn’t open and the lights were off.

“Not yet.” Claire said leaning against the wall.

“Did you finish the paper and reading on Alzheimer’s?” Adam turned to look at me.

“Of course.” I said trying not to gloat. I mean this stuff interested me, of course I was going to learn and study it.

“I hate the history.” Quin said joining in on the conversation.

“I hate the symptoms.” Claire added redirecting his statement back for thought.

“I hate the dreadful disease period.” I finished while joining Claire on the wall.

“That’s true. What are you guys planning to do this weekend? We have a big test over the neurological makeup and diseases.” We all looked at Claire.

“Studying.” I said first.

“Same.” They all said at different instances.

“Great, how about we study at my house? My Dad’s might be working, and they might not. They won’t care either way.” I looked at each of their faces. They all nodded.

“I mean, even if we have different residencies, I like you all.” I added making a joke.

“First, don’t talk about psychiatry.” Claire put her finger up. “It is a real profession, unlike psychology and their soulless guesses. They’re not doctors; we are... Or will be.” She ended.

“Surgery is where all the buzz is..” I said adding.

“No, correction, cardiology is.” Adam placed his input in.

“The only thing buzzing in cardio is the possible surgical cases hidden inside of arrhythmias.” I narrowed my eyes to Adam. He rolled his eyes immediately, to tell me to go kill myself. Oh well.

“No, dermatology is.” Quin did the same.

“The only thing that buzzes in derm, is the possibility of skin cancer, resulting in an oncology case. Otherwise, you look at people’s skin, which possibly might result in a plastics case, if they’re willing. Kids mostly, but a simple family practice doctor could take care of that.” I guess I always have an input on whatever they say. Oh well, that’s nothing new.

“I don’t mean to rain on any of your parades, but pathology seems okay to me, but I can’t make a choice yet.” Blake finally said something. I directed my look towards him. “Michigan’s pathology department is amazing.” He was right. We all were in Michigan’s Medical School.

Blake doesn’t seem like a pathologist to me, not to judge. I just don’t see him being able to handle a dead body correctly. He seems like the pretty boy type, so he might be a consulted on a medical television show. I’ve told him that thousands of times.

“Surgery is in your blood Cay... I mean, think about it, your father is like a definite Cardiothoracic god. You have it in your blood and him to. Too bad you’re choosing Trauma.” Claire turned her head towards me. My dad was alright with my choice, he even supported it, but he still wanted me to do cardio.

“Yeah, but isn’t your mother like a cardiologist?” I pointed at her.

“Yes.” Adam said nudging closer to her.

“Yes, but I want to be a psychiatrist.” Claire stood off of the wall, when our professor came from around the corner.

“Her mother is amazing, so it doesn’t matter.” Adam stepped away from the door.

“Good morning Professor Stun.” I said as he directed his attention towards us.

“Good morning students.” He nodded and unlocked unlocked the door.

“Professor, tell them that pathology is where discovery is.” Blake said pointing towards us.

“Students, don’t persuade others residencies.” He said sternly.

“That’s what I’m suppose to say by the book, but Oncology is where most people get their PhDs. Research is a must in the field, but that’s what I do. Most Oncologists research and test ideas to treat diseases.”

“If you’re trying to persuade Mr. Starks, his heart is set on surgery.” He pushed the door opened and we all walked through the door to sit in our seats. Completely disregarding the term to invite us in.

“He’s right.” I turned and grabbed my laptop. “Plus, I am targeting to get a MD, not a PhD.”

Claire turned her head towards me.

“Okay, Mr. MD.” The classroom was relatively big. We all sat at our own desk with outlets to connect our computers into the charger and the ethernet internet connection to the schools network. It was about 15 of us in here together, sometimes we would partner up for work, and sometimes we wouldn’t. Medical school is relatively like high school. We all have classes that would assign us work, but it was basically science related and all would climax up to being medicine. This particular school lets you choose rather you want to scatter out your class schedule, or go straight to reading a book about medicine and taking a specialized test. Basically, I would go to lecture over diseases and next I would go to a lab over a disease. The next class would be something like cells and genetics, and than I would do a lab. Medical school interests me.

“Alright, I graded last night’s papers and I want to take the time to dumb it down and explain it to everyone.” He turned on his microphone and grabbed his remote. Lecturing was about to begin.

“Alzheimer’s is a disease that destroys memory and other mental functions.” He changed the slide to a picture of a lady and question marks around it.

“Another name is ‘senile dementia’.

Zoning out after a while, I immediately went back to the day it all began. Well, the day it had all happened.. The aftermath was HORRIBLE.

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