Hopefully Beautiful - "I more than survived... I thrived."

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Chapter 10


Momma and Corn were fighting all the time now; since we told her about Corn. Momma was always mad at him for one thing or another. They argued, yelled, screamed, slammed doors; Momma was always trying to stab or shoot him and Corn would go running out of the house. This evening…

“I have had enough, I got legal rights” Momma yelled! She and Corn took off running towards their bedroom; almost at the same time!

Momma ran in one direction and Corn the other. Momma beats corn by entering the room from the living room entrance and made it to the shotgun first. I hear Momma cock the shotgun as she backs out of the bedroom door with the shotgun still pointing into the bedroom; and continued to back out the front door onto the front porch and down the steps.

I see the tip of the little gun start to show in their bedroom door entrance coming into the living room, as Corn crept out of the room pointing the gun. Sand, Kooky and I duck behind the piece of a wall in the dining room that divided it from the living room.

Corn has the little gun pointed at the front door as he moved forward. I see Momma’s head take off running to the right of the front porch through the front window. Corn took off running out the front door after her.

Me, Sand and Kooky take off running for the dining room windows that are on the right side of the house. But Momma had already passed them and was near the back yard, so we took off running for the back windows in our room, but stopped when we saw Momma fly past our back room window too.

We stopped and turned right running through the hallway, back towards the den windows that sat on the left side of the house. Momma had her body mashed against the house with the shotgun cocked and pointed towards the back yard. Then she would whip it around and point it towards the front yard, looking for Corn.

We tapped on the den windows and Momma looked up at us and giggled, placed her finger over her mouth and ‘Shhh’d’ us with a smile. She then took off running towards the back yard.

We next heard Corn’s car roar to life and his wheels spinning and throwing rocks as he quickly backed out of the drive way; screeching off and down the street.

Momma came from the right back side of the house yelling and cursing with the shotgun in her hand; running out into the middle of the street watching him drive away.

They fought so much now, that the police came out on calls to our house at least once every couple of months for Momma abusing Corn. We would hear that heavy three knock pounding on the door and know it was the police.

“Pat, open the door, come on outside Pat” they would say. Momma would put on an angelic face and would look at the police as if she did not have a clue as to why they were at our house. She was truly Dr. Jeckle, Mrs. Hyde! It worked for a while.

Once that no longer got her off the hook, she started faking epileptic episodes. As soon as the police would bring out their hand cuffs Momma would start having an epileptic seizure and fall out in the floor foaming at the mouth, the police would call for an ambulance and leave her alone.

Once the police gave us kids a talking too, saying that we can call them if we needed help. They knew all of us by our first names.

Corn never pressed charges.

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