Hopefully Beautiful - "I more than survived... I thrived."

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Chapter 12


“Joye go with Corn to the store” Momma said, as she handed me her shopping list. Sand was at the kitchen sink peeling potatoes. She stopped and looked in my direction.

We made eye contact and she starred for a brief moment and went back to peeling potatoes. “Why do I have to ride with Corn” I thought, as we headed to the front door.

We went to the grocery store and I grabbed and paid for everything on Momma’s shopping list and returned to the car.

On our way back to the house, Corn stopped at the corner convenience store. We pulled into the parking lot and parked in front of the store. Corn went inside and picked up items and took them to the counter. I saw him laughing with the man behind the counter as they looked my way and smiled at me.

Corn came out to the car and got in doing that laugh of his when something is really funny to him… “Hee hee hee”.

“What happened” I asked? “The guy behind the counter told me that my wife is beautiful” he said. My face scrunched “What?” “Hee hee hee, he talking about you” he laughed. “You are a woman now that you are almost 13” Corn said with a grin.

“You know what would be funny” he asked? I just looked at him. “If you give me a kiss. You are my other wife” he said as he grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in and kissing me full on my mouth; his big hand forcing my head to stay in place. He stuck a piece of his tongue inside my lips before I could jerk free of his hold. My mind is screaming STOP DADDY CORN!

It scared me! My body felt strange as I sat leaning close to the passenger car door on the way back to the house. “What is wrong with me” I think! I wish I had known or understood that my body was in the process of going through puberty and that my body was reacting the way any human body reacts to stimulation. But I didn’t know that and I was devastated for feeling this way. “What’s wrong with me” I think again, as we pulled back up to the house.

As we walked into the kitchen, Sand said Momma and Kooky had walked around the corner to Miss Ulanda’s and would be right back; as she walked from the kitchen to our bedroom. Corn followed behind her into the room.

He hugged Sand close and slid his big hands down to her bottom; Sand pulled away. Corn swatted her hard on her thigh and Sand drew back and punched him in the face! He grabbed Sand around her neck and shoved her into the bedroom door! I was frozen with fear!

“I’mma tell Momma” Sand barely got out! Frisky started to growl. “Tell her what” Corn snarled. “She don’t believe ya’ll lying asses” he said. “I can do whatever I want to do to you” he threatened!

He let go of her neck and walked out the room.

He was right; he could do whatever he wanted and he did. Corn continued to rape and molest us anytime he wanted.

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