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Visit the website: www.211.org Dial 211 (free call)

Toll Free: 1-800-230-6977

Call or visit the website! Give/enter your zip code or city and state; click search. Click on your area search results (probably a state agency name, whatever it is... click it). This will bring up another search engine. Enter your local or city zip code, then enter a ‘keyword’ or ‘search subject’ and click the search button. Below is a list of ‘keywords’ and ‘search subjects’ to help get you started to be connected with contacts and information for local resources in your area. Find the help you need for you and your family!

Keywords / Search Subjects: You can also use these keywords and subjects when you call different organizations for help!

Child Protective Services

Counseling - child sex abuse

Counseling - child abuse

Counseling - mental health

Counseling - homeless teens

Counseling - depression

Counseling - trauma

Counseling - substance abuse

Counseling - physiatrist

Counseling - free counseling

Counseling - mental health illness

Mental Health - inpatient

Mental Health - outpatient

Mental Health - illness

Mental Health - treatment

Mental Health - evaluation

Mental Healt - support

Mental Health - education

Mental Health - family

Mental Health - referrals

Mental Health - crisis/intake

Mental Health - physiatrist

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