Well unexpected

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After moving into a abandoned house to start a new life, things don’t go to plan until he unexpected happens.

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Life is full of complaints, I in fact have never complained, until now, and well this is the story. “Come down sweetie!” “coming” “well, your father lost his job.. so where moving” “moving... THATS AMAZING, wait where?” “Well where moving to a island” “that’s so cool!!” “It’s not a resort, it’s a run down island..” “I’ll go pack.” Wow an island I can’t wait to go swimming in the clear water, mom said it was run down but every island is amazing... right? “We’re leaving now!” “Ok I’m coming down” as I put my stuff into the car I realized I never told my friends I was moving. Oh well! I put my headphones on my face and I thought to myself am I selfish? “Mom am I selfish” “well, no sweetie you are very nice” that made me feel better even though I knew she was just trying to make me feel better. As we walked up to the dock I got out my luggage. Finally the boat came- I whispered “dad this is a.. broken boat” “and?” “Well we’re going to drown!!” “Both of you shush” mom said. I puffed in anger as I got onto a super old boat that looks like it’s been here since 1889. The boat moved and tumbled me onto the floor “ are there no chairs we can sit on my legs hurt!” I said. “Quite be grateful for what you have” my dad said looking at me like if I were a greedy monster! “Where here get your suitcase!”
“I hope the island is better then the boat” I mumbled. “Follow me” said a man who took us to our house! I closed my eyes since I wanted a surprise, when I opened my eyes.. WHAT!
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