Peonies on the window [DARK ROMANCE]

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Is there a cure that can heal the broken soul and body? And what about the mind? How can one forget all the pain when it has been constantly injected all your life? Can two broken souls heal each other or will it bring more destruction? **** Running from the horrible past Caitlin keeps facing nothing but pain and heartbreak. Every ray of the sun becomes shadowed by a new storm... Broken and hurt she tries to find freedom and love in a world full of wrath.

Drama / Erotica
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This is a dark romance with lots of violent scenes and sensitive topics. The main character will face lots of situations that can be disturbing.
Some characters may trigger hating but it’s pure fiction so please avoid mean comments.

+18 only!

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Mature content with violence and erotic scenes***

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall covered with greasy wallpapers. It was almost midnight. Just a little more and he would leave for his friends getting drunk throughout the night and fuck the whores. I just needed to compose myself and soon I would be free. I was planning to escape for too long. I was totally broken. But I needed to run. There was no way of living like that anymore and every time I tried to end my miserable life he managed to save me. But "save" was the wrong word for what my living hell was. Existence.

As I snapped from my thoughts I heard footsteps from outside of the bedroom and I knew that he won’t leave until he rape me or beat me to half death so I couldn’t move a damn muscle while he was gone. I ran to the bathroom and closed and barricaded the door. For the last five years, I learned how to make this small bathroom into my shelter. Sometimes I slept here on the tiled floor when he was in a bad mood. I knew that he could break the doors if he really wanted to but it was Saturday and he had to be gone by midnight so luckily he won’t have time to toy with me.

The heavy steps of his shoes on the old wooden floor made me freeze. I felt his unsteady breath near the door and nausea started swirling in my stomach when I saw the knob turning.

“Open the fucking door, whore! You will regret it if you’re not coming out this second! I will break every bone in your hideous body!” he screamed furiously banging on the door making the walls shatter.

“Please Jackson, just leave…” I haven’t finished my sentence when the doors cracked open with one powerful swift. He yanked me from the floor by my hair and hit my face on the sink. I heard the sound of my nose breaking and the wave of pain penetrating my whole body. Blood spilled on the floor like a glass of water. You would think that I must be shocked but I simply got used to situations like that. I knew that there is no way to avoid him now so I gave up.

He pushed me to the bedroom, scrapping my knees on the hard floor. He kicked me in my abdomen and started to drag me to the bed.

“You’re a useless bitch! You should know better than disrespect me. I could have sold you to the Mexicans just like your father sold you to me. You should be thankful I let you live a good life in my house”, he spitted hatefully slapping my face every time he finished another sentence.

I turned my head and looked with my blurred eyes at him. His face screamed anger and frustration. His tensed jaw clenched every time he connected his fist with my body. I closed my eyes and embraced the pain.

This is the last time. Just this one. And I will never see him again. My rapist. My sadist. My husband.

I thanked God he had to go, leaving him no time to rape me. I stood from the bed the minute I heard the car wheels screeching from the garage. I moved with my wobbly legs to the bathroom leaving bloodstains after me. I had time but I needed to be quick so I could use the extra time for distancing myself from him. I wiped the visible blood on my face wincing in the process and changed into clean clothes. I retrieved the plastic bag from the back of the toilet tank that I recently found and rushed to the bedroom. I took a backpack from underneath the bed, threw the plastic bag inside, and scurried from the house. I knew I have to move with caution. Being the drug dealer, Jackson was known all over the town and of course, everybody knew I was his property. I tugged a baseball hat lower on my face and moved down the street where my rented car was waiting for me.

Reaching the car, I brought the engine to life and pushed the pedal fully to the floor slowing down only when the sign of the town name was a blur in the rearview mirror.

A smile crept on my injured face. It was hurting me to smile but the fact that I made it that far made me beyond happy.

I stopped at the gas station a couple of miles away from the town and went to the bathroom. I treated my face and changed my clothes. I knew he will hunt me so I took the scissors from the bag and cut my hair short. I was forbidden to cut it because that was the way he dragged me wherever I was needed. I had to dye it later but now I just needed to look different. I cleaned after myself and went back to my car.

I debated to look into the plastic bag or not but I had to know how much money I stole from him. He was just a pawn to bigger dealers, passing them all the profit, and that money was meant to go to the man whose name I was scared to even say out loud.

With shaking hands, I opened the bag and gasped putting a hand over my mouth. There was at least fifty grand there. They would kill Jackson for that kind of loss. But that fact only made me smile more widely. He deserved it.

I closed the bag and put the car into motion.

I will cross the whole country if needed but in no way am I going to suffer again.

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