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high school problems🙄😏😏😣😥😌😴😴😪(╬▔皿▔)╯

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book a basic about her and she can't do anything because she is wrapped around in school and then you have to do chores at home mom and dad aren't really her stuff so

Drama / Mystery
cutie cece
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first dayyy

It was the first day of high school you walk in someone calls you “hey y/n it me Violet from last year. you stop you say hi not remembering who Violet was she ask you do you want to walk to class with her you ask what class is she going to she says math you say your going to math too she ask what teacher. you tell her Ms. Aurora class she says oh like she was disappointed you asks what wrong she says she has Ms Maish she saids sad. you start to walk to class and a boy trip you up and you fall down he says sorry but not in a way people sorry when they’re sorry he said it sarcastically but he was hot you say in you head she goes in class 😎😎
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