Once Upon A Time In Singhpur

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India - Day

We are such a phenomenal mess. It is amazing that anything

works in this country. Few places in the world can

top the amazing disparity between the rich and the poor here. And

this is not just because we have such huge accumulations with the

rich, but also because we have such huge depravity with the poor.

We have some of the most beautiful landscapes and also some of

the most polluted cities. We have some of the greatest evils, all

comfortably integrated into a social fabric, and yet some of the

greatest saints have also lived here. The most ancient agriculture,

alongside the fast moving information technology, it all coexists

here. It is a continuous celebration of the greatest diversity. India

is not modern all over, but in bits and pieces, and yet in other bits

and pieces, it is some of the oldest.

Yet perhaps the strangest part about it, is that it is not even geographic.

India is in Southeast Asia, yet its people and thoughts are

everywhere. This cannot be said for any other people, for any

other thought. That a nation that has had so many invaders, has

produced such people that have invaded everywhere.

And because so much meets so much, in this completely random

way – well, seemingly random anyway, you never really know

what to expect. A hopeless situation, where nothing is predictable.

And yet somehow, everything is planned.

In its truest essence, for those of us who believe in those fanciful

things like fate, luck, and miracles, you only need to be here without

a reason, and not even look for it. It... is going to find you. You

may not be ready, but that is your problem. Something like being

in the wrong place at the right time…

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