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Chapter 9

’OZed called to let me know that you guys are onto something with the sand samples you took to his lab,’ MaryJohn, the DPO announced, looking from Musa to Sam. ‘He told me that he has never seen anything like that. I am glad he hasn’t. The way that man is connected to organisms, you would think he gave birth to all of them.’

MaryJohn was immensely glad that they were doing well, but he knew something was up with them. Musa and Sam could not stay out trouble for one whole week if you paid them to, but they seemed to be doing it. To make it all the more suspicious, they were finding clues to solve the case. Something was definitely up.

‘We are always glad to help, sir,’ Sam said, like the good man he was not.

They were all in the DPO’s office drinking cups of coffee. He called them as soon as he got the call from OZed. He really hoped that this new behaviour meant that they were changing.

‘I know you are glad to help. How did you land on the idea that you should check the soil? I must say I am quite surprised. I wouldn’t have gone there to check it out.’

MaryJohn scrawled aimlessly on the blank piece of paper on his desk. It helped him to think, and control his legendary temper.

Sam cleared his throat. ‘We did not actually come up with that idea. Nancy did.’

MaryJohn looked up and waited for him to continue but Sam just kept looking at him. Trust Sam to piss him off big time.

‘Do I know this Nancy?’ he queried.

‘She is the daughter of the last missing couple. She told us that they were in the house, that is her parents, and then they were not. These are her exact words.’

‘How did she know that? She is not sick I hope?’

‘We hoped so, too. We wanted to dismiss everything she told us.’

‘Exactly what did she tell you?’

‘She told us that we would find the clue we wanted in the soil around the houses,’ Musa explained.

‘We asked her what clue,’ Sam added, ‘and she said that we would know, and then she faked a headache and went to her room.’

‘Interesting! We are going to her house tomorrow. It is Sunday. Maybe she will be in a good mood then. We shall go there with OZed so that he will ask her anything he wants. I don’t want to answer that man’s question. You know why?’

‘No, sir. Why?’ Sam and Musa said in unison.

The DPO smirked. ‘You’ll have to find out the way I did!’

Musa was conscious of his wife’s eyes on him as he removed his police uniform.

‘How is the case going?’ Rita asked in a nonchalant tone.

‘We are making a little progress with it. Nancy helped us out,’ Musa said, glad to hear his wife ask him about his work. She was almost anti-police. She knew he was one and yet she married him.

Rita’s antenna rose on the female name. She did not like Musa getting too close to any other female. After being cheated on in all her relationships, she was not about to give Musa the chance to do that to her.

‘And who is Nancy?’

‘Nancy is the girl whose parents just went missing. She helped us out.’ Musa massaged the muscles at the back of his neck. ‘It had been hell.’

Rita smirked. It was just like women to use grief to get to men. But not her man.

‘So she is grieving? How convenient!’

Musa looked up when he heard that tone. He did not like what was coming, but there was no way he could avoid it. Rita was going to spoil his day like she always did when he talked to any female.

‘Convenient for what, Rita? Don’t tell me you think that I am hitting on her? That is so beneath you.’

‘It is not beneath me to protect my husband from other females. I am not ashamed of it. This Nancy you are talking about might use her grief and lure you into bed. I know that kind of person.’

Usually Musa went through stages when he was annoyed, which wasn’t often. He started by frowning deeply, then getting pissed off, and worked his way to being incensed, and then roaring berserk.

But with his wife’s statement, his anger just blew the top off. He turned from the dresser and faced Rita who was standing by the bathroom door.

He stared at the woman he married. He did not know she was this twisted. He loved so much, but right now he wanted to strangle her for not having trust in her love for him.

He counted to ten and then counted backwards before he answered her in a low tone, knowing how much he hated shouting when he was angry. ‘I told you that a girl who lost both parents the same day helped us out with the case. You did not ask what she contributed. You did not ask how she was feeling after the loss of her parents, because you have never lost a parent. You did not even ask her freaking age. You just jumped to the conclusion that I will cheat on you, as you always do. We have been together for five years and you still suspect me of cheating on you with every female I pass. Just so you know, Rita, Nancy is a very disturbed sixteen-year-old girl.’

Rita pouted like it was her right to be angry, and not his. He did not care. Soon, she would be begging him to eat the meal she prepared.

Knowing that if he stayed in the room, he might be tempted to do something stupid like slap her, he snatched his pyjamas top from the back of the chair, announcing coldly as he left the room, ‘I will sleep on the couch.’

‘Come on, Musa; are you still angry about last night?’ Rita said softly from the doorway of the guest room, where her husband spent the night. They lived in a comfortable three-bedroom flat. ‘I am sorry. Will you please come and eat your breakfast?’

Musa pretended not to hear her. He was not used to waking up angry, but he did so this morning and it was pissing him off, big time. He hoped Nancy would not make things worse by being nasty.

Rita strode into the room. She was still in her transparent nightgown, which outlined her lovely shape. Musa tried not to notice that she was not wearing any underwear underneath the nightie, but he was only human, and his body hardened with desire.

‘You don’t want to eat? That is very childish, Musa. Come and eat this food or I will not cook for you this whole week.’

His desire vanished, and he turned to look at her, wondering how she could pretend that she was the offended one in this matter. He was the one who should be angry, not her. Rita had managed to make this whole thing revolve around her. He did not like that about her.

‘Rita, it maddens me that you are trying to be angry at me for being angry at you. I will not eat that food and if you do not want to cook for me this year, then I will know what to do with myself. But I assure you that I will not starve.’ He climbed down from the bed. ‘Look, I hope you will learn to trust me. Anytime I go out and mention a girl, you start seeing me and her in a bed. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? Like an idiot that is trying to prove his love to his wife. That’s how I feel. And you do it time without number. I am tired of it. I am off to work. You can eat alone.’

She stretched out a hand to stop him, but he evaded it as he marched out of the room. He was filled with rage now.

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