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Chapter 19

’You must be kidding,’ Mariah breathed. ‘But then you do not look funny. How can you wipe out our memories? That is cruel.’

‘I have never been called cruel before. I am only trying to protect what is mine. I know you will not understand for you do not hold anything sacred,’ Vera replied evenly.

‘I am officially scared,’ Sam intoned. ‘I love my memory the way it is. I don’t want to turn into Nigeria Kyle XY.’

‘Must you joke at everything, young man?’ Vera reprimanded.

‘Believe me, green lady, I am not joking. I certainly am not.’

‘But you must admit that what you propose to do is preposterous,’ Nancy stated. She was still recovering from the shock of being told how she was conceived. ‘How can you take away our memories? You need us to take your message to the world unless you want the humans to keep on killing their own and your own. If we forget this, how will we know what to say and whom to say it? I’d suggest you make us trust you so we’ll not be tempted to talk to anybody we think might enjoy the story. Taking away our memories in not that option,’ Nancy finished on a strong note, not bothering to look at the woman to know if she agreed with her, for she knew the logic she proposed was irrefutable.

‘I know you have a good head on your human shoulder which is how you came up with such earthly reasoning,’ Vera said smoothly. ‘What you say is right. I don’t deny that, but what I have problem with is leaving you all with your memories. I do not like it at all. Since I don’t like it, it means that some of you will have to give up your memories because you might use it wrongly, which will be devastating. What do you say, stubborn one?’

Nancy thought for a while. She knew that Vera was right and that she had the right to remove the memories of some of them. She on the other hand did not want that to happen. She now knew why she was always inclined to protect the earth. She had a being from it in her body. And she knew that right now that being was trying to convince her that taking their memories was the right thing. Nancy knew she would not want that done to her but she also knew that she had to protect that earthly vegetation.

Heaving a sigh, Nancy said, ‘What you say is right. I don’t think it is wise to leave all of us with our memories because, believe it or not, some will talk.’ Nancy knew when something was outside her influence. She looked around and saw that the people with her were reasonable people who could endanger their lives without knowing it if they were left with their full memories. This event is quite overwhelming and some might not even know what they are saying until they have finished telling the tale. So she gave her verdict, ‘Vera, the ball is in your court, so you play.’

A hushed silence filled the room. Not one of the key figures uttered a word; Sam, Rita, Chike, or OZed.

‘Wait a minute; you are not going to touch me or my wife. Our memories will not be wiped out,’ the senator said hastily. It was obvious that he terrified.

‘Give me three reasons why I should not do that, corrupt human,’ Vera asked. She knew that reason. They all knew that reason.

The senator looked around warily, perhaps expecting some help from the others. When everyone just looked back at him without saying anything, he offered an excuse, ‘You can’t take my memories. My wife and I have a lot of influence in what happens in Nigeria. I think you should let us have what happened here so we can warn people in a coded way not to do what you don’t want to be done. I think you need us.’

His wife nodded violently.

Nancy hid a smile, thinking the woman was scared out of her money-filled mind. The senator’s wife was very small, with the looks of a mean person. It was a known fact that she was callous, but nobody wanted to point it out. There was no need for that. Despite the current ruckus, she still had her long Brazilian hair on and was trying to arrange it in some sort of order.

‘I am surprised, human, that You actually know your worth,’ Vera said softly. ‘I see your reason but I think another can achieve that. It is true that you are an important person though I don’t know why. I will let you go if you promise that you will reform your ways and try to do everything in your human power to see that your race does not kill their own anymore. That means that you too are not to kill anything. Everything on this earth is important.’

‘Wait a minute, Vera Green,’ Sam called, looking at Mother Nature as though she had run mad again. ‘You are saying we should not kill anything on earth because they are all important? Does that include ants and insects? How about the infamous mosquitoes?’

Nancy started laughing. Sam made it sound like he could not find any reason not to kill mosquitoes and if Vera managed to find one then she was indeed crazy.

The others also smiled at what Sam said. They all knew that humans needed to kill in order to live on planet earth. If they didn’t kill something, something would kill them.

‘I know what your food chain says,’ Vera said patiently. ‘You have to kill or be killed, but I am affirming that it is not right to kill anything on my green earth.’

‘And why do you keep referring to all of us as humans? Don’t you think we will have identity clash with the many names you are giving us?’ Sam queried.

‘Sam, the unserious, I do not have time for your human game.’

‘Good, now I have my own name. I am Sam the unserious.’

Nancy smiled. If anyone could drive Vera crazy, it was Sam. She did not know why Sam liked rubbing on Vera’s bubble.

‘So what is our conclusion, Vera?’ Musa spoke for the first time since their arrival at the green hall. ‘We need to come to an agreement before people start looking for us in the land of living.’

‘All you have said, except Sam’s speech, is very true. I think it is up to the man in charge and the girl with the spirit to decide who goes home with the memories of what happened here today. I do not want to leave all of you with that memory. So what do you say, Chike?’

Chike did not really know what to say. It was going to be a difficult task pointing out who should go with their memories and who shouldn’t. Left to him, he would suggest that everyone’s memories be taken. But then the aim of the visit would not be achieved. The killing would still be going on in Nigeria.

He groaned inwardly as he battled within himself on what decision to take. At last, he made his pronouncement, ‘I think only four people need to be spared their memories. I name them thus; the senator, OZed, MaryJohn and I.’

He purposely left Nancy, leaving Vera to decide if she wanted to include the little girl or not.

Vera nodded. ‘If that is your decision, I will not ask you why you chose them. You know why yourself. But you must assure me that they will use it to the best interest of what I want to achieve because I will not have them saying it anywhere just for entertainment sake. I will return and make them lose the memory that I left with them.’

‘I will see that they keep to the word that we shall agree on today,’ Chike affirmed. ‘I too want to keep this thing a secret because it will not do to have everybody in Nigeria knowing about this place.’

Vera laughed her funny laugh that bordered on being evil. ‘Do you think I will still be here to wait for you stupid humans to come and find me? I am not that stupid. I shall leave here before you reach your individual beds. I just want to let you know that I have connections all over the vegetation on earth and that I will know when your promise is not being kept. I am done with this conference. I shall call my people to show you where you will spend the night. Before dawn, you shall all know what memories you possess and what you do not. I just hope it will not affect your lives.’

‘Thank you for everything,’ Chike said warmly. ‘We did not mean to be a burden to you, Vera. Just like you said, we are just humans and we humans are very funny in a serious way.’

‘Please, don’t remind me.’ With that Vera flounced out of the room.

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