New winter mornings

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The life of lilly and wilson. Their love and happy movements with life lessons of old foot steps. Martin's wed lock.

Drama / Romance
tabitha m
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the cute angry of grace

Good morning mom and dad i am going to play with my friends with snow with your permission said by grace. Grace don't go said the lady. Lilly let her go. Lilly started fighting with her husband Wilson. May be its silly fight but grace got angry she breaks her toy and ran away. Mean while Robert went grace room and hug the little came with her favorite cupcakes for grace. Wilson asked grace why you got angry? Small grace said i am feeling boring dad. Wilson smiled and asked grace can told you the story ?Grace feels happy and said yes to her dad.wilson started the story. Long long ago there is a princess her name is LILLY. grace surprising and asked her dad wow dad its about mom? Wilson smiled yes.
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