New winter mornings

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Lilly's journey

The little eyes watching the new town. The girl named lilly. She asked one young man who standed near the the busstop. Lilly called the young man named Wilson, and sked him her college address. The man smiled and said lets go .you mean your also same college ? Yes i am also. Our journey started and we are same fine morning .one fine morning i promised her said by Wilson. Your mom also loves me and we decided to marry,informed to our both families. We started her hometown.your mom hugged me and said i am missing my mom very much.where is grany dad? passed away said lilly with low voice and started crying. Wilson hugs lilly small grace also hug her mom. Door knock sounds lilly washed her face and open the door she started smiling oh that was rose your friend said by Wilson. Lilly smiled and welcome her friend rose.rose saw the cupcakes and started eating. Grace spoke with rose, do you like cupcakes even my mom too. Rose said yes i loved alot because that cakes made by your mom. Lilly smiled and she asked about her mom rubee and martha. Actually mom wants to see you and there is a party in our house .good to hear rose but why? Surprise for you said by rose. Rose give the gift to grace. Meanwhile grace asked rose why you kept my granny's name? Not me its your grand pa told with her. Really, grandpa loves grandma very much said by started called grace to get ready and we are going our hometown. The welson 's family with rose started journey.
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