New winter mornings

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The welcome party

Rubee and old martha eagerly waiting for lilly. The maid came and told madam lilly came. Lilly remembers her memories .she went to the garden with rose. Rose asked lilly ,what happened ?why grandpa did like that because of him i miss my joyfull movements with my parents,he make my father as sinner, he broke my mom's heart, he spoiled aunt Sandy's stop control yourself said by rose. Wilson called lilly. Rubee with martha saw the lilly and they felt very happy. Grace hugs martha where is great grand pa? Asked grace. Few hours later lilly saw the young man and she was very happy OMG its you ,yes its me Martin. Rose said to lilly we are in love and we both decided to marry. Lilly felt happy. Martin, martin called rose. I have soo many questions about lilly i didn't asked her till now can you tell for me.
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