New winter mornings

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The old chapters opened

The cute boy with innocent eyes talking with her mom sandy. Ofter few minits Rose came and told about her mother in law.Sandy said i know rose now she is with me. Think about your future Robert crying for you you have to back to Robert 's life.rose shocked how can you say like that he ruined your life. He is not it's my husband told martha.yes ,Robert is my son not his. Roberts father met an accident then ofter i married him again. He created fake love letters of you. When the day you left the house i get to know the truth about this. He hates Robert. You know Robert still loving you. The cute martin listening her words.they both are tired alot to convince rose. Rose said k. But god thoughts are different.ofter one hour rose slipped from the stairs and she passed away.ofter that mom too. Martin feels sad rose hug him and said forgot everything. We will start our new life with joys.
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