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Adiya Amir (Slow Update)

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"We can't continue to run away from our past. It continues to follow us wherever we go." ~**~ Adiya's gloomy life changed to shade when she was given a scholarship to the riches school, leaving her hometown in a state she had never set foot on. The gray part of her life was when she caught the eyes of the golden boy - Zaid, who would do anything to make her his. And the darker of it was, he never got rejected. He always gets what he wants by hook or crook. #project_stop_bully #say_no_to_abuse #project_stop_sucidal #project_love_yourself #project_females_are_unique #project_females_are_strong Warning ⚠: This book contains violence, abuse, rape scenes, and suicide attempts. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. ©Adeyemi Mariam (Um_royhan).

Drama / Romance
Royhan H
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"I love you," he stated casually, staring at her eyes with void emotion. His fingers were twitching impatiently, yet his face showed nothing.
She gawked at him dumbfounded, like the guy in her front had grown another head. What did he mean? she thought, troubled by his towering height.
She adjusted her hood, which she used to cover her face while gulping nervously as she glanced at the handsome guy's face.
Dee stop! She cautioned herself.
She breathed, collected her thoughts, and wetted her dry lips while rubbing her hands together.
"I'm ve-ry sor-ry, I ca-n't reta-li-ate your lo-ve," she replied meekly, her voice shaky as her stuttering evident. She was scared as she tried to get away from him.
He looked shocked as if it was the first time he had been rejected. The shock flashed quickly before his expression changed to anger which surprised her.
He hit his fist continuously on the wall; the sound resonated around the silent hallway before he turned his sharp gaze at her.
"How dare you lowly girl reject me." he seethed angrily, breathing heavily while pounding his fist on the wall.
She was scared.
"Do you know who I am?" He growled loudly while pointing to himself.
He walked closer to her in a predatory way, "I will make you regret it, I will make you regret your first day in this state and school. I will make this school a living hell for you, you'll wish for death, but it will never come." he threatened with determination as his dark promises lingering in the air, and he walked away.
He turned abruptly while glaring at her "And girl, I always get what I want." he voiced out, and his shadow faded down the hallway.
What have I gotten myself to? Oh, God!

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