Loving The Gang Leader

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Amazing cover made by KhushiArora3. Miya led a pretty normal life, went to school, hung out with friends you know the norm. But her pretty normal life was about to be turned on its head when she met the gang leader Charlie Wilson. Everyone in town knew who he was and what he was capable of, but Miya was to learn first hand what really goes on. She gets swept up into his life, where things from her past start to make a reappearance, lies and family secrets start to unravel before her eyes. Causing her to wonder, maybe her and this "bad guy" aren't so different after all. Read on to find out if this pretty normal girl, can survive falling in love with the gang leader.

Drama / Romance
Beth Venning
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••Chapter One••

The annoying beeping sound of my alarm wakes me up, I sit up rubbing my eyes placing my hand on the alarm to shut it up. I go to lay back down but my door knocks, my twin brother Marley knows me too well, I would've just fallen back to sleep. I groan pulling myself out of bed but land on the floor, why can't school start in the afternoon?! I remain on the floor for a few minutes before finally getting up, beginning to get ready.

Once I was dressed I make my way downstairs, my brother Marley, like my annoying alarm clock, was being loud and obnoxious. He was blabbing on about something stupid, bits of toast falling out of his mouth as he spoke. I drop my bag onto the floor, falling into my seat myself. I get a cloth and start to push the bread crumbs back onto his side of the table, does this dude think is he's Hansel and Gretel or something? Once his bread crumb trail was safely on his side of the table, I place my head down resting it on said table.

"I mean the ref didn't have the right to give him a red card," Marley says, continuing to talk about useless things that no one cares about.

"That's lovely dear, Miya breakfast" my mother smiles, I shake my head with my eyes closed, it was way too early to eat "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" she continues, I groan finally lifting my head where she places a plate of eggs in front of me.

I thank her with a smile, while she turns going back to the fridge to grab something. Marley lifts his plate where I dump the eggs on, I never eat breakfast but she always insists on making me some, so she doesn't feel bad I give them to Marley, he never seems to complain as it's more food for him.

"I best get going, see you both after school" she smiles, making her way over to the front door, we both wave as she leaves the house.

"I've got another game today, it's all leading up to the big one at the end of the year," Marley says, I just nod a yawn escaping my lips, it was all gibberish to me especially in the morning. "You know people at school call you a nerd, but nerds like school" he smirks, he knew how much I hated being called a nerd, just because I'm good at a few subjects I'm labelled as a nerd.

"Laugh it up bro, pepper doesn't sit well with you and mum put so much on my eggs, let's hope you don't crap your pants while kicking the ball" I smile, he looks down at the eggs then back at me.

I rise out of my seat picking my bag up, I send him a final smirk before walking out the house, I always win. Taking a look around my little neighbourhood, everyone was busily getting on with their mornings, driving to work, going to school normal everyday things. I sigh beginning to walk down the path, as I reach the end I'm nearly tackled. My friend Lily bear hugging me, I smile hugging back a little it still being way too early.

"Aren't you full of the joys of spring today," she smiles sarcastically, I just roll my eyes starting my journey to school. "Hey lighten up, oh I've just heard from Jack, Charlie Wilson is back from suspension and guess what English class he's in now?" She says, I look at her and sigh once again in annoyance.

"English is annoying as it is, did they really have to put that guy in the mix?" I ask, she just shrugs as I'm once again nearly tackled to the floor, do people think I'm playing rugby or something?!

This time it was my other friend James, we all live on the same street so we just join each other as we walk. He proceeded to tell us what Lily just told me about Charlie, I didn't have the energy to tell him to stop so I just let him continue.

They ended up having a huge conversation about it the whole journey, they'd stop to ask my opinion where I just offer a quick nod of the head. As we walk through the gate I thought my suffering would be over, but the bell ringing interacts my suffering has only just begun.
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