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Chapter 2


There could be multiple things in the world that could help me clear my mind, but my one feat was alcohol. I know it is impulsive and careless of a father, but alcohol had always cleared my mind and at a time like this, it was all that I needed.

I ended up in a club, sitting on a barstool and ordering drink after drink. Unfortunately for me, I had a pretty strong tolerance for alcohol so I won't be getting tipsy anytime soon.

I kept drinking and with each shot that I downed, I thought about everything, my first marriage, the mess I’ve made out of my relationship with my girlfriend, Delilah, and then my daughter, Massey, I don't know which I screwed first.

I’m at the point where I regret the decisions I've taken so far, starting with my marriage with Jenna.

All these issues just made the drinking all the more easier.

I lifted the glass of bourbon to my lips and glanced towards the dance floor to notice the dozen people grinding on one another.

I remember when Delilah and I used to be one of these people, we were so careless. Delilah was carefree and spirited, which is one of the reasons I was taken by her.

I truly love Delilah and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I can't help but feel that something is missing, or maybe we are just moving too fast.

My thoughts were abruptly caught short when I took notice of a familiar brunette, she's wearing a short red dress that filled her curves perfectly.

Jesus, Karl, you sound like a perv, and saying it’s the alcohol, would make you a liar. To be honest, I noticed her when I walked in.

I'm a man, after all, I’m allowed to admire beautiful things.

She stops abruptly in annoyance and starts to make her way towards the bar, a man following her behind, he was harassing the lady, and no one around seemed to care, the man seemed persistent, grabbing her by the shoulder and touching her inappropriately.

“You should back off, you don't want my date to see you harassing me.” I couldn't look away, I have a daughter, what kind of father would I be if I just turned the other way.

“She said no. Leave her alone." I injected from a distance, they both turned to notice me, “The Lady is with me.” I insisted.

““Yeah, he's my date, so fuck off.” She caught on quickly..

“You’re lying.”

“How about I call security, then we can figure out who’s lying?” I said.

“Fuck this!” The man muttered in frustration and left.

We both stopped and laughed,

“Thanks for that.”She began walking over to me, “I actually never know what to do in that situation, I just froze and let them walk over me.”

“You’re too nice, that's the problem.”

“You think I'm nice?” She snickered.

“Too nice, but I‘m not any better than the next guy around here, so feel free to tell me to piss off.” I said and returned to sulk on alcohol, but I was surprised when she took a stool next to me.

“The name is Lucia.”

I smiled, and leaned back to look at her.


“Karl, next round is on me, at least to say thank you.” she offered.

I grabbed my wallet and pulled out a note,

“How about I buy you a drink instead?”

“Fine, I'll have what you're having..”

I eyed her, ”You sure you can handle it?”

“I can handle my liquor, thank you very much...”

I snickered and signaled the bartender for another drink.

“So...what's a handsome Latino like you doing alone in a bar?” She asked.

“Who says I'm alone?”

“Call it a hunch….and, besides I don't see anyone shooting daggers at me for your undivided attention, and you're drinking bourbon….I can bet you're lonely.”

“So you’re some sort of enchanting mind reader?”

“I prefer psychic.” She said.

We laughed.

The bartender returns with the drinks.

“So are you new in town?” I started.

“No, I live around here, I just never made a habit of frequenting clubs, or anything like that. .. My flatmate and I are celebrating tonight.” She lifted the glass to her lips and took a slow sip, I don’t know why that caught my attention.

“What are you celebrating?”

“I got into my dream school today.” She sounded excited.

“Wow. congratulations.”

“Thanks, and, um, what about you? What are you in for?”

“I’m here for the alcohol...” I muttered.

“Girl Problems?” She asked, her fingers slowly circling the rim of the glass, another thing that caught my attention.

I laugh,

“A hell load of them.”

“Problems have a way of catching, luckily, I found my way of dealing with them.”

“How?” Curious.


“You’re a dancer?” I asked.

“Yeah, I used to be, but now I just teach.” She said in a sad note.

“Sounds like you don’t enjoy that very much?”

“Well, It’s not what I planned for myself, but it's still in line with the dream, so I can't complain.” She didn’t say anything else for a few seconds, circling her glass, like she was lost in thoughts.

“I can't dance to save my life, so I’ll stick with alcohol.”

“I can teach you if you want? And, you can thank me over dinner sometime.”

I snickered, “Are you always this forward?”

“Maybe, or maybe I like you.” She got up and held out her hands to me,

I'm reluctant.

“C’mon, Karl, I don't bite.” She took my hand, leading me to the dance floor. I am hesitant, but I didn't object and just followed her lead. I guess, I am curious, curious about this mysterious stranger, who for some reason appalled me.

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