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When Rylan meets a new guy at school, will Maddie and Eli's fears come true? And after a shocking phone call from Rylan's father, will she forgive him or will she regret allowing back into her life?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

*** 11 years later:
Rylan sat at the kitchen table doing her biology homework as Maddie made dinner. "Mom, there's a super cute guy in my biology class."

"Oh, is that so?"


"What's his name?"


"How old is he?"


"He's still in high school?"

"He failed a couple of times."


"Babe, I'm home." Eli said, dropping his briefcase on the kitchen table.

"How was your day?"

"Good." Eli went up to Maddie and kissed her forehead. "Smells good, baby."


"How are you doing?" He asked Rylan.

"My classes suck, dad."

"I know, but you need to get through them. It's the only way you will be successful, Rylan."

"Rylan has a crush on some guy at school." Maddie said with irritation in her voice.

"Oh, is that so? Who is he?"

"His name is Austin."

"Austin what?"


"How old is he?"


"Rylan, he's 2 years older than you."


"I..." Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." Rylan grabbed her notebook and went into the living room.

"Who is it?"


Maddie nodded. "Okay."

Rylan opened the front door and hugged her friend. "How was your day?"

"It was good! Austin was asking about you."

"He was?"

"Yes, Keith told me."

"Dinner's ready guys." Maddie said from the kitchen.

Rachelle sat next to Rylan and smiled. "Soo what do you think of Austin?"


"Could you tell me about him?"

Rylan looked at Maddie and scowled. "Mom, is that necessary?"

"Rylan, I..." Maddie sighed. "I just want to make sure he isn't like..."

Eli shook his head. "Don't think about him, Maddie."

"You don't want me to see someone who's like dad?"

Maddie raised her eyebrows. "How did you..."

"He called me."

"What? When?"

"I was afraid to tell you guys."

"Rylan, you need to tell us things like that." Eli said concernedly.

"I'm sorry, but he told me not to tell you."

Maddie scowled. "Why would he contact you?"

"He said he wanted to see me. Since it's been a while."

Eli shook his head. "No. Absolutely not."


"Rylan, look at me. Your mother and I are doing this for your safety. He is not a good man."

"B-but, he's my dad."

Eli looked at Maddie and nodded. "If you see him, I would prefer to be with you."

"What? Why?"

"Rylan, just listen to me. He did things to your mother that I'm sure you don't remember."

Rylan shook her head. "I don't."

"Trust me. Okay? I don't trust him."

Rylan sighed. "Okay."

"I'll be your backup." Rachelle said, wrapping her arm around Rylan. "Me and your dad."


"When did he want to meet?"

"Tomorrow night."

Eli nodded. "I will go with you."

"But I'm 17."

"It doesn't matter. When it comes to Mark, I won't let you take any chances."

"Please listen to Eli, Rylan." Maddie said nervously. "I don't trust him."

"I will. Dad's a cop, he won't let anyone hurt me."

"Yeah come on, baby. Just trust me." Eli said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"You work as a security guard on the side, babe."

Eli rolled his eyes. "I carry a gun, Maddie. I'll keep her safe. I promise."


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