Loving you was a crime

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As the casket was slowly lowered down the ground, from dust you came from dust you shall return, as the congregation chanted “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” marked the end of the sun ravishing light hitting on my casket, as they covered the top that was it for me gone to the land of milk and honey to meet my dear wives and rejoice with Lord as I had crossed, despite the fact that I felt emotionally disturbed for living my daughter an orphan, I knew she will do just fine.

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The Red's later day


It was on the 14th of February 2016 when the orange ball drifted across the tropical blue sky like a mountainous bonfire. I being a lawyer by profession had arranged to meet my date, at a luxurious hotel. I entered one of my luxurious cars which was a Mercedes Benz and drove to my residence. On my arrival, I zoomed to the bathroom and took a shower.

In a nick of time, I was in my restroom. Checking in my cabinet, it was full of tuxedos, I was confused about which to put on. All over suddenly the thought of my tightly new red jeans and my polka-dotted Indian shirt that married well with my baseball cap struck my mind. Without dilly-dallying, I put on my clothes and went for a refreshment.

After a spur of the moment, I got in my limousine and I was driven to the garden flower beauty bouquet. Inside the stall, I bought a bouquet of rose flowers, a chocolate candy bar, and a diamond ring. The Sai rock beach hotel was a suitable place for me to meet my date. Being an honored gentleman, I ordered for the first-class luxurious table, whereby I was waiting for the arrival of my beautiful date.

Silvia is the best hardworking secretary, in the bank was busy trying to finish up all the work before leaving the office. She made haste so as not to annoy her date. A car was sent to pick her up at exactly 7.30 pm. in a blink of an eye, she was through. She got out of the office boarded a matatu which took her to her residence. She then took a long shower, dressed in the prettiest outfit which was the digital fashion of the year.

She then put on her red high hilled shoes and took some refreshments. In a tiny of a second, the car came and fetched her up. Inside the Sai rock hotel, I saw the black Mercedes Benz approaching the hotel. Then outside came the prettiest lady who I ever loved in my life. She had dressed to kill. Her cheeks were like halves of bread, her teeth were like a flock of ewes that had come up from the washing. Her hair was like a flock of goats moving down the slopes and her smile was the most desirable of all.

Gosh! She was the most beautiful lady on planet earth. Then down she came and sat. Then she greeted me with her sweet melodious tune and I replied gently. I then inquired about her well-being and she said that she was fine. All was going quite well until the waiter came and disrupted our conversation, and inquired which food we were to have on that special day. She then ordered sushi which was her favorite meal and later on she ordered a dessert.

We enjoyed having our meals together as we had a smooth conversation. Then it came time for the drinks, it was during this precious time that I gave her the gifts I had bought for her except for the diamond ring. I then began “Silvia it hurts to love someone who doesn’t love you in return but it is more distress full to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.” Truly, I love you, Silvia. looking at her directly to her eyes, I could tell she was shy but later on, she replied “I love you too.”

By then, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that she loved me, I chose to propose to her. This was the most romantic moment of my lifetime, I knelt on my one knee and took out the diamond ring, as I held her hand and asked her “will you marry me.” She softly replied, “yes, I will marry you.” This was the happiest moment of my life. I was as happy as sir Alexandria who found the secret between the pillars of penicillin.

Suddenly, three masked gigantic men got in. The men were armed to their teeth. As soon as I met eyeball to eyeball with the men I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were between the devil and the deep blue. Fear filled me to the brim. The members introduced themselves to be in the same league as Al-Shabab’s. my bodyguard being trained from the special army forces stood eyeball to eyeball with the protesting men as they shoot at each other mercilessly. There was a great ambush. My date was petrified with fear that she tried to escape from the scenery when she was accidentally shot.

She was bleeding profusely, dressed in a neat bloody dress. I got hold of her and kept her on my lap as I felt her pulse. Her pulse felt low and low as her voice became faint. Her last words were, “my love, love is not what you say or what you do, love is how you make a person feel, and I thank you for making me feel special. “surely it was a bitter pill to swallow but I had to come to terms, of that of my girlfriend and the rude reality that she was now no more, that she had tasted the bitter cup of demise.

The thought of the fresh red soil was a fact too much for me to bear. Surely the thought of her death sent warm salty tears. On the burial day sting tears slowly cascaded down my visage leaving me as weak as a frail. Truly, it’s true the way they say it takes a minute to crush on someone an hour to like someone a day to love someone and a lifetime to forget someone. Sincerely, despite how much I try to forget the scenery it is temporarily packed in my medulla oblongata like a written epitaph on a tombstone.

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