Luka and Hazel

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When Hazel finds out her bestfriend is with the most popular guy at school, she questions her love life, but a new rich boy comes threatening to take the 'popular' label and take Hazel's heart. But not every relationship is peaches and cream when Hazel's 'bestfriend' Ava is still around

Drama / Romance
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Besties new boyfriend

Hazel's POV

I walked down the familiar crowded hallway squeezing in through the groups of students which were all greeting each other happily as the school year had begun. It was like a annual routine, how unfortunate that this was my last year. Squeezing through the groups while they jumped , screamed , hugged and pretty much everything to send their greetings to their friends.It was the same old for me too , I walk over to my locker , hear my best friend shouting my name across the hall and before getting a chance to turn around,she flings herself onto me. Same old routine

As I opened my surprisingly clean locker , I load my stuff inside before pausing to hear that loud familiar voice. "HAZEEEEELLLLLL!!!" As I turned around , my best friend literally crashed into me before pulling me in for a tight affectionate hug. I pushed her back and gave her a smile,"Ava, I missed you!" I said looking straight into her eyes . They had this spark in them I've never seen before . Now come to think of it , she looks way too happy for my liking. I looked at her expecting an explanation.

Ava's POV

There she goes with that look of hers . Dammit Hazel I just got here and you're already suspicious of me . Is it that obvious? I took a deep breath before jumping up and down delivering the news ,"Blaine asked me to be his girlfriend over the winter break and I said yes! I'm his girlfriend now!" I clapped my hands screeching hoping for the same reaction but all she gave me was a confused look .

"Blaine? Blaine Blaine ? Like Blaine with a Porsche and the schools best parking lot Blaine? Like Volleyball captain Blaine?Like most popular guy in the fucking school Blaine? Blaine Hamilton?!" She asked , her voice getting louder after each question. I nodded my head proudly . Hazel then blankly stared at me before releasing the loudest screech I've ever heard her make ."OH MY GODDD I CANT EVEN!!!!" She then made fake suffocating motions and sounds making me release childish giggles."I'm so happy for you Ava like , you've been crushing on him for three years straight. Is he treating you good ?"

"God yes , Blaine is by far the most amazing boyfriend I've ever had. He's always buying me stuff , taking me out and just plain spoiling me. I mean it's not everyday your boyfriend buys you Gucci sweats."Hazel listened smiling."Well I'm glad you're in love , at least one of us made it out of the black hole of emotional loneliness."

Hazel's POV

Don't get me wrong ,I'm really happy that Ava's found somebody to love . Especially the most wanted boy at school but I can't help but question my love life. I snapped out of my questioning thoughts and gave Ava one smile before she turned around."Oh my God Hazel there he is !" Ava said blushing then literally flying to him. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around him as he automatically held her ass to support her. He gave it one big squeeze before passionately making out with her , making all the surrounding girls either roll their eyes , walk away , gasp or look plain pissed. Ava surely is the most popular girl now by default for being with the most popular boy. But I'm pretty sure a lottt of girls have something to day about that.

Ava climbed off him they they spoke for a few minutes while locking hands. Blaine then turned to look straight at me then smiled back down to Ava. Then before I could react , they were making their way to me. Shit shit shit, I thought to myself. Blaine stood in front of me and I looked up at him as I was probably ten to fifteen centimeters shorter. Blaine then flashed a dazzling smile before lifting his hand up to meet mine ."Hey , you must be Hazel. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Hunny here has been bugging me about it for a while."

Hunny? Oh gosh, I thought. I'll never get used to that . I shaked his hand and smiled back,"it's a real pleasure to meet you officially Blaine." I couldn't really say anything else as Ava stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her hand around her boyfriend's. "Since that's done , let's go catch up shall we ?" She winked at him . Very gross thoughts of the two suddenly flooded my mind making me both uncomfortable and curious at the same time. Blaine chuckled,"Baby as much as that sounds amazing, I have to go check on the rest of the volleyball team. You can come hang with us if you want ."

I couldn't cope at the last statement. Ava got a literally exclusive invite to the volleyball teams' gym. Every girls dream is set on walking in there. Not even the cheer squad, hell not even the principal is allowed there ! I closed my mouth after realizing it was open this whole time . I then gave her another smile. She immediately nodded and started dragging Blaine into the crowd making them disappear slowly . She didn't even say goodbye to me. Looks like I'll be seeing my best friend a lot less than expected.

A/N: sorry about a short chapter. The first chapters shouldn't be long tho. Please give reviews and if you don't like it, please say it as nicely as possible. I hope you do read more tho cause it's gonna get hella interesting

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