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Lizz was known to be the raging feminist in her neighborhood, but a lot of them didn't know that the anger that drove her to be this vocal about women's rights was her own traumatic experience. After being silenced for 4 years, she decided to do the one thing that would force everybody to open their eyes. Burning their beloved library down. And boy, this event would turn the whole town upside down. TW: Mentions of rape, sexual assault, and harassment, sexual and physical violence

Drama / Romance
Stella Stelblood
Age Rating:

Burning Anger

Authors note

First of all, I wanna say thank you for taking your time to read my story! But before you start reading I wanna add an extra trigger warning.

In this story words like rape, sexual assault, abuser will be used a lot, I hope this won't stop you from reading my story tho!

Lizz could feel the heat burn on her cheeks even tho she stood at the other side of the road. But she didn’t mind it, a piece of her anger was burning along.

The flames weren’t the only thing that was growing bigger, Lizz her smile was as big as it could be.

And while she did have the biggest smile on her face, she screamed at the building that was going up in flames.

It was the only way to get rid of that last bit of anger that was build up inside of her.

“Burn you ugly fucker. I hope this will crush your precious dream to take this shitty library over.”

Lizz almost turned around, rage consuming her, ready to walk away. But no, she wasn’t ready. Not yet.

“I hope you die while you’re trying to save this hellhole. Oh and even better I hope the whole police force dies with you.”

Lucky for her, nobody had noticed her screaming. It was too late and if anybody did hear anything they would probably think it were some teenagers coming home from a party.

But no, it was their raging feminist Lizz burning their beloved library down. And oh boy it would bring her a whole lot of trouble.

“Hi, this is 911 how can I help you?”

“Hi, the library on Portherhill is on fire.”


It didn’t take long before Lizz heard the first sirens come her way. But she wasn’t planning on moving. She stood just close enough to get that burning feeling of warmth on her already red cheeks.

The first firetruck arrived which disappointed Lizz. Only the front would be burned down, sadly. But it was more than enough to anger the Willsons family. At least the big sign with their names on it would be destroyed.

Would the police, who were just arriving, arrest her? Probably. She was holding the rest of the beer bottles, which were filled with some cloth and a lot of alcohol.

But one of the firefighters beat the police to it. He wrapped a blanket around her, which was big enough to hide the bottles.

“Please keep it around you until the ambulance has arrived.”

While Lizz was still processing that she had done the thing she had wanted to do for over 4 years now, the firefighter took her shoulders and pushed her slowly out of the sight of the police.

“It’s alright, I want them to know it was me. You don’t have to protect me.”

The firefighter stopped for a second and looked Lizz right in her eyes with a lot of confusion.

“You still have to get yourself checked by a paramedic. You can tell them but just have a bit more patience.”

“I have that.”

Lizz was examing the face of the firefighter she noticed she didn’t recognize him while he looked around her age, maybe a year or two older.

“How big do you think the damage is going to be?“. Lizz tried to hide her smile, she hoped on something like probably the whole building. But she knew better than that.

“The front probably and as far as I could see maybe a bit of the inside.”

Lizz wanted to ask more, she needed to know more but one of the paramedics pulled her away from the firefighter and led her to the ambulance.

The adrenaline had finally disappeared and made a place for anxiety and fear.

Fear for the consequences, fear of the Wilson family. They had suppressed her voice once and they would be happy to do it again, without any hesitation.

But this time it wouldn’t work. It was already too late for that, people were going to talk and rumours spread fast especially in a small town.

“I don’t wanna know why you did it but I hope you had a good reason for putting yourself in that kind of danger. You’re lucky you didn’t get burned from standing so close, a few more minutes and we would be having a totally different conversation.”

Liz recognized the paramedic, it was Lauren. A girl she went to high school with. Just one year older than her.

“Lauren right?” “Yeah, we went to high school. I want to say you haven’t changed a bit but you really have.” Lizz couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “Yeah, dyeing your hair red and getting a piercing really change your appearance apparently.” Lauren only started to talk again after she was done with checking Lizz over.

“Apparently it does. I sadly can’t keep you here for any longer, the police want to talk you.” Lizz pulled the blanket closer to her. “What a surprise but I need to find that cute firefighter first. I should probably give him the bottles.” “You mean Tom, the one with the long brown hair.” Lizz was apparently not the only one who had noticed him.

“I think so, I could only see that he had blue eyes and brown hair.” Lauren gave her a small not and a wink. “He’s standing a bit further behind you.”

Lizz gave Lauren a small smile and walked towards the firefighter named Tom.

“I suppose there are for you, or should I give them to the police?” “I already have some plastic bags so you can put them in there.” While Tom kept the little plastic bags over he saw Lizz struggle to manoeuvre her hands. “One is enough, I will take care of the rest.”

Lizz couldn’t thank him enough, all the adrenaline had left her body and fear started to really kick in. It became harder to breathe and she couldn’t control the shaking of her hands anymore.

But with the officer walking towards her, Lizz had to try to get a hold of herself, gain control back.

“Elizzabeth Matthew, you have to come with me." Lizz had prepared herself already, she knew what was gonna happen. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court." Everything that happened after was kinda a blur more because of the panic attack she was having in the back of the police car.

The one thing she did notice was the big crowd that had gathered behind the police tapes. A lot of shocked faces but the last thing she was the faces of the Wilson family.

"Lizz, I think we all know you were the one that has tried to burn the library down. We only have one question, why?"

Lizz looked around the room, her hands were still cuffed. She also recognized the two officers that were in the room with her.

"I have one question for you officer Williams. How's my case doing? Or should I ask if the Wilson family is still paying you to ask like an absolute dumbass and forget that my rapist is still walking free?"

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