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I thought to myself how could one person be so cruel but then again it's Maximo Shula I couldn't expect anything better. "Are you done pretending that you haven't seen me or heard what I have just said?" He asked me in a rather cold tone. "I'm blind sir but certainly not deaf" I replied in a sharp tone surprising myself. Maximo Shula is a privileged, brilliant and an arrogant billionaire. After inheriting his father's company at a young age, he has developed a personality that demands respect and fear from his peers and all who know him until he meets 25 year old Taizya. Strong, confident and partially blind, she begins working for Maximo and earns admiration from everyone around her much to the dismay of Max. Together they end up in difficult situations that pushes both their limits and forces Max to take cruel measures to destroy Taizya's ego. Max's demons are catching up with him, igniting a fire he thought he had long put out. Now that fire is out to consume him and everything and everyone related to him. Taizya with her new found feelings, ends up getting caught up in something she knows nothing about trying to prove to Max that love can heal a broken heart. Will she be able to make Max see her love for him in her blind eyes? or will he teach her that the heart of man can be cruel, cold, heartless and full of betrayal? The word is indeed a small place.

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Chapter One:Let's Talk Business

Max's POV

"....... conference meeting at 4:30, dinner with the 'Astek' investors at 8:00 and.."
Break Up with girlfriend at midnight.
Maybe I'm thinking about this to much I mean 'hey Mwape this can't work out let's go our separate ways', that simple.
"Sir?" Jason said, snapping me out of my inner battle.
"Yes, you were saying something about 'Astek'?" I asked a little flustered.
"Y-yes, Sir are you alright you seem a little distracted?,do you need anything?" Jason asked unsure.
"Even if I was it'd be none of your concern. Hand me the file for the conference meeting."
"Here Sir, anythin.."
"That would be all. You are excused."

I watched him walk away with disapproval written all over his face and honestly I wouldn't care less.

Phone vibrates.
Mwape: have dinner with me
Me:my place before midnight. Don't be late.
Mwape: no my love?
Me: don't be late.
I switched off my phone and went to prepare to meet the 'Astek' investors. I needed that meeting to go smoothly inorder to crush my competitors to dust. Any mishap and my competitors would gain momentum, and I do not bow to anybody.
"Sir, Mr Jason has arrived." My servant Hellen announced.
"I be with him shortly," was my reply.
I finished getting myself prepared and hurried down the stairs to meet Jason.
Jason has worked for me for almost three years now. He has been my right hand man for as long as I can remember and is yet to disappoint. He works hard because he knows his just as replaceable as anyone else.
"Let's go. I don't wish to be late." I said walking past Jason who was waiting by the door.
We entered the car and the driver put it in drive.
"Sir, this file contains the necessary information we need to finalize the deal. If this doesn't work, then nothing will." Jason spoke with so much enthusiasm.
"For the sake of your job I hope it works otherwise you'll be on the street like everyone who has ever failed me, understood?" I spoke with a little venom in my tone.
He shook his head and faced the other way to avoid my gaze as my driver exited the house.
We arrived a few minutes early. I had to admit our investors where rather punctual but that didn't surprise me.
"Good evening gentlemen, I'm Makaika this is Chiko and that handsome man sitting next him is Elijah." The main man spoke rather informally. I shook my heard in acknowledgement encouraging Jason to go straight to the point.
"Gentlemen I do not wish to take much of your time. I spoke to Mr Makaika on the phone so I'm sure you are well aware of our company's intentions." Jason spoke looking towards my direction for confirmation to go on. I shook my head and handed him the file he gave me to look through in the car.
"Gentlemen, below is well written proposal from our company to yours. Be sure to go through it." He said as he handed the file to Makaika who then passed it to Elijah without even sparing it a glance.
Elijah was the most composed amongst the three. He had light brown eyes that were hidden in his spectacles. He wore a dark blue suit coincidentally similar to mine and looked overly confident much to my dismay.
On the other hand Chiko had more muscle compared to everyone who was at the table. He was trying to compose himself but was failing miserably due to his constant fidgeting which would have had him fired if he worked for me. Makaika on the other hand seemed quite relaxed. He wore a dark pink suit. He had ruffly cut hair which he didn't seem to mind and dark brown eyes just like mine although his were a little smaller.
He looked like he was here to party and not to do business.
After examining the proposal for a while Elijah glanced towards my direction and spoke.
"Good work Mr Maximo. No errors what so ever, but your proposal doesn't garantee maximum work ethic if you know what I mean?" He spoke."We cannot be certain that you will use our ideas as you executive this project."
"What do you suggest we do to ease your discomfort?" I asked earning an amused stare from Makaika.
"I suggest,"Chiko began, "we have an 'Astek' representative working closely with Mr Shula to update us on the progress."
"I do not have a problem with that. Who do you suggest represents you Mr Makaika?" I asked.
"Call me Mak," he began." Can I call you Max?" He asked amused.
"Maximo is fine Mr Mak."
Or sir. I thought to myself.
"Ook, I would have suggested myself but I don't think it would work out with Maxi over there."
What? Did that amateur just call me Maxi? Control, breath Maximo breath. It's almost over you got this.
"I have the perfect intern for that, although.....she uhm...she is very had working and determined but uhm she..."
Why is he straggling to come up with words. Does she have a disease? Even if she did I wouldn't mind as long as she is not incompetent.
"She's what Mr Mak?" I asked vaguely.
"She's partially blind and has night blindness." Spat Chiko.
"And you want me to work with her?" I asked clearly unimpressed.
"She works well and you will not have a problem with her, or and she is the deal breaker?" Spoke Makaika challenging me.
I will crush this guy's ego sooner than later.
"Is that all?" I asked wishing to end this here and now.
"Yes"Makaika mused noticing my discomfort.
"I agree, but you do realize that she will be working under me and must follow the rules that all my employees follow?"
"I'm aware." Makaika spoke.
"Well then your intern reports to 'Shax Co' on Monday and we begin the progect. Ms..,"
"Taizya Nkhoma.." announced Makaika.
"Yes Ms Taizya Nkhoma will be under my authority until the progect is complete. I think we have a deal gentlemen?" I spoke.
"I think we do." Replied Makaika.
"Let's celebrate then, to this new found friendship gentlemen." Said Makaika moving his hands to grab a bottle of champagne.
Indeed I did have something to celebrate that night and something else to worry about. I was Hoping that everything would work out, little did I know that I just began writing a new highlight of my life.

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