Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Ten: "Mayowa. It's Mayowa."

Unknown's POV

18 years earlier.....
"Hurry up, we don't have that much time." My best friend tells me as he strips from his pajamas and into the clothes he had packed. Throwing his pajamas into the car.
He sees my hesitation and throws me some of his clothes and I change into them.
"I'm not too sure about this man. I just have a really bad feeling about it." I say a little taken aback.
He moves closer to me and places his hand on my shoulder. I try to push him away but he turns away and speaks from a distance.
"Look, I'm leaving this place... forever. My parents do not plan on staying here any longer and there's nothing I can do about it."
"I know that, I get it." I say exasperated.
"Leaving was never part of the plan, but that's the reality. We promised each other that we will be sitting at the cool kids table before graduation and even if I won't be here anymore, you will. No one will make fun of you or pass any rude comments when you pass by, instead the Will respect you." I look the other way, avoiding his gaze. "Attend this party and you won't need me to save your arse from a beating or humiliation."
I release a heavy breath and squeeze my eyes shut. "Okay." I say, almost whispering.
"Good. Let's go."

We arrive at the host house in almost five minutes. The place is packed. Looking over the property, I make out some school and class mates.
Anyone who's anyone is here with a couple of seniors and frat guys. It's packed and I feel out of place. Yes my best friend belongings here with all these rich folk, but I'm just a foster kids that managed to make friends with him and well it was a great investment.
We gather inside and grab some seats. The interior smells like booze, blunts and sweaty teenagers.
This is my best friend's farewell party and both he and I are fourteen, but the majority of the people here are not. This place is illegal from all aspects, and I'm in the middle it. My foster family will kill me if the find out.
I look ahead and find him talking to JK and his older brother. They look in my direction and smile. Creepy. Why are they smiling at me? Those guys don't even know my name.
My bestie walks up to me and pulls me up smiling weirdly.
"What are you up to?" I ask him forwardly.
He shrugs and pulls me towards the hallway. I don't put a fight, just let him lead me there.
The uneasy feeling I had a few minutes ago set's in. Why d I feel so freaking uneasy?
I look back and notice JK and his brother smiling at me. What in hell is going on?
"Dude where the heck are we going?"
He at me smugly and opens the door I didn't know we were standing before.
I look back at the two boys and they gesture for me to go in. Still creepy.
I match forward and what I see makes bile to rise to my throat.
I'm dead.
How did my life become this? It has always been controlled but this is bad.
"What the f–" I'm cut off by my friends arm gagging me.
He then whispers in my ear making me shoot him a glare.
"You don't want to be a loser anymore right? So stop being a pussy and shut up. Just follow my lead. This is your initiation buddy."
Before I could reply, the door shuts behind me and the two brothers disappear.
I look around the room still wondering why the person I'm with is so relaxed.
The room smells like liquor and something I can't decipher. There is a girl laying face down naked, with her arms and legs spread and bound to the bed. She is conscious but isn't struggling. Then realisation hits me, she's drugged.
Again, I'm dead.
I look at my friend and his...naked?
He also tells me to remove my clothes. I feel as though I'm chocking on air. It's getting stuffy in this room and I need to get the hell out of here.
My legs have failed to hold my body up and I fall to floor gasping for air.
I hear the door open and the two brothers enter. My friend and the two share some information and JK hands me two pill and a glass of vodka. I don't know why I gulp it down but I do.
It takes two minutes before it starts to affect me.
A surge of heat overwhelms me and the clothes I have on begin to choke me.
I realise I'm naked when I'm guided towards the girl in the bed, still delirious.
My friend and I take turns molesting her but I remember not feeling any ounce of disgust or regret while doing so and neither did my friend, who seems to enjoy the whole process.
* * * * *
Banging brings me from the beautiful Dreamland I am in. I try to ignore it but it just gets louder.
My head is pounding and the banging is making it worse. I open my eyes to face the unfamiliar room I'm in. I get up just as I hear noises and more banging on the other side of the door.
Sitting up, I come to terms with what actually happened. I look at my side and see the girl whose still bound and thankfully still breathing.
I look at my clothes that are o the floor with my phone.
I check the time and it's passed midnight. Shit.
My friend might have missed his flight. It's probably our parents banging on that door; wait a second, where is my so called friend anyway.
I quickly get off if who knows who's bed and throw my clothes on in rush.
I make no attempt of untying the girl. I didn't binde her why should I unbind her?
The banging gets louder and my body tenses. What is happening here?
The door is forced open, bringing into view angry looking police officers and a crying woman behind them.
My mind is black trying to come to terms as to what is going on but don't seem to come up with anything.
The woman rushes over to the bed and glances at the girl. She relaxes a bit realising that she is breathing.
I'm baffled. Why do I feel a pang of betrayal in my chest? Why do I feel cheated and stupid and freaking gullible?
A lot of emotion is swirling in mind that I don't hear the hurtful words the woman begins to spit at me. Before I know it, I'm being cuffed and dragged to the police station as I pant fearing what's to come.
* * * * *
Life is funny. Friendship, companionship, loyalty and honesty are a myth. None freaking existent. I learn it the hardest way known to a teenager.
The days following my arrest, have been filled with scoffs, tears, fake testimonies and looks of disgust and hatred all being aimed at me.
At this point I have no more tears, no more arguments, no more apologies. I'm freaking tired of trying to justify myself over something I'm also confused about.
My parents believe my version of the story which is the actual factual truth. My lawyer doesn't believe me but chooses to go along with it just because, and the judge well...... it's not as if the evidence is in my favor. Everyone at the party claim not to know me..duh.., apparently I dragged the girl and tied her up. I did plead guilty to molesting her but couldn't mention my best friend's name because his DNA wasn't found on her, to make the matter worse, the girl has lost her memory and she can't remember how she ended up in that room.
Plus the judge is convinced that I wasn't drugged instead took the drugs on my own, again... duh. I did take the drugs in my free will, but still, I was having a full blown panick attack, but hey no witness, meaning it's just my own version. Again, not in my favor.
I'm screwed.
* * * * *
When a fourteen year old boy, is sentence to three and six months in juvi, the main reaction is to cry and beg for mercy right? Not me. Last week after my sentence, not a single tear escaped my eyes. My foster parents looked at me in disbelief, they cried on my behalf and tried to have my sentence reduced but I stopped them, why? Because at that moment I felt numb. I still feel numb right now wearing orange and doing my homework in incarceration.
I've never felt so betrayed and unloved by the only person apart from my foster parents I thought actually cared for me. My foster mom asked me to reach out for him but my heart is hurting a bit to much to even hear his voice, I don't just want to.
My parents visit as much as the can and I really appreciate it. I don't want to make any friends or enemies because A, I don't want to miss anyone and B, I don't want to die in here.
I've been keeping myself busy with school work and assignments, so yeah, my life sucks.
* * * * *
Three years and four months after....
Graduation, the best, worst day of any teen.
All the graduating inmates are all ready to receive their highschool certificates and continue their busy day. Scoff.
The arrived and starts calling out our beautiful names in that intimidating voice of his. My name gets called and I drag myself to the podium, collect my certificate and sit my butt down looking at my beautiful grades. When he finishes, we all get cake and gifts from the school and family. My foster family got me a new iPhone and computer, but most importantly, the warden tells me I'm being released next week Tuesday and I also received ai acceptance letter for y University I applied for.
Happy graduation to me.

Home sweet home. I'm back home and the first thing I do is pack up my belongings to get ready for my flight in four weeks time. I'm doing some pre classes before the beginning of the academic year.
"Hey baby?" I look at my door and the smiling face of my foster mom.
"Hi." I crock out and she smiles at how deep my voice has become.
"All set for the new destination?" I nod and she sits next to me. "You haven't spoken to any of your friends?" I scoff and she looks at my worriedly. "Don't hold grudges son..I know it was hard but you have to let it go. You should also reach out to–"
"No, never. I hate the way these people have been looking at me. I hate their judgemental stares, I just need to apologise to that girl I offended and the family before I leave this place. The rest can think whatever tht want, I stopped caring a long time ago. Please leave I need to rest." She nods and sadly leaves me to my demons.
* * * * *
I'm finally on a plane by window leaving the place I've known all my life. My best friend comes to mind and I start wondering if this is how he felt when he left this place. Does he feel guilty about the things he did to me or maybe not.
I should just live my life away from him and his memories.
Before I left, I stopped over at that girls house and appologised for everything. The parents were shocked at my presence but welcomed me never the less.
The girl's name is Naomi and she still doesn't remember what happened but hey at least they accepted my little apology.

I arrive at my new home. It's an average size apartment, fully furnished and first four months rent paid. God bless my foster family. I have already been secured a job at my foster dad's friends mechanic shop. I can find another job, since I'm on scholarship I don't need too much.
Weeks pass and the academic year has began. I talk to my foster family frequently and I hear that the have taken a seven year old girl under their care. I can't wait to meet my foster sister. Thinking of sisters, I can't forget to find my real sister that was separated from me after our parents passed. I made a vow to look for her no matter what happens and I intend to keep that promise.
Today after my classes and work shifts are over, I decide to get some dinner before heading home. On my I encounter someone I thought I'd never see ever again. He is with another man that looks sad and dejected. They are both wearing engineering work suits and are hugging. I take a seat behind them and listen to their conversation. Luckily I removed my engineering work suit in advance.
"Come on I'm your best friend, I can't be happy whilst you're sulking. Let's have something to eat and get wasted."
The other guy looks up and laughs. "If I drink with you, i might as well sign up to be your babysitter. Let's just eat and go home. You can stay over at my place, Nani won't mind."
Best friend. Wow, he really forgot about me and replaced do freaking easily. That son of a.....
I lose my appetite after hearing their heartfelt conversation. All thoughts to match there and confront my biggest adversary leave my mind and I finally feel I'm in mood for a drink.
I leave and arrive at a bar and order my first glass of whisky on the rocks and gulp it down without a second thought.
Then I down another, and another, then another. Before I take a seventh one, someone grabs it from me. I look at the person that did it and something moves in causing me to choke on my own saliva.
He is tall and confident. Dressed in an expensive suit and a very visible golden watch. He looks at me and smiles. That smile changes his demeanor completely. I can't quite comprehend the aura he is giving off.
He takes my drink and downs it.
"Someone is depressed." He says giving me a sideways glance. "Rough day." He states rather than asks.
"I paid for that drink." He mumble and he laughs.
"He removes a bill and hands to the bartender, who later own places a glass of water in front of me. I look at the man again who smiles and downs another glass of whisky.
"Never hide your fears, insecurities and heartaches in alcohol, you will still meet them when you sober up. Alternatively, you could become at alcoholic, always drowning your emotions in liquor, due to fear of your problems while you're sober."
I look at him and front the water in front of me. "I'm not an alcoholic." I state.
"I believe you, wanna talk." Again statement.
"I don't even know you." I reply quickly.
"That's what makes it even better, don't you think."
Point made. I really do want to share this with someone, before it eats up. A stranger is perfect to confide in.
I look at him and I'm like what the do I got to lose anyway.
The following minutes are spent with me spilling mg story to a stranger at a bar, while drinking coffee to sober up and him listening to me like a little kid.
I end my tale and stares at me expressionless.
"Why didn't you confront him?" He asks for the first time I've known him... today.
"I don't know." I answer truthfully.
"Probably you're afraid that he completely forgot about you and isn't even remorseful over what he did. Maybe you were jealous that he moved own and you haven't and we're afraid of letting him have power over you or none of the above." We both chuckle.
I'm really not sure why I never approached him. Probably the first reason he gave but I can't be sure.
"Do you hate him?"
"I don't know."
"Figure out your feelings and get courage from there engineering student."
"How'd you–"
"I have my ways. Get home safely."
He gathers some distance before I stop him.
"Hey wait," he looks back that same smile. "What's your name?" I ask bluntly.
He removes a card and throws it in my direction, which I catch. Before I see what's there he speaks.
"Mayowa. It's Mayowa."

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