Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Eleven: See Me Too

Taizya's POV
I stretch my body as the morning light hits my eyes. I can no longer close them. Turning around I become fully aware of my surroundings.
Realisation hits me like kick in the shins. Memories of the previous night coming like a flash of lightning. I can still feel his hands caressing my body. His heavy breathing and groans, most especially, his scent.
I look around the room and a stupid grin forms on my face.
I cannot believe how loved and cared for my boss made me feel. Something I've always wanted someone to make me feel. Yes it was sudden but I don't think I regret it, I actually liked it.
I move around on this comfortable bed that isn't mine and drown more in his scent until a knock on the door brings me back to reality.
I shuffle to find something to cover myself but I don't even find my own clothes. So I use the sheets and cover myself just in time for the door to open. I think it's the Sir and I'm starting to wonder how we are going to have 'the' conversation.
"Good morning miss?" Says a woman whose voice I recognize from last night as Hellen. "The Mr Maximo has gone for his morning run and asked me to prepare your clothes." She says resting my cleaned outfit on the side of the bed. I get up as she hands me a robe that slip on. "Breakfast will be ready by the time you're ready. Excuse me." She exits and I make my way to the bathroom.
The room is huge and well adorned in marble, jewels and silver handles and door knobs. This man has money and I'm in his room.
I reach his bathroom counter and check his cabinet for a new toothbrush, lucky me.
After finishing my shower and dressing up, I begin matching towards the dining hall but soon miss my way. I don't even know where the stairs are as now I'm aimlessly walking around, exploring the entire floor at this point.
I come across a white door with a golden doorknob and beautiful purple butterflies all over it.
I reach for the knob and push it in but it doesn't open. I don't know what gets into me as I grab a hairpin and wriggle it in, until the door opens.
I proceed into it and I'm both surprised and pleased. The entire room is in different shades of purple. From the carpet and walls, to the ceiling and bedspreads. A huge bed with multiple dolls and pillows lays vacant in the middle of room.
Walking closer I see a little girl on photo frame smiling at the person photographing her in her cute mermaid swimsuit. What strikes me the most is the fact that she looks so familiar. Like I've seen her before.
Is she Max's sister or something?
"What are you doing in here!"
I turn quickly locking my eyes with some piercing dark brown one's.
I feel out of breath, that my knees begin to weaken, from the angry and intimidating look he's giving me.
He moves closer to me before screaming in my face making my breathing heighten. "HELLEN!"
I'm officially done for.
He is now breathing heavily and glaring at me, nose flaring, I can hear his heartbeat.
A few seconds later, Hellen comes running towards the sound of the voice. She sees me inside that room with the Sir and I swear I face turns blue.
"Sir," she begins but is cut off.
"WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?!" He screams at her with clenched teeth.
If I wasn't scared before, I am now. I don't why I am shaking this way.
"I came on my own. She didn't know I was headed here." I say in almost a whisper.
"Get out." His entire demeanor changes warily.
As I try to understand who that command was aimed at, Hellen exits and I begin to panic.
He walks towards me as I remain frozen in place. He grabs me harshly and forcefully drags me out of room before locking the door again.
"Get the hell out of my house and don't you ever wonder back here for the rest of your pathetic and useless life."
"I–i ju-"
He interrups me, by raising a finger to my lips and moving it in a sensual pattern, reminding of the night before. The different persona he held is far much different from that of the this man right here. The 'Sir', my boss not lover.
He moves closer and harshly grabs my face, pressing his thumb and index finger into my jaw. I yelp in pain and a smirk plays on his face.
He begins to speak, making his minty breath fan my face repeatedly. "You really don't know me little girl. Know your place or I'll show you and trust me, you wouldn't want me to do that. Your cute little stunt is going to make poor Hellen jobless for a while sweetheart." I gulped and tears began pooling from both the physical pain he is inflicting on my body as well as his words. He chuckles before continuing. "For someone who was so proud of her integrity and morality in that tiny room, you succumbed to a stranger quite easily my little blind and pathetic girl." He says making me feel so small in his eyes as I feel a pang in my chest. "Now little girl," he says harshly throwing on the carpeted floors. "I've got some firing to do thanks to you of course." He says without remorse.
I sit there in utter disbelief thinking to myself as the tears continue to bring at my eyes. Hellen was so nice and warm to me and now that poor woman is going to lose her job because her master is angry at me.
My mind can't stop racing thinking about the sir. To be honest, he's never been nice to anyone not even Jason.
'How could one person be so cruel? Then again it's the Sir, Mr Maximo Shula, I shouldn't expect anything better.'
"Get the hell up and leave my property now." He screams at me making me feel small again. He sighs in exasperation. "Are you freaking done pretending like you haven't seen and heard what I've just said you little blind girl?!" He asks me,in a rather cold tone.
I stand and wipe my tears away. "I'm blind sir, but certainly not deaf." I reply in a sharp tone, surprising myself in the process.
He scrutinizes my entire deamenor before drowning and leaving me to my own sadness.
I get off the Uber and quickly walk into the house. My home. It's passed nine, so in certain everyone is up. I gather my courage and match inside my sanctuary.
As I has predicted, everyone is up and immediately I walked in, are anxiously staring at me.
I'm really not in the mood for this.
I quickly match forward, with the intention of ignoring all their faces. Including Elijah who's surprisingly is staring at me with concern. A few weeks ago I would have been swooning over this but now I just feel numb and hurt. By him and he doesn't even know it.
I ignore them all and match towards my room feeling defeated and regected.
Before I realise it, I'm sobbing, as my heart hurts so bad I'm unable to bear it.
One week prior.....
I quickly rush inside 'Astek' like it's my property, with a smile playing on my face like an idiot.
I gave the work file from 'Shax Co' to Mark's PA and quietly walked towards Elijah's office.
Instead of knocking I slowly open the door just to see him on his office couch, back facing me talking on the phone.
I open my mouth to say hello but he his words leave me frozen.
".... simple, I want you to be mine. So I'll pick you up Eight ok." He pauses as he waits for a reply on the other line. "Good. I love my little baby. See you tonight." He then cuts the call and sighs happily in his seat.
My eyes are glossy and face and throat are on fire. I can't cry though because he notices me and smiles in my direction. The painful thing is that I didn't cause that smile and it hurts even more.
"Uhm..h-hey." I manage to choke out with a forced smile.
"I didn't hear you come in. How's work work?" He says getting close and engulfing me in his warm embrace. I breathe slowly, feeling a little comfort from my love.
"Who were you talking to?" He lets go and looks in my eyes with joy, breaking me a little more.
"My girlfriend. She's so different and I can't wait for you to meet her." He says almost leaping from joy.
The lamp in my throat gets heavier with his words. He unknowingly hurting me, breaking my heart and the only thing I can do is bear it. "Since w-when?" I choke out again. My voice visibly shaking. I smile none the less.
"A few months ago. It's a long story, she and I just clicked. I'm in love with her like a small kid." He says and I shutter. Luckily he turns away from me as a single tear escapes my eye. I quickly wipe it away preparing to exit. I think I've heard enough. "You came to see Makaika?" He then says. I shake my head and he nods.
"I'm leaving now." A say lowly.
"I'm almost done here, I'll take you home."
"No need. I'll go with uncle. Good evening." I don't wait for his reply before I rushing into uncle office and sobbing loudly on his chest.
The old man looks down on my pathetic state and scowls.
"Baby." He breaths out. "Shhhh, tell me what's wrong."
I look up and the tears pool down some more and hold onto him even tighter. We both sit on his office couch and I lay my head down on his chest as he strokes my back soothingly.
I few minutes pass and my breathing evens.
"Now tell me what's wrong baby."
"E-elijah, he has a girlfriend." I cry out. "He loves her and I've lost my chance because I'm so unfortunate."
"Shhhh, you're nothing like that. Maybe he was never meant to be yours. If he is then he will come back to you, ok." He tells me and I nod in understanding.
My head and heart hurt in torment.
"Let's go home okay. I'll make you dinner." I nod and we head home.

Two days after that, I'm standing by the living room window after work, looking at the gardens for no apparent reason. I see Makaika exiting his car, closely followed by Elijah and a young girl.
A feel my throat becoming dry and my heartbeat beating erratically.
A hear the door opening and voices follow after. Turning my head, I see Mak approaching me with a smile and I move closer just because.
"Hey Tai?" He greets and I smile in response.
I hear uncle's footsteps and I turn my head to look at the man.
"What is happening in my house. Everything alright Elijah?" He asks, glancing at the girl whose hand he's holding. He then shifts his gaze to me and frowns.
"Everything is fine Mr Nkhoma, I just stopped by to introduce my girlfriend." Elijah says, making uncle to look at with sad eyes.
He comes closer and stands next to me.
We silently get comfy in the living room. I glance at the girl whose eyes are fixed on everything in the house except the people around. Her eyes look hungry and...... greedy. She notices me staring and she shyly looks down, trying to compose herself. A look at her from head to toe. She is wearing a tiny crop top with loose fitting ripped denim pants and clear heels. She looks really young and I wonder why Elijah took a liking to her.
"So son," uncle begins, "what's the young lady's name?" Elijah smiles so genuinely at her and speaks.
"She's Justify, a student pianist." He says calmly. I just shrug, looking everywhere but the couple.
"My friend here is for freaking lovesick, it's sad to watch." Make chimes in.
We all talk randomly getting to know each other more and more honestly I stop paying attention after a few minutes until my cousin addresses me.
"So Tai, after meeting with your boss over the weekend, we will hang out with Elijah and Justify."
"I don't know, I'll think about it." I reply meekly.
"Please I would like to get to know you better." I turn to the person that answers me and scowl.
"Why?" My voice comes out harsh, and I earn stares from everyone around. " What, did I say something wrong?"
The girl whimpers, and Elijah leans in and caresses her arms. My heart bleeds some more.
Elijah then speaks, "I think we should take our leave." Elijah stands and honestly, I'm glad he is leaving. "We see each other Tai, right?" I nod and they leave finally.
Uncle gives me a questioning gaze but I shrug it off and head for my room.

The weakend came soon. The Sir and Bwale ignoring each other like there's never been a friendship between, ever since the incidence. I seem not be the only one with issues.
After Mak and I arrived at the construction site, we meet with the sir but my mind isn't there.
After is said and done; including me holding Max's hand the whole time, everyone begins to disperse.
I on the other hand, choose to have a breather by going somewhere to be alone.
After the incident with the sir inside the small room, and seeing that it was already late, I tell him to leave at the restaurant where the gang and I were supposed to meet.
Reaching there, I frown seeing Elijah withdrawing his lips from Justify's.
I slowly approach the couple and they wave me towards them.
"Hey." I say almost defeated. Saying that seeing them together doesn't break me is a huge freaking lie. I can't stand the fact that the man I've loved for a while now is now with someone else without even trying to understand my love.
I admit that I never told how I felt, but it was so freaking obvious. Me always wanting his arms around me, me blushing at his comments, wishing to spend time with him. Why couldn't he just see my love for him.
I know what I feel for him. He is a good person and yes I want him to be happy but why can't he be happy with me? I love him and he chose not to see it.
I look up and notice the couple staring at me.
"What is it?" I say, hearing how broken my voice sounds all of a sudden.
"You're crying." Comes Elijah's short reply.
I paused feeling how wet my face has actually become. I quickly grab tissues and clean my face messily.
"It's nothing, probably the dark getting to me that's all." I smile after.
"You're not looking good is anything the matter?" The girl asks after.
"Yeah I'm good don't worry about it."
Immediately after, Mak shows up glaring at me.
"You're already here. I was so worried after you disappeared back there. Where were you anyway?"
"With the Sir but it's nothing."
We talk a little more but I was out of it, drowning my emotions I the expensive wine.
We all get a little tipsy and Elijah and his little girlfriend begin kissing so lovingly causing my heart to hurt while Mak cheers sloppily.
I gather my stuff and decide to walk away from the suffocating environment I'm in. I continue walking ignoring the fact that it is getting dark and my vision is getting blurry. To make matters worse ,I'm also a little tipsy.
I sob loudly in the pillows, remembering how the sir treated me this morning. I get the fact that we don't know each other and that I was a little drunk, but I'm still a human being. Did he reject me because I'm blind? Did Elijah also not see me because of this defect of mine?
I begin crying again until e feel the bed dip at one side.
Uncle looks at me with worry.
"What happened to you my baby?" He sadly whispers and crawl towards him and press my body next him, holding him to me. I breathe out slowly and he smiled because I'm slowly coming myself down.
"You really do love him don't you." He states and t shake my head in approval. "My heart hurt when I lost your aunt many years ago. I didn't want to be consoled, I just wanted to drown in self pity and nothing else." He paused wiping my tears. "No matter how much I cried and asked why she never came back to me. Don't waste your life focusing on the pain of losing someone you love, instead learn and find happiness with someone who loves you, my love. Remember what I always tell you dear, with everything you lose, you gain something else. Always remember that and don't wait to find your happiness. When you find it, hold onto it, never let go or else you'll regret it like your cousin has." He said and I smiled a little.
"Do you think someone will see me too? See my love, and never let me go?"
"Yes, and more princess. You're perfect and if nobody See's this and treats you right them the world is messed up."
We both laugh. I hug him to me and relax in his arms.
"Where did you emerge from?"
I froze thinking if a good enough answer. " Checked into a hotel. Didn't want to be bothered, sorry I worried you people."
"It's ok dear, I understand. I don't want you crying anymore ok? If Elijah is destined for you, he will come back to you but if not find the one who is yours and this time Tai, fight for him, don't let someone else claim him."
"Yes sir." I reply.
He looks at me and suddenly hits his head as if remembering something. I chuckle at his behavior.
"Baby, I forgot to mention that my brother in-law is coming over with his daughter and granddaughter. You remember Aylin right." I shake my head although it's been a while. "Her daughter Is a big girl now, eleven now isn't it."
"Yes, she was five the last the visited. It'll be nice to see her again." I say smiling to my self.
"Let's go and have something to eat then. They will arrive this week on Wednesday."
He smiles at me and I snuggle closer like a baby.

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