Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Twelve: Unanswered Questions

Max's POV
After the intern finally left my house, I ask my workers to change the lock of the second floor rooms.
I look at Hellen and she drops her head in guilt, knowing fully well I don't allow strangers enter said room.
I furrow my brows at her and dismiss her to continue her other duties.
Must that intern always get under my skin? Why does she like doing things that make come out evil or unkind towards her? I freaking told her to stay out of my business but she simply prefers to disobey me.
" and the intern huh?"
I turn around and shoot daggers and a smirking Bwale. "Wohh woh, easy man. Why are angry at me? I'm just stating the obvious." He smirks, patting my shoulder like fool.
"You're one to talk." I mutter silently but he hears me and frowns.
"You like her." He cheers up immediately.
"I don't even know her."
"You've liked her since you saw her photo in her folder, and the first time you saw her, you were practically drooling over her Max. You are attracted to her." He says and I sit down angrily, unintentionally growling and Bwale shrugs shaking his head in dissatisfaction. "Max..."
He calls softly eyeing my tensed features. I don't reply and he sighs. "Max there's nothing wrong with–"
"I've only ever loved one woman. You know that, every freaking person that knows me knows that. It will always be that way, she will complete my family." I state matter-of-factly.
"You're wasting your life on someone that doesn't even love you. Stop hurting yourself and I can't watch you push away everyone that actually cares about you. I love you too much. I hope you never forget that." He says and I just ignore him.
"Why were you so drunk?" I ask changing the subject.
"I'm always drunk at those dinners."
"You weren't just drunk, you were also crying and muttering incoherent things." I say monitoring his features. "What is wrong with you?"
He looks at me nervously and I see something in his eyes that makes me flinch. There's pain, regret, remorse, guilt and....fear.
He notices this and looks away from me.
"Bwale...." He shakes his head violently and begins sobbing again.
"I'm sorry... So sorry...I–I am sorry m...max." He continues to mumble before running out of my house like a crazed child. The sight breaks me and I stand frozen on the spot.
* * *_**_* * *
The following Monday.....
After the development with Bwale the previous weekend, I expected him to go back to ignoring me like it is favourite thing to do, but I was wrong. He is smiling and acting like nothing ever happened. He seems perfectly ok with his constant nagging about my so evident infatuation with the intern. Well it's his opinion not mine. I just hope that woman keeps whatever happened that night between the two of us, well the three us because Bwale kinda figured that out.
Although he says things are good between us, my mind is in disarray. I'm more than certain he's hiding something from me and what's upsetting is that he doesn't trust me enough to share his thoughts with me.
My phone rigging, shakes me out of thoughts and back to reality.
I check the caller ID, and smile at what I see. I quickly answer it and that sweet voice I long for hits my ears.
"It's the end of month."
"Greeting someone you barely talk to hurts that much darling?" I ask smirking.
"Max, I told you to cease from addressing me like that."
"But how can I? You were my first lov–"
"Don't say your first love, you know our reality cannot be changed."
I hate when she cuts me off. She's one of the reasons I fail to express my feelings. It's not my fault I love her. She was first live and my first heartbreak.
"It can. You just don't want it too because even after so many years apart you're still afraid of something I don't even know. Aylin we have a daughter together, come back to me and let's complete the family I always wanted. The family....I lost. The family I almost had." A tear escapes me but my voice remains strong. "Aylin don't you care about me anymore?"
"Your daughter will see you soon."
With that, she cuts the call and I growl in frustration.
Maybe I'm just destined to be alone. The people I wish to stay in my life slowly drift away and finally leave. Aylin is not any different. Nothing but a freaking coward.
Her reasons for rejecting me eleven years ago don't necessarily make any sense now. I tried so hard to explain myself but she preferred to keep her distance from me. Even now.
After relaxing, I continue with my work. I look through some of the work Likanda was supposed to do, and shift uncomfortably. I scan through it again and panic starts to kick in. I immediately send a message to Edith and Jason to come over immediately.
Upon arrival they both notice the fact that I'm fuming and begin panicking.
"Sir, what is it?" Jason breaks the silence. I motion him closer and show him what I have noticed.
"Money is missing Jason." I say casually, but my mind is in turmoil. "Hellen, I personally supervised the transaction if that money and I checked the bank statements and balance. Apart from the three of us, Bwale is the only other person that knows about that money. So tell me where is it?!" I fume and they both quiver in fright.
"Sir I never received any notification of money from that account being transferred from the bank. Maybe there's a mistake somewhere." Edith says certainly.
"Jason call the bank and send for Bwale now!"
"Yes Sir." Jason replies ready to leave.
I glare at Edith and she visibly whimpers. She moves to my desk and continues to scan through it trying to calm herself but my presence is making it difficult to for her to do so.
"Sir the 'Astek' intern is waiting for you in the conference room." She mumbles quickly then drop her head.
I huff then leave her in my office to continue our investigation before I lose all patience and involve the police.
As I head to the conference room, Bwale rushes towards me and pulls me towards the balcony and away from the prying ears of my employees.
"Max what's going on?" Bwale inquires. I hold my head in frustration and then up at him.
"Money is missing from the company's secret account." I say tiredly.
"But how? I mean are you sure?" He asks calmly trying to ease my tension.
"I don't even know Bwale. I just hope it's my mistake."
"How much is missing?" Bwale looks at me again.
I walk towards the edge of the balcony and release a huge breath.
"It's almost all gone Bwale. More than a half is gone. The money that's missing is worth 8.3 shares of my company. Someone is trying to ruin me." I breathe out slowly. Bwale turns away and closes his eyes.
"Have you informed the police on this matter?"
I shake my head. "Jason is contacting the bank to see if anyone made a transaction in the past few days. I just hope it's not what I think."
Bwale turns abruptly. "What is that you think?"
"Someone trying to defraud my company."
"Don't be rash, let's wait for Jason's finding."
"I sincerely hope you're right." I say before taking a seat.
A few minutes later Jason and Edith emerge with distraught features. There and then I lose all hope.
"Sir," Jason begins,"the bank confirmed that the amount of money we have viewed is what's left." He says avoiding eye contact with me. "They also said that money was transferred into an unknown account on two different occasions the previous month." My eyes dart up in horror.
"Last month!" I scream and the back up a bit. "How did you not notice that?" I question and they lower their heads.
"There's more bad news sir." Edith then speaks up.
"You don't say." I smile sarcastically.
"After the bank confirmed that money was moved out of the secret account, I then checked the other company accounts is missing from their too." She whispers the last part but I hear it all.
Bwale then questions them some more. "How much is missing from there?"
"Millions sir." She confirms silently."I'm so sorry I didn't notice sir, I ju–"
"SHUT UP!" I scream. "If I haven't known you both for this long, you'd both be in jail by now. Call the police and Jason arrange a meeting today with board right now. I need to know what's happening now." I say still fuming. The nod and leave me alone with Bwale who seems to be in a trance.
"Max I'm sorry." I chuckle amused.
"Why are you sorry? Your money is missing too."
"But still I just.....never mind. What are we going to do about this?"
"Put the bastards that are trying to ruin me behind bars. Then get that money back as soon as possible." I sigh. "We have so many projects to complete and losing such amounts of money is not in our favor. I hope it all works out."
"I hope so too."
After the meeting with the board, the entire environment is tense. I'm still trying to come into terms with the current situation. So much money has been stolen from my company without any trace. The police gave began their investigation and to say I'm baffled is an understatement. Things seem to be going wrong so suddenly and it's stressing me out, and not in a good way.
Now I'm back in my office trying to get things done as quickly as I can.
A knock then disturbs me. "Come in."
The door opens revealing a tired looking intern. I stare her up and down and she releases a smile.
I don't know why that smile brightens up my mood but it does. To be honest in this tense environment, her pretty face eases the entire atmosphere. "What is it?" I ask casually.
"It's late. You've been working here all day, you should go home."
I suppress a laugh. "You care why?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.
"Because you are a human being and I care. I know you're stressed about the whole-"
"I'm always stressed intern, besides whatever happens here shouldn't bother you because it has nothing to do with you or your company. You can leave." I look down my computer but don't hear the door closing. Instead, the intern is making soft strides towards my desk.
She boldly sits on my desk and looks at me directly. Her beautiful brown and golden eyes ulimated in the evening light. Her exposed arms and legs glowing, just begging to caressed. She is indeed beautiful.
I lean back and stare at her,"what do you want little intern? I have work to do." She places her hands on my shoulders, and slips into my laps. Her warmth is too good I'm unable to push her away.
"You're tensed sir." She says massaging me softly with those delicate fingers that have once traced my naked skin. "You should get some rest."
"Each day you get to bold for your own good baby." I say tiredly. "You're playing with fire."
She moves closer cupping my cheeks.
"Then let me burn." With that her lips are on mine. Moving quickly and hungrily. The feeling I didn't even know I missed washing over me as I feel melting into me more.
I pull away and we both catch our breath. I look at her intently and caress her lips with my fingers. "Indeed you shall burn, little thing. Stand up leave."
She frowns and I smile.
"Must you always be mean to me?"
"You never answered my question so I'm not obliged to answer yours. Please leave before someone finds you my lap."
"That worries you?" I flash her a dimpled smile.
"Not in the slitest. You're are the one who will suffer the consequences not me. So for your own good, u suggest you leave."
She sighs in defeat and gets up from my laps. I immediately miss the warmth that she provided.
"Good night sir and get a good night's sleep. I'll see you tomorrow." She perks my lips and storms off, gently closing the door.
I'm definitely want to continue our little game for a while.

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