Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Thirteen: Different Emotions

Taizya's POV
I know I'm trading on thin ice here, but it's not entirely my fault. The man is most attractive when he is angry. I saw his muscles contracting and relaxing in that dull grey suit, that leaves little to the imagination. His minty fresh and musky scent being enhanced by his growing rage.
When I earlier went into his office after hours I hadn't anticipated things to take such a turn. I honestly expected him to push me away or be aggressive. Anything but that, but I honestly don't regret a thing again.
Maybe the sir is right, I am playing with fire and if I'm being honest,I love it.
Sitting back in my room, my mind drifts back to the sir and again I'm smiling like a fool. The same way I did for Elijah. Luckily this time, he seems to have the same burning attraction towards me and isn't making any effort in denying it.
I just hope it remains as it is, just simple infatuation.
The office atmosphere is even more tense than yesterday. The board members are being questioned by the police over and over and some employees have been released while others incarcerated. Luckily I'm not a 'Shax Co'. The tense environment has everyone on edge. Bwale is supervising the construction the 'Astek' hotel, meaning that I haven't seen him the whole day.
I miss him. His constant fury over nothing and his obsession of always being a little on edge. Most especially, his intoxicating scent.
"Is everything going to okay? I know the sir is always on edge but since yesterday, he seems a little too stressed." Bwale brings his focus towards me and chuckles loudly. I frown. "What?" I ask him and again chuckles.
"You have feelings for him don't you?" My face heats up at that and I look away. "It's ok if you are. You're a good person and so is he. It's just that he is surrounded by bad people that have nothing but bad intentions for him." He then looks down, hiding his face from me.
"Are you alright?" I ask genuinely concerned. "Why does the sir have a habit of pushing people away?"
"Because he has once been betrayed by the people that claimed to care about him. Since then he finds it had to trust people. Look Tai, I don't know what you two have but it's obvious Max is attracted to you, whether he admits it or not." Bwale tells me.
My face heats up at the thought of the sir being attracted me. I can't believe how good those words actually feel in my heart. A very warm and comfortable warmth spreading in very familiar places and I'm not too sure if I should be happy about it.
"I don't know what to say about that." I reply honestly. He chuckles at that but continues.
"I know Max can be a little insensitive and arrogant, but he just needs affection like every any other person," he pauses and let's out a small laugh, "and lots of patience. But just promise something Tai."
"What is it?" I ask.
"Don't hurt him too. He's been through enough pain as it is."
"I won't if he won't either. Besides, I don't even know what we actually have." I answer truthfully.
"I hope you figure it out soon."
I shrug and continues with my work.
After lunch, more cops. More tempers from the bored and more panicked faces from the employees and investors. Luckily, 'Astek' isn't yet affected. I continue to see the sir from a distance. His anger making him show off his dominating aura, and he hasn't even had time to look at me.
I promised to see him today and I plan on making it happen, no matter what.
After lunch hour, I'm carrying the newly printed blueprints that the sir instructed Bwale to complete and hand them over to me, to give to the contractors working on the hotel.
Problem is, they are depicting the various angles of the other half of the hotel yet to be constructed. So about ten large files piled up in my arms, because I thought I could carry them all without any help.
The are in my face making it difficult to see what's ahead of me.
I make out the elevator just to forcefully bump into someone, sending the prints to the floor and me, but luckily someone grabs before I land on my butt.
"Are t okay. Huh just be careful for goodness sake." The sir says calmly.
It's probably because the police are here. I think.
"Sorry sir." He is still holding me tightly as I lean in and whisper into his ear. "I'm surprised you held my hand. You usually push me to land on my butt without any remorse or help."
He smiles at me with that sinister smile before pulling me up, whereby if he lest me go, I'd land on the cold floor. "I could still make it happen darling." He grips tighter.
"Someone might notice your sexual frustration if you don't let go."
He helps me land on my feet and then call someone to have the prints picked up delivered to the contractors waiting outside. After that I'm about to go back to my work space when strong firm hands grip mine and drags me towards the elevator.
Immediately the elevator shuts, the sir is in my space claiming my mouths hungrily and I can't deny how amazing this feels, again.
He backs away from me licking my lips before he hits the fourth floor button.
"Come to my office after your shift and fix this." He says referring to his bulge. I gulp before the elevator opens and he motions me out.
I leave and he blows me a kiss before the doors shut again.
I take slow steady steps towards my work space. As I near my destination, I head faint whispers from Bwale's office.
I know this is none of my business but can you honestly blame me? They are whispering, I like to know things, even if they are none of my business.
I can't open the door for fear of being seen, so instead I lean on the door and pretend to be typing away.
I recognize one voice as Bwale's, but not the other one.
"What do you stand to gain from all this huh? Leave him be. His been through a lot." That's definitely Bwale's voice.
"And what he has done to me isn't a lot? I will make him go through the same pain I did and more, and you are going to watch him suffer and do nothing my dear Bwale." The other voice says.
"Point made thank you very much. Now get the hell out of my office."
"Ooh my dear Bwale, you forget that I'm the alpha in this game, but I'll go because I still need you for that final deed." He lets out a sinister laugh that makes me shiver. "See you soon."
I hear a door opening but no one approaches the door I'm at.
I quickly scurry off and get back to my work space.
I wonder who and what they were talking about.
A few minutes back in my work, Bwale shows up in the conference room with a distraught face.
I fight every thing within me that telling me to ask him about the mistery man in his office earlier, but that will just prove the fact that I was snooping around. So I just keep quiet and go about my work.
More hours and Bwale hasn't spoken much, apart from the occasional routine of trying to confirm something.
"Bwale?" I look up and see Jason looking agitated. The entire situation has seriously put me on edge. "The sir has called for another board meeting and as a shareholder, your presence is requested." He finishes.
"Ok. I will be there in a few."
Jason nods and leaves.
After a few minutes, he also follows.
I remain alone again like yesterday. I honestly miss Likanda very much at this point.
After hours and hours, I'm finally done with my work.
I grab my things and place them in my but before I go in, I hear some board members talking amongst themselves.
"That was the toughest decision the sir has ever made." One says.
"Indeed. He did something he said he could never do. What a dent in his pride, but it was actually inevitable." Says another.
"This situation will definitely make him now one day." The first guy says.
"I doubt it. The sir has risen from far worse situations than this. He was just caught unaware. Besides, he only took that decision to please the share holder's, that man has more money in his personal account compared to the amount missing." The second one argues.
"It was strange seeing the defeated look on his face though."
They both chuckle and leave.
The morale I had of heading home disappears. I lock my car and grab my phone heading for the sir's office.
I arrive at his office and open it oh so silently.
He is sitting on his couch with wine in his hands. He doesn't even acknowledge my presence.
I match towards him silently but I stop when he speaks.
"I came to the conference room for you but you weren't there."
I gulp and match towards, standing a few feet away from him. "I thought the meeting will take long so u decided to leave."
"So why are you still here?" He looks up at me with tired eyes.
"I don't know."
He lets out a tired chuckle. "I've faced so many difficult situations in my life, so I don't know why I feel played with this one. I feel restless. You know that feeling like something bad is about to happen." He grabs my hands and makes me sit next to him.
"Sir, it's just a rocky bump, you'll pull through. I haven't known for the longest time but I don't think you're a quitter. It's ok to feel restless sometimes." I hold his hand. "What would like me to do to ease your tension a little bit."
He looks at me dreamily. "It's something I haven't done in a while." I chuckle at how cute he looks.
"That is? Don't worry, would never tell." He looks at me questioningly.
"Then how about a hug."
I'm actually shocked at his answer but nod either way.
He launches himself in my arms and lays his head on my chest holding my waist tightly but tenderly. I wrap my hand on his back and slide my body lower at a comfortable angle.
I feel his breathing even. His tensed features relax and he closes his eyes swiftly.
I don't know why I feel contentment at this very hour. This is a very hostile man at most, but I like his vulnerable state in my arms. He's like a lost child that's finding it difficult to find it's way and I'll try to help him find his way.
I open my eyes after the alarm destroys my beautiful sleep. I smile at myself remembering the intimate moment I shared with the sir. It wasn't sexual just sweet.
I shower and get ready for work just to hear voices downstairs.
I quickly rush downstairs and is met with the sweetest brown orbs I haven't seen in a while.
I smile and race towards her.
"Maxine!" I yell, before engulfing her in my embrace.
She giggles before wrapping her fingers on my chest.
"Auntie, you don't visit me at all. The video calls are not enough from my favorite Aunty."
"I'm sorry I'm a bad person. Forgive this Aunty of yours."
She shakes her head and we walk towards the main living room.
I find Aylin and her father chatting loudly with my uncle and Mak.
"There she is." Uncle announces. "We sent little Max to get you."
"That is ok uncle, I was already on my way down to go to the office. Great surprise though." I say.
"Aylin you look like a super model." I say while hugging her.
"You're one to talk. Look at you, looking quite lovely indeed."
We all get caught up on bonding, that I completely forget that I have to report to 'Shax Co', until my phone buzzes with a notification indicating that I'm late and the Sir just sent a message.
"Oh no. I have to go to work, I'm so late."
"But I haven't seen you for awhile Aunty, can't you just stay?"
"I'm sorry darling. You know what? I will spend the whole weekend with you promise." I say genuinely.
Maxine gives a warry look.
"I'm going to my daddy for the weekend." She smiles sweetly. "Maybe you could even meet him."
I look at Aylin and she shrugs.
"That would be nice sweetheart. You know what, we'll talk when I get back ok?"
She say shakes her head.
"Smile and I'll get you any type of shoes you want."
"Plus four more designer outfits." She adds.
"No problem."
I bid everyone goodbye and heard for my fate.

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