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Chapter Fourteen: Complications

Max's POV
I cannot believe how amazing it had felt to be in someone's embrace after years of enduring fake affection and comfort.
The little interns touch feels so genuine on my skin. I can't sense any malice or pretences, everything feels genuine, but I know better than to fall for it though. I once did and experienced the worst form of heartbreak and betrayal.
I know better than to yern for more of her touch, her sweet beautiful words and her precious smiles. It will only hurt more when she no longer lust's for more.
I better not get too caught up in whatever it is my body and heart what's to feel again.
The artificial happiness and satisfaction is enough for me. It hurts much less when it ends than something that I think is real and might last. I will not give another person the satisfaction of seeing me hurt and in pain again.
Back in my empty home, in my empty room looking at my computer trying to forget about my work problems but still finding my way back there repeatedly.
My phone suddenly rings and I curse under my breath looking at the caller ID.
"Mwape." I answer tiredly.
"Can we meet and talk."
"What about?" I ask.
"It's really important Max. I know we are not together anymore but can we just meet and talk, it's really important."
"Ok. When and where?" I ask.
"This Thursday. At 2 PM. Just for an hour or two."
"Alright. Good night Mwape."
"Good night Max."
I place my phone on the night stand and continue my research on the man who was suggested by the board and Bwale to buy 8 shares of the company, even though I offered to buy them myself. The board dismissed this, saying that I have to much power as owner and CEO.
The man's profile appears and I read through it.
Name: Mayowa Njila
Marital status: Widowed
Nationality: Hidden
Main occupation: Owner of Skyler University of Engineering.
Other occupation: Not listed
Prison Record: Not listed
Other information
I read through his background information, searched for family and friends but most of the things were either hidden or not listed.
The more I research on this guy the more suspicious he seems to me. I will have a private investigator research more about him, because the information I have about this guy, the more I dislike the whole idea.
I call my investigator and give him the current information I have and he will do the rest.
I rest my head on the bed and look at the time, it's already passed 01:00Am. I can't call my little girl now nor Aylin. I can't sleep again and I sigh looking at the roof for awhile before getting up and going for a jog in the garden.
"What did you find out about him?"
"Not much sir. He's record is so clean and perfect, he covers up his tracks."
"I don't like this. I'm supposed to agree or disagree to this man investing in my company by the weekend." I screamed at the investigator. "If you are incompetent I can get someone else."
The man let's out a long breath and scoffs. "Max, I've worked for your family for a very long time. Do not threaten me. Besides if you can always delay your reply if you're this uncomfortable."
"I can't. I need to give an answer on Friday, and so far I have nothing that will make me reject this man being a shareholder. So now give me something to use."
I hear a pause, indicating he is thinking of something. "I have an idea although it's a long shot. Be It just might work."
"I'm all ears."
After my PI gave me an idea I immediately act on it and have everything set and made secretly. I don't even tell Bwale.
I continue my work and today decide to see what the intern is up to.
I head towards her workspace but she isn't there. I call Jason and ask were she is but I receive information that boils my blood. She isn't here at this time. I dismiss him and send a message to the intern and wait for her on her desk.
After thirty minutes, she matches into the office looking everywhere but were I'm actually located. I smirk when she lets out a sigh of relief and closes her eyes leaning her back towards the closed.
I then speaks startling her, "tell me, why are you late baby."
She closes her eyes trying to make sure she isn't hallucinating. When she realises I'm still here sitting on her desk, she smiles awkwardly and mutters unintelligently. "Sir, you're here?"
I raise an eyebrow and throw her a questioning gaze. She frowns and I motion her closer to me. She takes slow strands toward me with her head bowed.
She stands in front of me and I tell her to sit. She is still unsure of my intentions which makes the whole situation more comical.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I ask her, after she just sits and stares at me like a hungry list puppy
"You're on my desk sir."
"So..?" I raise an eyebrow. "There's plenty of space left, so now get to work." I say turning around to face and folding my legs on her desk to give her more.
She looks at me in disbelief. She honestly things I'm playing with her.
I tell her to get my laptop and I begin my work on her desk. Her hands are still fidgeting. This makes me smile some more.
"Why so nervous?" I say smirking and still working on my computer.
"I'm sorry for being late today it's just tha-" I cut her off.
"I don't care about your excuses. I'm working under a deadline here and you getting too comfortable with me isn't good for either you or 'Astek'." I begin. "We might not have a strictly professional relationship but do not think that just because of that, you can disrespect me and my rules."
"I know Sir, and it will not be repeated."
"I know it won't, because I will have 'Astek' replace you. Finish everything you have to do today, I have to go to my office now, Bwale will continue with you." I got down and grabbed my things ready to exit when the intern speaks up.
"Your eyes are red, didn't you sleep?"
I scoff and leave.

Bwale comes into my office a little later and sits across from me.
He is eating an apple and has a freaky smile on his face.
"What is wrong with you?" I ask with a smile.
"Me?" I ask looking up at him in shock.
"You're terrible Max. Bukata said you kissed her in front of her stupid fiance."
I laugh and his follows behind. I lean back in my chair and look at him.
"Did she honestly tell you that?"
"Not really. I overheard her arguing with that fiance if hers, who's name I don't even remember." He says.
That makes more sense. Bukata is not one to share anything about her that she deams embarrassing or demeaning.
"You do know we were in highschool together."
"No freaking way?" He says in astonishment.
"Yeah, he actually came at my seventeen birthday party. He was trying to be cool but failed and left the place smelling like pre digested booze." I say then laugh watching Bwale's shocked features.
"Wait he got puked on?"
"Yes, by you." I end and the expression he gives us priceless.
"You're lying to me." He then shakes his head. "Really, no wonder he never liked me from the start."
"The man holds grudges." I smirk.
Just then, Edith walks in with two of the police officers that are handling the fraud case.
"Good afternoon gentleman?" One of them says. "I'm detective Obed. I have taken over from detective Zeke on the fraud case of your company. My colleague and I, are here to inform you that we have tracked down the account were the money from the secret account was first moved to." He tells and Bwale's eyes bulge out. I don't even know why.
"Can you tell me whose account it is."
"Yes Mr Shula. The man who owns the account is Mr Likanda Jake Sakalezhi."
"What!" Bwale and I both ask in disbelief.
"That is impossible, he didn't even know that that account exists." Bwale replies confidently.
To be honest, his argument does make sense, but in this situation I cannot be too sure.
"How did you figure that out though?" They look at me as if I said something ridiculous and so t glare.
"Relax sir. We checked some bank statements and online transaction records, and bingo. The person forgot to erace that one little detail."
"So Mr Shula," the other begins,"you know the man?"
"Yes I do. He works for me." I reply honestly.
"Can we have a word with him." They speak in monotone.
"Unfortunately gentleman, he has been suspended from work, but I can provide you with his personal information on how to reach him." I clarify for them.
That would be quite helpful sir. Thank you for your cooperation and have a good afternoon."
"Wait officers," I stop them, "find that man and find my money quickly."
"We will do so Sir." He says quickly and then leaves.
I breathe out and look at Bwale's distraught features.
"Max it isn't him." He says trying to convince me.
"I'm not saying he did it Bwale, but we can't be too sure either. If he didn't do it, he probably knows bwho did." I reply.
"I'm going to check something."
"Wait Bwa....le" he shuts the door before I finish.
Why has he been acting like this lately. It's pissing me off.
Him constantly acting like he wants to tell me something but later going against it. He's also been keeping his distance from me and looking at me in fear and guilt, but refuses to tell what is actually bothering him.
I hope he comes around soon.
I came to work after receiving a wonderful phone call my little girl Maxine. She is coming over to spend her holidays with me by this weekend, with me and I am so excited.
I gather my belongings to go out and meat Mwape as planned, but instead I receive a disturbing phone call that leaves me dumbstruck.
"Hello?" I reply.
"Is this Max?"
A timid voice asks me. "It is. Who is this?"
"I'm Kunda, Mwape's brother."
"Oh okay. Why are you calling me?" I reply somewhat confused.
"Mwape has been acting strange, since yesterday morning saying something bad is about to happen to you. She told me that she has called you, and that you agreed to meet up."
"Yes we did and I'm heading there."
"That is the problem Max. She left this morning for her morning jog and well....."
"What happened Kunda?"
"She was attached and now she's in a coma."

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