Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Fifteen: Meeting Mayowa

Max's POV
After visiting Mwape last Thursday, the police then questioned me over the whole issue, asking if I know who would want her hurt and if I knew what she wanted to tell me.
They also went through both our phones trying to know if something suspicious pops up.
One of the detectives is convinced I know what is going on. The idiot.
I know Mwape and I had together for a while and that she is a little crazy, but I could never harm her.
"Daddy come on, you're spacing."
I look down at my pouting girl and smile nervously. "What is it sweetheart?" She frowns and sits up, glaring.
"Tell me, what happened in the movie in the past two minutes?" She asks sassily. I think a bit and shake my head. "SERIOUSLY! I have been here watching this movie by myself while you are busy thinking?" She stands up and places her hands on her hips. She is towering over my sitting form waiting for an answer and all I can say is, "When did you get so tall?"
"Stop screaming." I say sternly, but she still doesn't budge. That made me smile. She then sits down because she understands that when I smile that way, I'm not joking anymore. "Sorry I wasn't paying attention love. I have a lot on my mind."
"Is it about Mom?" She asks and I smile. She knows I want us to be a a complete family.
"No love, it isn't about her." I say tiredly.
"Then you've met someone else right." She jumps up on the couch squealing in excitement. I look at her in shock. Why is she so happy? Most kids her age would prefer if their parents are together. "Don't look at me like that. Of course I'm happy that you're seeing someone else and not whining about Mom all the time. I want you to be happy, it doesn't matter with whom." She gleefully says.
"Your mom makes me happy sweetheart."
"But she doesn't want to be with you. Mom is happy with someone else." After that she covers her mouth in realisation.
I smirk and raise an eyebrow. "Aylin is seeing someone?" She doesn't reply. "Come on baby, tell me. Who is your mom dating?"
"I think you should ask her yourself. I shouldn't have said anything, it's not in my place to say."
"But baby–"
"Stop whining. Now tell me who's the girl?" She asks with her elbows on the couch looking cute.
I smile and caress her neatly done hair. "There's no girl."
She looks at me questioningly and I grimace. "That's not true, after Mwape you're telling me my handsome rich bachelor dad hasn't met anyone?" I shake my head. "How about flings, one night stands, mistresses or just casual se-" I cut her off with wide eyes.
"What are you being taught? Asking your father such questions."
She shrugs, looking overly carefree. "I'm just being real here. You're not a monk." Then she widens her eyes, "Daddy are you into boys?"
I smack her head and she laughs. "I'm not, now let's change the subject."
"I can do some match making, I do it for my friends at a reasonable price, but for you it will be a little higher since you're wealthy."
I drop my head muttering, "my daughter will be the end of me."
She and then burst out laughing.
"By the way dad, I haven't seen Bwale or Jason around you in a while. Did you fire them already?"
I look forward relaxing a little before answering. "Their busy with work. I haven't even told them you're here. Wanna see them?" I ask looking at her intently.
"Yeah! I mean, Bwale Uncle pampers me like a queen and Jason's really cute." She says the last part dreamily. I smack her again and she smiles gleefully.
"He's much older than you. You're just a little kid."
"Then tell him to wait for me so that he becomes my first boyfriend." She notices my glare and quickly gets up running towards Hellen in the kitchen. "Good thing you ran away!" I say getting up running towards her, and she yells whilst hiding behind Hellen.
"Daddy you seriously need some romance in your life!"
Hellen and I share knowing looks before laughing at my crazy little girls antics.
After I finish my morning routine, I match out of my room and open Maxine's room, just to see her still sleeping soundly. I quickly caress her face and place a loving kiss on her beautiful face whilst muttering quietly,'I love you so much my crazy little offspring.'
I then leave and have my breakfast, before heading to the office.

Upon arrival, Jason informs of the early meeting with the new shareholder I ended up approving at the beginning of the week, because of pressure from the board.
I already met with the man to discuss the terms and company policy, as well as have him officially own the company shares. Today he is going to be introduced to the entire staff and rest of the board and be accorded his rightful place in my company.
We heard towards the main conference room and I see the intern looking freaking gorgeous and I smile in her direction, making her blush and look away.
I quicken my footsteps and face a dejected looking Bwale. If I'm going to be honest, even Jason looks a little nervous.
"What's wrong with you?" I ask him.
"What do you mean?" He awkwardly looks at me.
I raise a questioning eyebrow and he raises his hands in surrender.
"Bwale do you want to tell me something?" He lets out a sigh and nods his head in a childish manner. "Xin is home and she wants to hang out with you." His eyes brighten and gleefully smiles.
"Not a problem. I would hang out with her anytime. Oh my I missed her so much." I chuckle at that.
"Sometimes you act like you are her long lost father." He hangs his head low as if finding the floor interesting.
"Sir's, meeting." Jason says and Bwale let's out a sigh of relief before quickly matching away quickly me following after.

We come out of the meeting tiredly. I journey towards my office to meet with officers handling the fraud case.
Beforehand, I enter the minor conference room to check my little interns work.
I open the door silently and notice the intern drowning in her work. I move closer to her and embrace her from the back.
I lean in her ear and she chuckles loudly. "How are you sweetheart?" I ask her.
"Lovely sir, and you?" She turns looking into my eyes not minding our close proximity.
"I'm alright. A little stressed but alright." I answer her still embracing.
"Need a stress reliever?" She whimpers out and I chuckle.
"Maybe later. Right now I have something to do in my office." She about looks away but I stop her by holding her chin lightly. "Your hair looks lovely. Do you like blonde this much huh. This matches your eyes."
"Must you do this now?" She asks while blushing.
"Do what sweetheart?" I kiss her cheek lightly.
"This. We are too close sir someone might see."
"They'd knock first." I proceed to caress her newly done blonde hair. "Come to my office a little later ok." She nods her. I then cup her face and place my lips to hers in a sweet and loving kiss. Maybe a little too lovingly but I don't want to pull away so the intern does it instead.
"Later sir." She says it so reassuringly, making me eager to be in her arms again.
"Ok." I then get up and exit.

In my office two officers are patiently waiting for me with stern expressions.
"Good afternoon gentlemen. Please take your seats." I say and they do as wise. "What would you like to tell me."
"We've tracked down Mr Likanda Jake Sakalezhi." Zeke tells me. "We questioned him and evidence was presented, taken from 'Shax Co' that proves that what he said to be true."
"I don't know what you talking about. Where is my money gentlemen?"
Zeke degectedly smiles at me. "Sir it's not that easy to trace such a huge am–"
I interrupt him. "Detective, you are the same people that claim there's no such thing as a perfect crime. Money has been taken from my company and time is moving and I need that money."
"Mr Shula, that is what I'm trying to explain to you. Upon interrogating the suspect, he disclosed to us that he made that transaction from internal orders and the message was sent from a 'Shax Co' computer. He also says that the records are available here in a private storage. After he said that, we came here with a search warrant and found those documents, but some necessarily information was intentionally disposed of. This brings us back to why we wanted to speak with you privately."
I shift in my seat for a while. "Go ahead gentlemen."
"We traced back an account using those documents under the name Chatewa.J., we expect you to keep it a secret so that we know who the link actually is."
I growl in frustration. "So you have nothing on Likanda?" I ask to confirm.
"No sir, but he isn't off the hook just yet. He's story has loop holes so he isn't eliminated just yet. Mr Max fraud cases are difficult to solve. That's why tracing the stolen money is proving difficult, but believe me we will find out who and what actually transpired. We will now take our leave sir. You will surely be informed of every progress and we will work on getting your money as soon as possible." I stood up together with the others and led them out of my office, just in time to hear a familiar voice causing commotion.
I move towards the commotion and sure enough I see Maxine screaming in Jason's arms asking to see me and I'm looking at all the employees watching the scene.
"NO! I want to see my daddy. LEAVE ME old man!" I quickly rush to scene but before I reach that place, Bwale springs forward and screams.
"JUNIOR!" He shouts as usual.
When did this place get out of control.
"I'm I interrupting?" That voice echoes in my halls and everyone turns to the source of the voice silently.
"Who are you?" My little girl asks loudly.
Everyone starts to murmur then I see the intern at the corner of my eye looking at the scene in front of her.
I move forward and grab all the attention from my tone. "Silence everyone." Then they all turn to me and Maxine squeals.
"Daddy!" She runs to me, making everyone look at me strangely. What shocks is Bwale's dejected look and Mayowa looking at him and smirking.
"Baby wait in my office." I say quietly. She then mocks my tone by speaking quietly.
"I don't know were it is."
Then I remember that this is her first time here.
"Edith, take her to my office now."
"Yes sir. Come on love."
I see them disappear and look at my staff.
"Well then, ignore what just happened. I guess Mr Mayowa hasn't been introduced to you just yet huh."
I say and my staff nod their heads in agreement.
"Well then," I begin. "Mayowa, kindly introduce yourself."
He grins and begins to speak. "Good afternoon to you all. I'm Mayowa Njila, the new shareholder." He announces proudly.
I then chime in."In case any of you are wondering, he is not going to work on this floor and his line of duty is on other floor so just respect him as shareholder. Now please go back to your work stations."
I walk away towards my office to meet a certain someone.
I open my office door and see her sitting like she's the CEO. I smile and she looks at me embarrassed.
"My future CEO, what do want to talk to Daddy about?" I ask sitting on the guests seat.
"I want to have lunch with you." She replies cutely.
"That's why you caused a commotion?" I raise a brow.
"Ok I was bored and I wanted to see if there is anyone here you like."
"You're a crazy little girl. This is my work place not some dating house. Now you said you want to have lunch then we'll have lunch now ok."
She nods her head and we leave to have lunch.
I came back to work after leaving Maxine with her bodyguard and Hellen.
I match towards my office just to see Mayowa trying his luck with the intern. My little intern.
I walk towards them and Mayowa gives me a sinister smile.
"Hello Max."
"Mayowa. What are you doing here?" I inquire tiredly.
"I'm new here. Just trying to get accustomed."
"Get accustomed to your department, you have no business here. Leave." I say sternly.
"Alright Maximo. I'll see you around Ms, it was a pleasure to meet such a lovely young lady. Excuse me."
He gets inside the elevator and leaves.
I also walk to my office to calm myself. I don't know what I felt seeing her smile for him. All I know is that I'm not happy about it.

It's the end of the day and I'm finishing up my work when the door abruptly opens revealing a smiling I intern.
"I can't say come in because you never asked."
She walks towards me and works her delicate figures on my shoulders.
I lean more into her touch as she slowly removes my suit jacket and I unbutton my shirt and leave my upper body bare to her.
She continues her gentle yet sensual massage and I enjoy every bit of it.
"How do you know how work your hands like that?" I ask with my eyes closed.
"Lessons in college. My friend loved to give massages."
She continues her therapy some more and I'm left with goosebumps and an amazing after relaxation, immediately she detaches herself from me.
"I love it when you put your arms around me. I just feel relaxed and cared for. It's strange and different."
I say in almost a whisper.
I move myself and the intern on the couch still shirtless, inorder for us to cuddle in a better position.
On the couch I snuggle into the intens embrace, having her arms around me tightly.
She then speaks. "Maxine is your daughter?"
"Are you devorced from her mother?"
"We never had the chance to marry." I say exhausted.
"Why don't you talk about her?"
"It's a personal matter and this is my work place." I groggily reply.
"Why do you like being embraced so bad?"
"You ask a lot of questions, don't you?" She looks away sarcastically. "I don't like being in a person's embrace. I just like being in your embrace. I feel safe, sacured and cared for."
I reply with closed eyes not even realising what I have just said.

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