Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Sixteen: Lover

Taizya's POV
I raise my head locking eyes with his as he fixes his suit jacket, staring me up and down.
"Stop staring Max." Yes I called him by his first, because two weeks ago he said it's ok if I called him by his name but only if we're not on the office premises. "It's getting late and I don't want to completely lose my site before arriving home."
I begin buckling my shoes when I feel his presence behind me. He traces my sides delicately, before leaning down to whisper in my ear.
"You smell so good, you're becoming my drug." He then squeezes my waist and I gasp loudly pushing him away. "You're so cute when you act tough. Although you're cuter when you're benea–"
"Just take me home you pervert." I say earning a chuckle from him.
I quickly fix make-up and hair before screaming at the dark bruises on my neck and shoulder blades. "Max I said no marks!"
He shrugs and grabs his phone that just happens to rings at this very moment.
"Yeah this is he speaking......oh......and a name?.......this is a weekend detective........ Monday morning it is....... very well see you then..... good evening to you too." He cut the call and sighs.
"Work issues?" I ask looking at him through the mirror.
"Yeah, we should leave now."
I grab my bag and we exit his private apartment that has become our safe heaven. We haven't put a label at the relationship we have and so far it's working just fine.
No one knows what's going on between the two of us, well except maybe Bwale and Jason. He doesn't seem to care though if people know about because no one will question him, but I know I'll be bombarded with questions that I won't be able to answer.
Like seriously, if someone asks me what are we what I'm i supposed to say? We are not even friends.
He stuttles me by hitting a speed bump hard. I look at me and he gives me a sheepish smile.
"You're going to get us killed like this." He ignores me. "Let me drive." I state and he grumbles.
"You're not a better driver than me intern."
He replies casually.
I gasp and punch his arm lightly.
"Hey, some of us are driving." He confidently announces.
I just role my eyes, but he doesn't notice this. "I wonder how you even got a license, or why you're not in jail." I grumble silently.
"I can buy the system baby, besides I got my license a while back when I was in my teens and I got it on merit. My mom couldn't allow my dad mess with the system for me."
I smile, as this is the first time he has told me something about his parents. I feel kind of special because I didn't even have to ask him anything.
"Then why are you so bad now?" Immediately I say those words I see his face fall. It makes me shift in my seat a little. I cannot say this is the first time he has acted this way. Actually the very first time he acted this way was when I mentioned maternal health and death.
"Age." He says, not even glancing my way.
"You're not that old." My meek voice comes out, making him smirk back at me. That smirk lightens up my mood suddenly.
This old sensation I'm getting in my belly and chest whenever he shows me a little bit of sweetness, that's a rare occurrence from him is beginning to frighten me because I know where it leads to, and that's not where I want to end up especially with him.
"Really little intern. I'm coming clocking 31."
"Well it's still pretty young.. and you're still quite attractive for the a man in his thirty's." A shy smile gets displayed on my face before his hard laugh booms inside the car.
"I know." He shrugs cockily.
I roll my eyes and face the side of the window after noticing him displaying his dimpled smile upon noticing my reaction to his words.
"Cocky bastard." I mutter mostly to myself as I he continues to drive carefully trying his hardest not to have us both arrested.
After minutes of some comfortable silence, my uncle's house comes into view, and before I can stop myself, I blurt out stupidly, "Wanna come in?" Noticing his facial expression change, I feel like a dark hole would be suitable right now. "Uhm, sorry I wasn't thinking. Good night." I quickly exit the car and rush through the gate without waiting for a reply.
A few seconds later, I hear the car engine starts and my breathing evens out.
I silently make it to the door and manage my way inside.
The person I bump into startles me out of my wits.
"Mak, you scared me." I breathe out slowly.
"You have hickey's." He points at my neck.
I rub the area his fingers grazed and smile nervously, not really knowing how to answer.
His accusing stare however makes my brain begin to come up with different scenarios of how much he knows about my secret/ not so secret affair with my sort of boss.
"That SUV that was here," he pauses and my blood pressure rises. "Isn't that Maximo Shula's?" His raised eyebrow makes me assume he knows what's going.
"Uhmm, w-well, it's just–"
"What are doing Tai? And don't tell me he saw you on the streets stranded and gave you a lift cause that's rubbish." I want to tell him that it's not what he thinks but I know that he isn't a fool. "I know your life is none of my business, but you cannot be sleeping with the man that you wish to give you employment. It's unprofessional, even for me."
"But we're not hurting anyone, and we're both adults and know what we are doing." I defend myself silently.
He grumbles in annoyance.
"Yes you are both adults and I know your Max knows what he is doing, but do you?"
I look down. Gaze fixed on my shoes. He is right, I think I'm beginning to forget the end goal by focusing my mind in a nameless relationship.
What are we? The more people that know about it, the more anxious I get about someone asking me what our relationship is. It's such a pitiful joke.
"Tai I love you, I really do, but seeing you get hurt isn't something I want to see again. Be careful with your heart, wouldn't want you to get hurt like I was."
"I know what I'm doing. You don't have to worry about it. It hasn't affected my work-"
He cuts me halfway.
"Yet. It hasn't yet started to affect your work. Let me ask you Tai, do you even know him? What are even calling your relationship because I've heard about that CEO having a lasting relationship."
"We're not in love Mak. I like it this way."
"You trust your heart that much huh. I hope your heart is stronger than mine."
He begins to walk away before abruptly stopping. "We don't choose who our hearts want Tai, even the biggest jerk can find their into your heart and tear you apart."
**** *** ****
I make my way inside the beautifully decorated restaurant. Looking towards the two smiling figures I practically make mini ran before making myself comfortable in the the green booth, that provides perfect privacy.
"Hey ladies." I say to both of them.
"Tai you're late. It's bad enough we practically forced you to hangout after a really long time." Naomi says. She and I have been friends since senior year highschool. Her parents moved here after a tragic incident involving her.
"That's not fair I've been busy." I defend myself.
"Yeah you have. I have been here for weeks now and this is the first time we are having girl time." It's Aylin that speaks next.
I just rub my neck understanding where they are both coming from.
"The only thing that matters is that I'm here now. Okay." I eye both of them, before they agree and we order our lunch.
"So Naomi, you still with that musician." She scans me sassily before shaking her folk in the air.
"Girl, I'm done dating musicians, professor's, actors, in simply terms anyone that has too much money and is attractive at the same time. I'm going to start dating broke guys now I'm serious."
Aylin and I burst out laughing and gasping at the revelation. Our friend that would never date anyone that doesn't have money just said that.
"Why are both laughing? Let's rewind here, who here has dated someone below your social standards?" We remain before I answer.
"Remember I dated Henry, before second term senior year. They were middle class sooo,"
"You guys didn't date, you just liked each other and established a relationship." Naomi counters and Aylin agrees.
"It still counts. Aylin is the one that has only ever dated rich guys and you as well."
Aylin swallows quickly before replying, "That's because they're better."
"No they're idiotic and childish. I hear that poor guys love unconditionally. If rich are as good as you say Aylin, why aren't you with Maxine's dad? We all know he wants you back." Her words make me almost choke on my wine. Why they even affected me, I'm not really sure.
"I don't love Max."
"Why not. His rich, handsome, wants to be with and most importantly, you two have a kid together. Come on Tai tell her to stop being ridiculous and get back together with him." My mouth fails to move. I look up at the expectant eyes piercing my own.
"Y-yeah, she makes a p-point Aylin."
"Yeah." Naomi speaks up rapidly.
Aylin exhales loudly. "It's not that easy Naomi, besides I love somebody else."
I visibly relax at her words, but Naomi was anything but done with the matter.
"Is the one you love trying to get you back like your billionaire baby daddy?"
"No but," she sighs.
"Try being with him, and if it doesn't work, then go to the one you love. It's like everyone ends up with the one they love anyway." She takes a huge bite of her salad.
"Tai, what do you think." Aylin directly asks me.
I fumble with the best reply I can come up with. I mean Max and I are not really in a relationship do I have no right to keep him away from the one he wants to be with. I have actual claim on him and Naomi is right, it's always that we end up with the one we are in love with. I know that.
"She is sort of correct. You need to try before deciding it won't work."
"I guess you're right. I will ask to talk with him soon."
I nod although those words make my heart heavy for some unknown reason. I don't way it to feel heavy, I don't want that feeling of brokenness, I want to feel numb, not hurt.
The rest of the dinner is spent just catching up on some past memories and me blocking any conversation involving my messed up love life.
It's not even considered a love life, more of an avoidable situation that I managed to tangle myself into.
**** *** ****
I make my way towards my work space after lunch on my own, but I have to admit it was amazing.
Coming out of the lift, I see the same officers I usually see in and out of Max's office.
We exchange greetings and they exit the floor.
Making my way to the washroom, I notice Jason and Bwale arguing?
I inch closer inoder to hear their conversation, like hey I'm nosy, I think we've all established this.
"What the hell are you trying to do huh? I've done everything you and that ass want me to do, so why are you involving Likanda?!" Bwale shouts, clearly pissed.
"You still don't see what's happening here do you? You are as clueless as a child. Also don't shout at me, I'm not happy doing this either so srip screaming at me." Jason says before turning, but Bwale is quick to interject any further movements by him.
"Listen Cheelo,-"
"Shut that stupid mouth of yours before someone hears you calling me that!" Jason whisper yells, covering his mouth with his hand.
This is getting stranger the more I hear it.
"You and that son of bi*ch are ruining my life."
"You ruined your own life and it's not like you're remorseful, cause you can come clean right now and you would be out of this mess. Listen Bwale, I don't like this situation either,I feel bad too but it's the only way for me to save my own skin and yours too. So don't screw us over cause I will not spare you even if Chris does. Now let go of me before someone see's us."
Bwale let's go and he straightens his outfit and matches towards Max's office.
I move closer to not looking suspicious by running away. As expected, I bump into Bwale whose eyes widen upon seeing me.
"What are doing here?" He stutters, making me even more curious as to what they were talking about.
"I came to use the bathroom. Why?"
He visibly gulps. "Nothing. Uhm did you like hear something?"
I raise an eyebrow,"something like what?"
He shakes his head, mouthing a small,"nothing," before leaving.
Things here are getting even more strange and worrisome.
What were they even referring to, Likanda, Bwale and now Jason. Very strange indeed.

I continue my work like everything is peachy. Bwale, Jason and Max, showing uo once in while. Amongst the three, only Bwale looks fidgety, the rest of us are acting do professional it's shocking.
How Max is able to look at me so often without arising suspicion is admirable. Me on the other hand have to control myself from swooning over how gorgeous he looks in that grey suit.
I've seen in him in all his glory, but it still gets me excited.
After finishing my work, I begin packing up my things to head towards the exit. I close the door and begin matching towards the elevator, only to meet the new shareholder, Mr Mayowa Njila.
"I'm sorry Sir it wasn't my intention to-" he cuts me off, by taking my hand and moving closer making me gasp.
What is he doing?
"It's okay sweetheart, and call me Mayowa. What's yours beautiful?" He asks with a smile.
I eye him up and down, trying to make sure I'm not hallucinating. This man is attractive. His suit is elegant and most importantly, expensive. His cologne is coming out from him in waves. Strong and chilly. His face has some mischief, and his height is almost if not a little taller than the sir, the same as him.
"Taizya." I reply with a confused expression. He chuckles at it.
"You're really are a beauty, last time we were unable to be well introduced. How about I treat to dinner?"
I want to decline, but on what basis. I'm not in a relationship, and I might as well begin a new relationship before what I have with Max ends.
"Thanks for the offer, I would l-"
"Mayowa, how lovely to see you again." We bothering turn towards Max's voice. He is coming out of his office with a wide-eyed Jason.
"Oh you're leaving too I assume?" Mayowa queries.
"Not really, I was waiting for her to finish off some work in my office."
He was?
Wait what are we even going on about.
I almost answer, but Max speaks once more.
"Good evening Mayowa, Jason. Taizya, in my office now."
"Uhhm yeah." I proceed to walk towards Max, but Mayowa stops me.
I look up at him I confusion.
"Give me answer baby, here is my card, okay." He hands me a beautiful gold business card.
I take it, but I feel a hand on my waist pulling me away before I say thank you and good bye.
I look back at Mayowa smirking? Wait what?
Max pulls me into his office and shuts it close. I'm about to ask him about his little show, but instead in being pressed into the office desk with him between my patted legs.
He caresses my cheek lightly before pressing his hands on my waist pulling me closer, and capturing my lips. We part and he whispers into my ear. "You wanted to leave without a good bye mmhm."
He pressed light kisses towards my neck before biting hard make me gasp loudly causing a smirk to adorn his face.
"You didn't answer me. Were you afraid of telling me you're going out with Mayowa." He raises my skirt exposing my thighs.
"That's none of your business."
He fakes a frown before speaking. "Are you breaking up with baby, is that it?" He kisses my neck again. "Wanna end what we have so silently?"
Break up, are we dating? I want to smile but I realise who I'm with at this moment. So instead of me getting excited over his words, I ask seriously. "What are we Max?"
He looks up and smiles at me exposing his beautiful teeth and dimple's.
"You're my lover."

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