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Chapter Seventeen: But.....Why?

Max's POV
"Dad, where are you going?" Maxine peeps through the opening of my bedroom door, as I finish getting myself ready.
"To meet someone love." I finish off my hair and brush my suit jacket to perfection. "Does daddy look good sweetheart?"
She rolls her eyes before answering sarcastically.
"No dad. I mean it's not like you're one of the richest, most handsome bachelor's everyone is swooning over."
I nervously chuckle at her adorable glare. "It is that secret lady you have been seeing, is it not?" She smirks at me.
I send her a glare and she averts my gaze. "You're in over your head." I say before passing by her.
"I'm not." She whines, trailing closely behind me. "You're going to see her because ever since I got here you've been so giddy and smiling like a lunatic." Placing her hands on her hips she gives the most suspicious smile I've ever seen in my life. "You know I feel sorry for her because you constantly reject being with her in front of me and I'm sure before other people also. If I were her, I would have been seeing other people by now, unless she doesn't know you deny h–"
"Enough Maxi, jeez where are you leaning all this from." She still looks at me with suspicion. "I'm going to meet with your mother, I think she has something important to tell me."
"Then why are you all dressed up? It's not like she's gonna get back together with you or something. I don't know why you try so freaking much Daddy, she doesn't want what you want. I swear you're lying to yourself. Don't force things dad, just try maintaining what you have, instead of chasing what you don't have." She sighs heavily and I look at her fondly.
"I don't know how you got so wise, I just know it's not from me." She doesn't reply, instead pouts making her look so cute. "You look just like your mother, When you pout like that." I say making her look up at me.
She pulls my hand in hers linking them together. "Dad, most people don't know you but I do. You're not some monster that most people conclude you are. You're my dad the one that got on a plane just because I got stuck in rain and mom was in a traffic jam, the one that cancelled his meetings just to hold my hand for my visit to the dentist. Most importantly, you dropped everything and showed up with an injured leg and head concussion, just to watch me play basketball and it wasn't even the final match but you showed up anyway, even after my mom's harsh words you still helped her out of that car, injuring yourself in the process, but I've never seen anyone do things like that for you, not even mom. The reason I tell you to stop tormenting yourself with momma rejection is because I don't want you hurt. That smile you've been coming home with, isn't coming from Mom and she won't cause it either, because she wasn't meant for you."
Her words made my chest swell, making my eyes glossy all of sudden.
When did my little baby grow this fast and into such a wise young woman?
"Sweetheart I–" I couldn't complete my sentence due to the sudden ring of my phone.
"Yes Aylin, I'm on my way now." I look towards Maxine who gives me a given up expression.
"Max, I give my word to you right now, if after meeting with your mom tonight she rejects me still, I won't push it any further." I look at her sincerely.
"And that you will stop denying that mistery lady." She adds making me smile visibly.
"Okay." I raise my hands in defeat.
"Promise?" She asks me.
"I promise you my love." I reply helplessly.
My driver finally pulls up the restaurant I made reservations for.
I quickly exit the car and open the other side for Aylin.
She looks absolutely breathtaking, in her red Gucci body fitting silk dress, with a thigh high slit.
She places her hand on my bicep, as we proceed toward the elevator and onto the private rooftop dinner set for two.
She marvel's at the beautiful flowers that are below her feet as well as the orchestra playing soft music in the background.
"Don't you think this is a bit much?" Aylin speaks lowly, as if uncertain of what she wants to let out.
"No, it's perfect for someone that's special to me." I reply pushing back her chair, as she takes her seat.
One of waiters comes fourth with a beautiful bottle of wine and pours it out into our glasses.
After Aylin takes a drink of hers, her face lightens up before smiling.
I still remember how much of a sucker she is for good wine.
"This is amazing. I bet it costs a fortune." She says taking a large gulp.
"Not that much." I say dismissively.
The waiters then take our orders before leaving us alone.
I look at her nervous form and frown at how uncomfortable she is being in my presence.
"Why are you so uncomfortable? It was your idea to go out with me."
She hesitantly moves her gaze towards my direction before staring back down.
"It just feels weird doing this after so many years of not being together." She takes another sip before filling her glass once again.
"Well that would have been avoided if you hadn't broken up with me after announcing your pregnancy. "I look directly into her eyes giving her no room to make any stupid excuses.
She closes her eyes before opening her mouth to speak. "I had no choice, you're were arrested and dad h-he–"
"No it had nothing to do with that and you know it. I was so happy when you told me about little Max in your belly. I was so overjoyed I asked you to marry me and you said yes. I bought you a house and started working for 'Shax Co' while still going to school." I sigh remembering my past. "I still remember how happy we were when the doctor said we were gonna have a little girl. We literally developed pink fever, filling our home with toys, clothing and all the unnecessary rubbish we thought our baby needed. I was finally happy after the death of my mother, I thought maybe all the pain I felt would finally go away." I wipe away the single tear that escapes my eye and down my wine filling it again. "My dad was so excited that I was going to start up my own family. He and your dad started planning our wedding. That's when his health started to deteriorate and he made me CEO too early, and then the incident happened and I lost my father, my nanny, my freedom, my love, my daughter and most importantly my trust and belief in anything good."
Just then the waiters come with our food. I immediately begin ravishing my lobster not at all trying to look at Aylin.
Maybe Maxi was right. Maybe I shouldn't focus on the things I don't have and maybe pay more attention to what I actually have, like my sweet little intern. She never lies to me and most importantly, she's never crossed me.
"I'm sorry I hurt you. My father would have never let me marry someone convicted of murder. Try to understand my decision, I didn't want to tarnish my father's reputation."
I scoff at her and raise my head. "To hell with your father's reputation. Honestly Aylin, is that how much you valued me huh? Your father's reputation my sh*t. I loved you so damn much. I was willing to do everything so that you and my little girl would be happy and comfortable. For crying out loud Aylin, I lost two people I had that where close to me, and instead of you comforting me, you chose to let me rot in that God forsaken prison alone."
"I'm so sorry" she cracks out.
"It's a bit to late for apologies now isn't it." I stuff my mouth with more lobster, hearing Aylin sniffling. I laugh meniacaly placing my folk on the table. "You know something baby, you leaving me became unbearable, but what was more unbearable was the fact that you left knowing that I was innocent. After leaving that hell hole, I was so hopeful that I was going to get my love back, only....only to be informed that you disappeared without a trace. Even after knowing that I was out and proven innocent, you still didn't try to reach out to me or let me see Maxine. I had to trace your location to find you both, and even after finding you, what did you do? You hid my baby from me. You were so cruel to me then but I still loved and longed for you,the family that was meant to be mine." I finish quite strongly and then look at her teary eyes and tear stained eyes.
"I did that because I was scared you'd n-....I'm sorry. Please just understand." She hiccups.
"You where scared of what?" She hums in confusion. "You said you were scared, scared of what?" I emphasis.
"'s just I-I.."
I raise a brow at her constant stuttering.
"I thought you'll take her away from me." Her words were so sincere, but somewhere in my mind they sounded as if they weren't meant for me.
"I would have never done that and you know it. You just chose to push me away." I say sternly.
"I'm sorry, now I'm ready to fix it. That's why I asked to meet with you."
I let out a dry chuckle, thinking after almost Twelve years now she's ready to fix it.
"Eat, your food is getting cold."
After hearing those words she slides her hand in mine, interlocking them. I look up, staring into her eyes. I instantly regret doing do after realising there isn't any spark there. But....why? I had nothing but love for her in my eyes but now there's nothing.
"Tell me what you want me to do to fix things."
"Give me what I always wanted." I just say the same thing that has been on my mind these last years.
"You mean getting back together?" I smile at her. "Okay, let's date aga-"
I cut her off short with a sarcastic laugh making her look at me in confusion.
"We've dated before, hell we even got engaged. How about completing the stages?" I smirk at her confused state, before she gasps after understanding what I meant. "You wanna fix things, then marry me." I conclude.
"Don't you think that's a bit rush?"
"You wanna court again so that you betray me again. I want a family not a few unnecessary dates."
She fidgets a little, making sense of my words. "The way we were years back, isn't the same now."
"I'm still the same, you're the one that changed."
"No you've changed too. Your eyes are so distant and cold. Your entire attitude has changed, you're commanding and merciless. Everything you weren't." She counters.
"My desires haven't changed. So is it a yes or a no?"
She averts her gaze from me. I don't care as long she gives me the answer I desire.
"If I refuse-"
"Then say no and leave with your decision." I let out tiredly. "Don't start overthinking, you have the rest of your life for that."
"What about Maxine?"
"She's a smart girl, I don't think she'll mind. Besides, we're her parents, what's the problem with us getting back together."
"Why do I feel you've already informed her of your decision?"
"Because I have. I'm very open with my heir." I finish.
"I don't know. It doesn't feel right."
"Then say no, it's not a big deal. It's not always that we get the opportunity to rectify our mistakes, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with i-"
"I accept." I raise my head looking straight at her. "Let's get married Max, let me give you the family you've always desired, the one I promised I'd give you."
I give her a satisfied smile.
"Oh sweetheart, then let's get married as soon as possible."
"Whatever you want."
I arrive at the office after escaping a heated conversation between me and my daughter.
Me showing up late at night with her mother in hand, telling her we are getting married in two months, wasn't the easiest thing I've done in my life.
Normal people would be glad that their parents are coming together,but Maxine is another breed. She labeled out every possible outcome of our union and it continued this morning.
I walk into the conference room and meet the intern focussed on her work that she doesn't even notice me enter.
"Morning." I say approaching her desk. She looks at me with a lost look in her eyes. Damn those eyes.
"Morning sir." She lets out silently, before going back to her work.
I turn her chair so that she faces me, before I inch closer to her face.
My breath fans her face as I speak. "You came this early but are not giving me a little attention? What a way to treat your lover baby."
I smirk realising my words are affecting her wonderfully.
"Sir someone might see us." She begins pushing me away. I just hold her wrists preventing her from doing so.
"It's closed baby." I point at the closed door before pulling her up and colliding our caravans together. She responds wonderfully causing her warmth to spread all over my body, before feeling cold again.
"What's the matter?" I ask in frustration.
"Let's stop this, it's unprofessional and isn't leading to anything. I can't do this anymore Sir." She then turns away and goes back to her work.
Her words sting me for an unknown reason. Is she ending this because of that stupid Mayowa? Even if she is why should I care. I'm getting married, so this is necessary.
But why do I not wish for it to end? Why do I not want her to stop giving me her comforting warmth? What's with this stupid pang I'm having in my chest after hearing those words that leave her pretty little mouth?
"As you wish." I manage out, before leaving.
Since it's still early for Jason to arrive, I reach over towards Hellen to know if I have any important messages and she agrees playing me a voice message from the detectives.
After hearing that I quickly inform my driver to take me to the police station and he does.
I quickly match inside and what I find crushes me to the very core.
Detective Obed, just finishes signing the release papers for Likanda and he passes me with a disheartening look on his face.
"Detective what's going on here?" I ask, and they give me apologetic looks.
"Sir when we last visited you, we had informed you that all the money that had been stollen was traced back to Mr Likanda's account and we had a warrant for his arrest, hence an arrest impending trail was made." I nod. "Well, when we interrogated him, he completely denied knowing anything about that money or even how it ended up in his account because their was no notification of money being credited into his account. So last week, we checked his account balance and found the exact amount Mr Likanda claimed was in his account, not a penny more." He pauses letting his words sink in.
"How is that seriously possible?" I ask shaking in anger.
"That was our question too. So we then conducted another investigation and found out that the money was moved into another account. It seemed as though this transaction was rushed and sloppy hence we were able to track it down easily and made an arrest after finding the money in that account. After that we had to let Mr Likanda go because our new suspect confessed to it all but never gave the motive."
"Whose account was it, where the money was traced?" I ask desperately.
He sighs before answering. "Mr Bwale Chola's account."
My eyes almost left my head after hearing those words. I could only mutter one word.

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