Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Two: Break Up

I left later than I intended to. I knew for a fact that an angry Mwape was waiting at the house to destroy me. Maybe that's why I allowed Makaika to get me a little drunk. Maybe I needed not to be sober to end my five year relationship.
Mwape and I have been having constant arguments that I just couldn't deal with anymore. I don't hate her but I can't say I love her either. To be honest I don't think I've ever loved her. She and I just seemed to work well together so we decided to give us a chance but now I can safely say it just hasn't worked out.


"Sir, Ms Mwape is waiting for you in your room." Hellen informed me.
"Mmm." Was my reply as I waved her away with my right palm.
Time to face the devil's advocate.
As I made my way to my bedroom, I could here Mwape's feet as she concurrently paced back and forth.
Immediately I opened the door I was met with an angry Mwape holding out her phone to show me our previous conversation.
"Before midnight?" She paused."what time is it Maximo?"
"Calm down alright," I began. "Something came up."
I knew this conversation was inevitable but then it's was kind of hard to tell her to go and meet someone else.
"Thanks for coming. I have something to say to you so please take a seat." I began.
"Shoot, and I hope it's worth my time." She seethed.
I began removing my suit jacket and noticed her staring at me with anticipation. She definitely had the wrong idea of why I asked to see her.
"You and I have been on each others nerves for months now and it's unhealthy..," I spoke looking directly at her without shifting. "You and I have had a great relationship this far and I don't want to ruin that by wasting your time giving you false illusions. Let's......"
"Break up." She finished, looking at me coldly.
"Yes, it's for the best." I said.
She stood up and walked towards me. Sure enough the tears and sobs followed. I didn't know what to do. I'm not the person to comfort someone, never have been to be honest. She held onto me like I was her lifeline, maybe I was, but I sure as hell wasn't going to take my words back.
"D-did I-I do something w-wrong?" She asked in-between sobs. "We can fix things, you know make it work, we still love each, we can't live without each other, it's always been that way baby huh, let's fix it now my love, kiss me mmhm?"
She started moving her hands all over me trying to unbutton my shirt. She cupped my face trying to press her lips on mine. Of course I pushed her back but she, there and began stripping in front of my eyes.
"You really want to break up and leave all this mmhm Max?" She spoke. "You still want me." She continued dropping her last article of clothing while making her way towards me.
I laughed.
"You're embarrassing yourself," I said stopping her hands midway. "You are also insulting me by doing this and I will not entertain it."
"YOU LOVE ME!" She screamed. I about lost my patience then and there. Whatever this woman wants from me, she will receive something else.
"Get out." I said firmly.
"But Max I'm sor..."
"Out." I said venomously. "I've never loved you for your information, I've never said so either so stop lying to yourself."
She looked at me with discontent. I moved her away from me and started moving towards the bathroom.
"Can I stay with you tonight? It's late and I don't think I can drive," She said. I removed my shirt and didn't even bother to look her in eyes as I answered her.
"I know you and you are not fooling me. You can stay the night but not near me, I'm not giving you what you want." I then proceeded to take a shower not even concerned with hearing her reply.
I came out of the bathroom with grey sweats and a plain white T-shirt. I looked over my bed and saw Mwape looking at me as she made herself comfortable moving to one side of the bed to make room for me. I walked towards the bed and smiled at her. Her face changed as she looked at me with sadness in her eyes. I smiled even more showing off my faint dimples as I sat by one side of the bed.
"Let me sleep in your bed, just this once for the last time?" She pleaded.
I moved closer to her and cupped her face. I then gave her a quick peck on the lips and smiled at her. She looked at me and smiled back as she put her hands on my waist trying to pull me closer. I let out a sadistic laugh as I held her chin up with my fingers. Her expression changed and so did mine. I looked at her with disgust.
"You're so pathetic I can't believe I spent so many years of my life with you." I spat and tears flew down her face. I looked her dead in the eyes, "you can stay in the bed, just not with me." I said getting up and heading to the door shutting it behind me.


I woke up with a hungover. I forgot that Makaika tried to ruin me the previous night. I only hoped that the devil's advocate was gone. She always woke up before I did anyway.
I made my way to my room to take a shower. Yes I slept in the guest room. To my relief she was gone, infact there seamed to be no evidence of her presence there. It was spotless. I took a shower and headed down to have my breakfast.
As I sat down my mind was fighting with me over a lingering question.
"Hellen?" I began.
"Yes sir?"she replied.
"What time did Mwape leave?" I asked.
"Around five. She took her bath and asked me to clean the room and change the sheets. She also said that I shouldn't wake you." She spoke as she handed me my cup of coffee and laid down my breakfast.

"Mmhm." I responded before dismissing her.
That's taken care of. Now what to do on a Saturday. I know call Bwale, he'll know what to do.

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