Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Three: Call for 'An Intern'

Taizya's POV

Phone buzzing
Mmhm who could be calling me at this time. What time is it anyway? I tried looking at my night stand inorder to see the time on my alarm clock and big surprise I couldn't see anything. Sometimes I forget I have night blindness.
Where the heck is my stupid phone.
Phone continues buzzing.
Found it.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Taaii baby, having a nice night?"
"Mak, is that you?" I asked.
"Yes baby, I'm drunk and horny," he said." Come get me?"
Of course it's Makaika. Can he be responsible for once? I'm tired of babysitting a man seven years older than me.
"Why are calling me now? Didn't you have an important meeting tonight?" I asked slightly confused. He did say tonight. Am I imagining things.
"Yeah but that's done with I just needed to get our new partner to open up to me. He's a little stuck up." He said whispering the last part to me as if speaking directly into my ears.
"That's why you're drinking? I think you're the one who's going to open up to your partner and not the other way around." I said.
He laughed.
"He is also drunk but he's trying to be composed and not go dance on the pole." He said with a giggle.
I laughed a little.
That's just embarrassing. Going for a business meeting and dancing on a pole in front of your investors. If I were that guy I would hung myself after this.
Then again Mak is not very reasonable. I kind of feel bad for the guy. Mak likes having his way constantly; that's were his father failed during parenting.
"You keep calling him partner. Does that mean everything went well?" I asked with a yawn.
"Yes, although Elijah had to complicate things."
"What do you mean?" I asked rubbing sleep out of my eyes.
"Something work ethic and needing a representative blah blah." He said without much care.
"Where you even at the meeting?" I asked. "Because it sounds like Elijah was doing your job for you."
"He's my legal assistant." He said. "He was doing his job not mine."
"Then what's the problem?" I began."You've never worked with'Shax Co' so of course you need a representative. So when are you starting working with Mr stuck up as you claim he is?"
He paused." I'm not working with him. Our egos might clash and the project might fail."
I honestly couldn't understand his reasoning. He'd rather stay away from his own project just to maintain his stupid ego! Is he serious?
"You're quiet Tai?"
"I'm just surprised that you don't want to represent your architecture firm on your own project because of pride."I began."Not only you, but your father wants this to work out and I want you to succeed Mak understand?" I asked him.
"Yes doll I get you." he said. "It's my project everything will work out don't stress ok? Besides I have someone who knows everything about the project and what I want to represent me."
"Mak, Elijah is your lawyer not your intern." I laid out for him."you can't expect him to do your job for you it isn't right." I said as I hoped to God that it wasn't so."Mak do you understand?"
"Yes yes hold your fire, I wasn't even going to suggest him. He has enough to deal with at the firm." He said.
"Who do you have in mind then?" I asked.
"A close companion." He spoke with a giggle."But I'll tell tomorrow if you have lunch with me?" Of course he said that.
"Indeed you're drunk you moron, it is tomorrow mak. You're drunk out of your mind that's why you're calling at one in the morning." I said. "Come home and sleep before you wake up in Mr stuck up's arms."
Laughter followed on both ends of the phone until I heard Elijah calling Mak on the other side.
"I think you should hang up we'll meet later cous." I said.
"Good night, morning whatever Tai." And he hang up. Classic Mak.
I really hoped that he didn't screw up his meeting but anyway that's why we have Elijah, always there to save the day. I guess we all need a friend to save us constantly maybe that's why I fell for Elijah the moment Mak introduced him to me. Then again I'm not one to put myself out there. He's just perfect I honestly have never met anyone like him, ever. He's kind, sweet and loving. He cares so much for mak that it's admirable.
Mak and Elijah have been friends for as long as I can remember. They went to the same highschool but parted when they went to college. Mak studied architecture while Elijah majored in law. Elijah then decided to work for 'Astek' as the company lawyer after his best friend practically begged him to. I then met him again when I was fresh out of college. I fell for him like a teenager but was to coward to tell him anything. My uncle (Makaika's father) then recommended me to work at his friends company as an intern and it has been like that ever since. They haven't officially given me a job there but I'm still pushing, after all it was my choice to study engineering instead of architecture like my uncle wanted.
To be honest I was just tired of my uncle doing things for me ever since my parents died in that plane crush that rendered me partially blind. He took me at eight years of age and has taken care of me ever since. He never wanted me to lack anything and being his late brothers daughter people think I and Mak are both his children, surname wise.
I miss my parents but he made sure I never went into depression.
My parents weren't as rich as uncle was but they made sure I had all I needed. Uncle is not much of a spender like his son is and knowing I never needed much wealth he and Mak gave me the much needed love and affection I needed and honestly that was enough.

"Good morning uncle?" I said as I walked towards the dining table giving him a kiss on the forehead.
"Tai dear, how are you my love?" He said with smile on his face as usual.
"I'm good uncle ,you look handsome as usual." He blushed at my little comment then again he always blushed at my comments.
Age really did good to him. His golden brown eyes matched his golden personality. His eyes were well framed for a man in his fifty's. Even his body physique was admirable. He was as tall as his son. When they stood next to each other one cannot deny their obvious relation.
"Oh honey you are just like your mother. Quite the charmer. How do you think she managed to make my little brother fall for her? The Nkhoma's are not easily persuaded to leave their bachelorhood." He said making me smile.
My uncle has been a bachelor ever since he's wife died at child birth. He loved her so much that he refused to replace her. My mother took care of Makaika until the accident. I guess life connected us in ways I can't even fathom. It's because of these people that I have a habit of making everyone happy and content with what they have. As uncle says ' for everything you lose, you gain something else.' Lesson of my life.
"Do you know where your cousin is? I didn't hear him coming in last night." He asked me.
"He had a meeting last night, maybe he got delayed." I lied.
I can't just say who was drinking at one in the morning at a business meeting in front of his partners.
"I doubt it."
What can I say the old man knows his son.
"I just hope he's not in jail or something. That boy will be my downfall." He spoke looking at his breakfast with discontent.
I smiled at him." Uncle, he's not a child for you to wor....."
"Worry about. Exactly my point Tai."
Both uncle and I turned to see Makaika at the dining room entrance ready for breakfast. When did he come back and why does he look so clean.
"Morning father, Tai?" He said as he sat down.
"Morning Mr Mak, can I make tea for you?" Our servant Chota asked.
Before he could even answer uncle sat up after finishing his breakfast and spoke. "Get him coffee instead I'm sure he is hungover. You're not fooling anyone son."
He left.
I looked at Mak and laughed.
"What's so funny doll face?" He asked uninterested.
"Should I get you some aspirin with that coffee?" I teased.
"How about a napkin so I can wipe that smile off your face." He retorted.
Of course. He just has get the last word.
"What time did you get home?" I asked.
"Around four. I need a nap to get rid of this hungover." He said gulping down his coffee to leave the table.
I stopped him."Wait... Uhm and Elijah?" Of course. Why can't I have some self control for once.
"What about him?" he said holding his temple.
"Did he come with you?" I asked.
"He doesn't live here Tai and if you're so worried just call him. I'm going to bed." He stated."And yes, lunch is still on we have something to discuss. Enjoy your breakfast." He was gone.
I finished my breakfast and started pacing around. Should I call Elijah just to know if he's alright. Nothing else. It's just that.
Phone rings.
Elijah's calling me?
"Hey Elijah, how are you?" I said.
"A little tired but I'm good. And you and uncle?" He said and I couldn't stop smiling at his sweet voice.
"Mhm w-we are good." I smiled.
"Are you alright? Did Mak talk to you yet?" He asked.
"So many questions Elijah." Now I was blushing.
"I asked you two questio.... Nevermind. Have you spoken to him?"
"Who?" I asked my face red as a tomato.
"Mak Tai!" He said pulling me back to reality. Oh boy did I do something wrong.
"Uhm he said he has something to say during lunch. Do you know what it's about?" I asked.
"Yes but Mak is in a better place to tell you. But I'll see you at lunch so Mak doesn't mess up. I'll see you then Tai. Email me the address of the place you are going too alright." He said.
"Sure it's a date." Oh boy. "I mean sure." I hang up. Real Smooth Tai. Real smooth.

I emailed Elijah the address of the restaurant we were going to. I already found something cute to wear. I wanted to look good for Elijah but again I didn't want to over do it. I chose a peach off shoulder long sleeved shirt and a white flared short skirt. I put on white heels, some light makeup and put my blonde brades into a ponytail and added some silver loops. I think I looked good.
"Doll face? Woah we are just having lunch, you look cute though." Mak said when he saw me coming from my room. I blushed.
"Shall we go?" I said before he noticed my face.
"Let's shall." Was his response.
We arrived at the restaurant. I kept moving my eyes searching for Elijah.
"Who are you looking for?" Mak asked me.
"Elijah said he'll have lunch with us but he's not here yet." I replied.
"Are you that tired of me? don't worry you will see me a lot less from now on."
"What are you talking about?" I asked a little confused.
"What will you have?" The server asked, interrupting me.
We both chose our meals but before he left, Elijah sat down and placed his order and the server was gone.
"Are you sober now?" Elijah asked turning towards Mak.
"Cool off, I ordered water." Was his reply.
"Have you told her yet?"
"Tell me what?" I asked.
"Your brother here's great idea." Spat Elijah.
"Tell me," I said.
"Tai last night I told about the meeting and Elijah complicating things. I also told you that I'm not representing 'Astek' at 'Shax Co' and that I have found a representative..."
"Mmhm.." I replied.
He continued."My intern at 'Astek' is..... My lovely little cousin." He finished.
"You've got to be kidding me," I said dumbfounded. "What do have I to do with your project and with your new partner's?"
"Nothing." Elijah chimed in. "Your brother over there doesn't want his ego hurt by his new partner with an even bigger ego. So to save himself he will tell you what he wants to be included in the project from the comfort of his office while you will be in the field making him look good."
"Don't say it like that, you're making me look bad." Mak replied.
"Your partner agreed to have a partially blind Intern'?" I asked concerned.
"He made you the deal breaker." Elijah answered.
"Doll face you were complaining about your current job and.."
"You want me to do your job instead!"I responded harshly.
"'Shax Co' is a multi billion dollar company. It has some of the best engineers around. It's perfect for you. You will have the exposure, you have the work experience and are hard working if they don't hire you after the project someone better Will. Think about it Tai. I know what I was doing." Mak said.
To be honest he was correct. He paved a way for me to reach where I wanted to be. 'Shax Co' is major. Working there would be a major breakthrough for me. Maybe I should think about it I mean what would be the worst thing to happen. If I put in effort I know I can do it and working hand in hand with the boss would be major.
"If I agree then what?" I asked.
"I will tell you what to do in relation to the project and you will turn them into reality even make them better doll face. After the project ends you will get your share for your hard work and I will make sure you are given the promotion you deserve." Mak said.
"So you agree?" Now it was Elijah to ask me.
I can't say no to anything he asks of me and I know that this is also important for him and my uncle.
"Alright I will do it." I concluded.
"I will send you all the information you need to know about the project and the man you will be working with," said Elijah. "Anything else will be communicating to you via email. And if you have any questions just see Chiko or me in my office. Mak will tell you the rest."
"When do I report?"
"Monday I will take you there and make sure you are well settled." Mak said.
"I will be there too." Emphasised Elijah.
Honestly that's all I needed to hear and I was in.
I not only get to have work experience at a prestigious company, but I get to see Elijah often without any reasons. Maybe this is not going to be that bad; or so I thought.
I just began rewriting my story after that lunch.

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