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Chapter Four: First Encounter

Max's POV
Monday 07:30AM
I came to work earlier than I should have. I've been anxious after receiving the information on the 'Astek' Intern' yesterday. She looks younger than the age listed in her portfolio. Blonde hair, glowing skin and those eyes that I just couldn't figure out. Looking at her photo, it's difficult to tell that one eye is dead, unless you look closely. You can clearly see that one is a light shade of brown the other one is more of a golden brown. The light brown eye is most likely the blind eye.
"Morning Sir?" Jason walked into my office with my coffee in one hand and in the other, my schedule." You're early. I was about coming to your house to get you in on your schedule, but then Hellen told me you left early." He continued as he handed me my schedule.
"When is the Intern' arriving? Because we need to start on the execution of the project today." I said looking him straight in the eyes. He fidgeted, looked elsewhere and lied.
"Soon Sir."
"I asked for a specific time Jason, don't play with me and look at me when you talk to me. You know the rules don't you, or do you need a reminder?" I asked crudely.
He panicked. Perfect.
I love it when people panic in front of me. Jason only panicked when I mention that he's breaking the rules. He knows the consequences of breaking my rules, no one's excepted. No one.
"They said they will be late sir."
I cocked an eyebrow. "They? Who is escorting the Intern' and how late?"
"Mr Makaika and the lawyer Elijah Sir." He said avoiding the last question.
"And the time?"
"He said they will be a little late. When I asked him the time, he cut the call."
"Of course he did. The bastard. Makaika right?" I asked already certain of the answer and Jason nodded.
"They'll find us, and Makaika will learn the hard way that this isn't 'Astek', but 'Shax Co'."

I have been working since I got here. My employees are under pressure due to the little time we have to get everything done. I like being under pressure, maybe because I'm always putting myself under pressure. What can I say it's a lifestyle, I got used to it when my father signed everything under my name when I was seventeen, it's been more than a decade since I began running this company, I can't complain much, I used to but not anymore.
Phone rings.
"Yes Edith," I answered.
"Sir, the intern has arrived with the 'Astek' investors." She said. "Should I send them in?"
"To the conference room, they'll find me there." I said and hang up.
"Who are you sending in?" Bwale asked.
"The 'Astek' Intern', she's coming with Makaika."
He laughed.
"Finally I will have some fun here. The thorn in your ass is coming to introduce his advocate. This is the best investment our company has ever made Max. Keep up the good work." He finished and then looked at me.
Then we both Burst out laughing.
I have to say Bwale makes me feel like I have a family. He is like a brother. He knows everything about me and I the same. We've been friends even before my parents died. He helped me out of my depression caused by their deaths, and helped run the company henceforth.
Coughing sounds at the door made the two us come out of our laughing marathon.
I looked at the door with a smile still lingering on my face and the idiot noticed. Shit. But he's not the one my eyes were focused on. I was glaring at the Intern'. She wore a yellow body fitting dress with a cutout on the neck area. Her brades fell on the sides of her face and hid her face a little, but I could still see her light and golden brown eyes. She's pretty, small and petite.
"Wow, who knew Maxi could spare us a smile." Makaika said and then began laughing.
I couldn't say that to his face, he's my partner now, I have to respect him wether I like it or not. And I don't.
"You know," I began. "Being late gives off a bad impression Mr Makaika. I thought you were better than this."
He about answered but the Intern stopped him. That made me smile. I found the hounds leash, and it's the intern.
It's Elijah who spoke next."Mr Maximo, this is Ms Taizya Nkhoma, she will represent Makaika during the execution of the project."
"Nice to meet you Mr Maximo." She said extending her hand to me.
I shook it.
"The pleasure is all mine." All mine.
"Doll face, Maxi over there will be working with you as you represent me under 'Astek'." Makaika then leaned over and spoke something in her ear.
That made me smile even more. Bwale just watched by a distance with wide eyes. He had something to say. He always has something to say but I guess he was controlling himself today.
"I'm certain you are well aware of your position here," I began."The rest will be communicating to you later today."
"Gentlemen when we begin construction, it will be communicating to you through your intern. If you have any further questions, you know how to reach me." I then said.
They both agreed.
Bwale then chimed in looking Makaika in the eyes."Is she your woman?"
I just couldn't believe this. What ever happened to professionalism. I mentally smacked him.
"Who are you again?" Makaika asked genuinely.
"Bwale Chola, shareholder at 'Shax Co'. So is she?"
He's really not going to let this go.
"They're relatives." Elijah answered easing the tension.
"I didn't know 'Astek' practices nepotism." I couldn't believe Bwale said that.
"It doesn't. I'm here on merit." She defended her company.
Mmhm lambs have teeth.
"I think we are done here. I hope you make our intern comfortable." Elijah said.
Honestly if the lawyer wasn't always around, his little boss and I would have serious problems, and no partnership.
"We will." Bwale said."I will escort you out." And they left,living me alone with the intern.
"Come with me." I said to her and she did as she was told.
I walked with her towards the front desk.
"Edith, this is Ms Taizya. She's the one representing 'Astek'. I need someone to show her around and then take her to her work space."
"Yes sir." She replied. "And Sir, Jason is waiting for in the lounge to brief you on the board meeting this afternoon."
"Very well. Tell Bwale where to find me when he returns." I said. I looked back and stared at the intern."I'll see you later. Or and welcome to 'Shax Co'." With that I turned and walked away.

"Sir, have you met the intern?" Jason asked.
"That's what I was doing the last hour Jason." I spoke dismissively.
"And, your thoughts?"
Is he serious. "She wasn't here for an interview Jason. What I think about her doesn't matter."
"Can you work with her?" Is this an interview.
"I'll know when we start working together. She just came and I'll need you to brief her on the progress. Give me the documents for the board meeting." I said.
He handed them to me.
"Go and see if the conference room is ready."
"Yes sir." He went away.
A few minutes later....
"My main man, where's the hot intern? Have you fired her already?" Bwale asked.
"Don't give me ideas. I just might." I said looking at the file Jason gave me.
"And she's not hot." I stated.
He moved closer to me and spoke lowly. "If you don't want her, I do. And I know you know that she's hot."
I chuckled at the last statement.
"That's unprofessional my dear friend." I spoke. "Even if she is hot."
"I saw you looking at her and I think she noticed it to. There's nothing wrong with you liking the intern. She's just your type and I bet she's a crazy one in b..."
"Shut it." I couldn't let him finish that. He is inappropriate I know but not about a girl I don't even know.
"Look man I know you have been sexually deprived for months now, even before you and Mwape ended your relationship. You're not fooling anyone. That's why you are so grumpy." He won't let this go.
I was sexually frustrated, but I'm not complaining. I had to change this topic quickly.
"So what did you talk about with the hound and his lawyer?"
" Nothing." He said dryly." I walked them to the elevator and turned to go to the bathroom."
Another wave of laughter followed.
" Something is seriously wrong with you." I commented.
" I know." He said. " Where's Jason?I'm shocked he isn't here with you as usual."
"He went to see if the conference room is set for the meeting. He has a job to do you know. Not just standing next to me all the time." I replied.
" You work him to hard Max. You know he's not just your employee. He's your prodigy and friend." He said to me.
I know that. I could do anything for Jason. He reminds me of myself before I was corrupted by the world. I like taking care of him and I like having him near me, he's someone I wish I was; free, carefree happy and with a family. But I can't treat him differently. Never. He is just an employee nothing more.
If I were to treat him nicely it would tarnish my image. I don't care if he were to hate me, it would be better that way; lots of fear and little trust.
"I know Bwale, but you know I have trust issues."
He choked a laugh.
"Everyone knows that Max. We know you."
"Shut up Bwale. We have a meeting in a few minutes."
"When are we briefing the iiIntern'. I want to meet properly."
Oh man. He's lost his mind. She's pretty yes, but that's it. She's small and those eyes are just....
"Max, snap out of it! Jeez you'll fantasize about the intern later."
"I wasn't." I lied. Why am I thinking about her. It's getting on my nerves. "You're right we have things to do before the meeting. Let's go to my office."

On the way to my office, I heard the intern laughing with a few of the other employees. I just looked at them and they returned to their posts. Bwale then shoved me with he's elbow. I looked at the intern. Damn those eyes just glowed.
"I see you are making yourself comfortable." I spoke looking at her plainly. She opened her mouth but I interrupted her. "This is a work place Ms, socialize at your own time. I'll see you in my office after the meeting. Jason will directly there then. Be at your work place in five minutes." I turned to leave, but before I did, the intern mouthed an 'excuse me' at the corner of her mouth. I smiled and turned to look her in the eyes and spoke to everyone but her." You all know the rules or should I remind you?". Silence." I thought so. Back to your posts now. All of you." I said everyone did as they were told. I then spoke quietly to the intern. "Don't you ever do that. You do your job and they do theirs, that simple." I turned to Bwale who looked at me with disbelief. I spoke with a smile on my face. "Let's go." I saw the intern look at me with discontent. I smiled and walked to her much to everyone's surprise. "One more thing," I began. " Next time you address me, call me Sir and look me in the eye." I then walked away leaving everyone dumbstruck. I think the intern got the memoir.
Welcome to my world sweetheart.

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