Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Seven: Haunting Past, Haunting Truth.

Bwale's POV
I turned up the music in my apartment, trying to tune out my thoughts but nothing works. It's getting harder now that I'm closer to my tormenter, and he hates me, real bad. Then again it's my fault, of course he hates me, if I were him, I would hate me too. Jeez I really should stop screwing up my life. I make the people that that care for me to hate me. First my mom who thinks I'm ungrateful, my grandfather who thinks I'm a waste of space, my sister....why does she hate me again? No idea but you get the picture and since a week ago, Max, the only person that actually cares about me. I called him cruel and was about to spill something I promised I never would, why? Because my tormenter struck me where it hurt. He will always win at this game until I decide to end it by coming clean to...... oh my gosh,... I'm so screwed.
I hear a knock and rush to answer it. When my hand goes to unlock it, my body tenses. They are only few people that visit me. Ok scratch the few. There are about four people that visit me, yeah much better. Max but he's pissed at me, My grandfather, to remind me just how unneeded I am to the family (he seriously does that...he leaves the comfort of his home just to insult me, I love him so much), then there's my tormenter oh, now even Likanda after we worked out our deferences. Now I'm even praying it's Max and not the demon after my life.
I open the door. I'm so fortunate, I love my life so much. If you thought it's the demon at my door, you were correct. He looks at me and smiles. I hate that smile. He invites himself in and makes himself comfortable as usual. Did I mention the fact that I hate him? Because I hate him. A lot.
"Your place isn't any different from my last visit." Snake. "You should add some plants or a brighter wall." Pig.
"What do you want?" I ask the frog in my house.
"You haven't given me anything to drink Bwale, have you forgotten basic courtesy." Snake.
"You're not actually welcome here, again what do you want?" He starts moving around in my apartment. Great, now I have to scrab my floors after he leaves. He stops and glances at me with a sly smile. Did I mention that I hate this dude? Because I really really do.
"Stop insulting me in your mind, you really suck at hiding your annoyance," creep. Snake, amature, demon, Satan, danm stupid animal, immature litt...." Stop insulting me." He deadpans. I stop in my track.
"Did you like my little stunt today?" He asks and I smack my head. Of course it's him. Who else would know what happens at 'Shax Co' apart from the employees. He is sly.... really sly. He wanted Likanda to be fired. How did I not think of this? "You look flushed Bwale, noooo... don't tell me you didn't know that it was me." He smiled with a wicked grin. I hate this bastard. "Don't be like that, talk to me mmm? Are you mad? I love it when you're mad." He was glancing at me while making himself comfortable on my couch. Remind me to scrub the couch as well.
"How did you kn- never mind. Why did you do that? I've done all that you want of me, what else do you want?"
"To destroy Max. That's what I want, and you know it too." Why does he hate me so much, ok I know why but still. "You're going to help me destroy your little best friend, do you know why?" He pauses, knowing fully well I know the answer. "Because I know something you're afraid the world to know, I know something that will break you, your family and you and Max's friendship."
"I know all that, but why did you include Likanda in this predicament of mine? He has nothing to do with this?" I return bitterly.
"I thought it was funny that you defended Likanda instead of your bestie. That look when you called him cruel was priceless man, you really know how to hurt him over and over again." He said making my heart sink. "You know the sad part about this is that at least this time he is aware that it's you who hurt him, other times he didn't know it was you, good work on that." The little... never mind. Again it is my fault. I've dug a huge pit ready to swallow me whole. "Oh and you should thank me instead being angry with me at this point and time. You pissed off Max, so you're practically lonely, but on the bright side, you managed to fix things with Likanda so he can replace Max. I'm I right?" I was silent, he really knows where to hurt me and he always succeeds. "Tell me, what did you do to Likanda for him to hate you in the first place?"
"None of business." The fool laughed at my little answer.
"Let me guess another sin of your youth?" I didn't reply and the fool took that as a yes. He stood up and walked towards me leaving me with a feeling of dread in my chest.
He looked me in the eye without any emotion in his eyes. "They say that the sins of your youth tend to affect your present. The same way your sins are catching up with you," he paused taking a huge breath. "Maximo's sins will catch up with him as well. I will make sure of it. That bastard will pay for everything he has done to me, the hard way." He stood up and walked to the door, letting himself out. But before he left he turned to face me. "I have one question for you though, I know you are planning on apologizing to Max sometime soon, so what will you
apologize for first, you calling him cruel or you being part of the reason that he is the way he is?" My chest was heavy and my vision became blurry at the former statement. "Hope you enjoyed my visit, I'll see you around." Immediately he left, the water works began. I threw myself on the floor and druck myself to a coma. I hate my life, and I hate that fool that left my house even more. I hope my problems will go away soon. I began thinking about the first sin I committed against Max and God. I ended up crying again and fell into a drunken sleep.

Two weeks later and that fool's words still hurt me. Yes I haven't appologized to Max and we are still not on talking terms. My life sucks.
I'm on my way to my parents house for a family dinner. I hate family dinners, they always end badly with me being drunk and fighting with my grandfather. I need Max now, badly. He is the only one that knows how to calm me down, I can't be selfish and call him just because I need him, then again he always accompanied me to these things. Whenever things got out of control, he was there to put me in check. Now I'm alone and desperate for him to save me. Guess I just have to carry my own cross and suffer for it later.

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