Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Eight: In a Tight Spot

Max's POV
I'm on my way to the construction site of the 'Astek' hotel. It's been two weeks after the Likanda incident. Bwale slips in and out every once in awhile, and after his work ends, he disappears. He hasn't once tried to talk to me after he about blurted out one of my biggest truth's to the whole staff that was present there. I almost hit him, straight on the face. I was so angry. I'm still angry, how could I not be? I mean my best friend since we were kids, who knows how much I hate being lied to, lied to my face. He was covering up for Likanda by doing his work for him, and defended him just like that, even calling me cruel....Urgh. I take a sharp turn and hear my car screech.
I don't usually drive but today I just decided to.
I'm so stressed as usual and then the interns words hit me, 'don't stress yourself' I'm smiling now. Why am I smiling remembering her words. She showed genuine concern and care that I haven't received in a while. '....I consider you a human being with feelings...' Ah Intern' why are doing this to me? Another screech. This is why Bwale got me a driver, I suck at this. My 'Mercedes-Maybach GLS' just has to bear with me. Yes, I'm driving a silver Mercedes-Maybach GLS, most people expect me to drive some fancy sports car but I'm really more into SUV'S.
I offered Jason a ride which he declined, I was tempted to call the intern and ask if she needed a ride but backed out.
Bwale can do whatever the hell he pleases. I'm still angry that he doesn't even want to face me.
I reach the place and park the car. Looking at my left I see the intern looking glam. Strange, she looks as if she is suppressing the urge to cry. I exit my car and walk towards her. She is still far gone that she doesn't notice I'm near her. "Miss? Excuse me?" She doesn't even flinch. Lord help me. My hands move to caress her face. What am I doing? Still no reply. I then proceed to move her face so that she is facing me. When our eyes lock, she seems as though she's in a daze.
"You're so beautiful, but why are your eyes so sad?"
I look at her speechless. Is she drunk? I don't think I'm confused but at this point that's just how I feel. Confused. Really confused.
Did she just call me beautiful? The hell is wrong with this woman?
Luckily Jason arrives at the spot we were at. "Sir we need to move, the contractors are waiting for us. Mr Makaika is already talking to them."
"Ok." Was my reply.
Ignoring the intern, I proceed to walk away from her but when I take my first step, I stop in my track. I take a glance at my arm and the intern was holding me there, really tightly. Her fingers firmly gripping me. "Let go." I demand. She ignores me. Jason just watches in disbelief. I was also in shock. I try yanking her off me but she doesn't budge. I can't use to much force or risk hurting her so I just begin walking with her holding me tightly.
This is strange. A stranger is holding me like this and I'm this calm? Really? I need to see a doctor. Jason just keeps staring at me like I've lost my mind. He seems genuinely confused and I honestly can't blame him. My actions have also shocked me.
The three of us arrive at the sight. I spot Makaika who is looking at the contractors with so much enthusiasm. I greet him and he doesn't give any uncalled for remarks which I am grateful for. He hasn't noticed the interns grip on me and I'm ok with that.
We walk around the area talking about our vision and plans with the director and the constructors. All in all the day goes well. Minus the death grip I have on my arm.
After we conclude our meeting, everyone begin dispersing. Well all but Jason, the intern, Makaika and I.
"Tai has had her hand around you this entire time and you hadn't reacted, why?" Makaika asks me.
I forcefully yank my arm free pushing the intern forward as she lands face first in her brothers chest. "I'm not even sure what that rubbish was about and I did not find it amusing." The intern looks at me apologetically but says nothing. "If you have problems that are not work related, leave them at your house, we're here to work Ms. I will overlook whatever that new form of boldness you just performed today but next I will not condone it. Understood?" I ask her and she nods. Lifting her head up, she walks towards the stairs to the back of the building we are standing in front of. What the heck is wrong with the intern? Jason looks at me then at Makaika who looks just as confused as the two of us.
Jason and I decide to leave the place and have a short discussion about some important 'Shax Co' affairs before we both get into our separate cars. Out of courtesy I say goodbye to Makaika who then decides to go and look for the intern who seems to be taking her sweet time wherever she wandered off to.
After a frew minutes with Jason, we concluded our discussion and Jason gets into his car and leaves the place. I look at my watch and it is merely 03:20 Pm. I look at where I parked my car and sigh. I remember Bwale saying something to Edith but I don't remember what. I shouldn't be missing him at this moment nor should I care if he's alive or dead but I am. Damn, I know how he gets when he's worried or depressed. Last time he and I got into a fight, were we didn't speak for a month, he got so drunk I had to get him to a hospital. Now I'm stuck worried about him again.
As I'm about to open the car, I look up and see the intern crying like a lunatic on the balcony of the building we are at. She looks so far gone that I don't think she realizes how close she is to the edge. Oh Sh*t. I ran. I ran so fast I don't even know what I'm doing until I've ran up the stairs and standing next to her. I look at her and realize that she isn't aware of where she is and what she is doing. Why am I up here exactly?
"Hey?" She doesn't reply but now she notices me and wipes away the tears on her face.
"What are you doing up here? I just want to be left alone 'Sir'." She says emphasising the Sir. I look at her in shock. Wasn't this the same woman that held me tightly like her life depended on it? Maybe she's bipolar.
"Makaika is looking for you. Have spoken to him?" I look at the floor averting her gaze. She then turns to me and stares me up and down. "What the heck are you doing?" I look at her dead in the eye.
"You're are a very attractive man, I wonder why you haven't settled down by now." That made me smirk and hold in a laugh. This woman is gaining some courage and I don't like it.
"Good thing that wasn't a question, because you know better than to pr–"
"...pry?" She interrups. Ok lots of courage I guess. "We're not at your office so this isn't me prying."
"I don't care where we are, we are nothing more than work associates." I state clearly.
She inches closer to me making my eyes shoot up in shock. Is she doing this on purpose? I scoot closer trying to move her from the edge but she doesn't budge. "What are trying to do huh? Get your self killed?" She looks at me and I see sadness in her eyes. Something is definitely up and I'm not sure I want to know. She moves closer to the edge and my breathing spikes to a new high. I lunge forward and pull her with all my might tumbling backwards until I land on my back with her tightly secure in my arms.
She looks at me like a drunk, and gets up, me doing the same immediately.
"What the heck man, touching me like that?" The heck is she talking about. I didn't want to touch her, why are her words even affecting me anyway?
"I'm done with this, do whatever the hell you want." She can kill herself for that matter I'm just done with people at this point in my life. As I'm about to turn around, she pushes me so hard and unexpected I struggle to keep my balance and tumble backwards hitting something I think is a door which in turn opens plunging me in. Before I land on my butt, I grab hold of the interns hand making her land face first on my chest as we both end up in a dark room. I push her off me and as she struggles to stand up her stupid leg hits the door causing it to close with a clique. Shit, I curse under my breath. The intern just processes what just happened as she stands up real quick trying to open the door.
"Damn it it's locked. Hello is someone out there!" She starts screaming, making the already cramped room even more cramped. "Why'd you have to pull my hand huh? Tell me." Is she insane. Great now I'm stuck in a room someone that's clearly bipolar. Lucky me. I squeeze passed her trying to open the door and nothing. "You think I haven't already tried that? It's freaking locked." I kick the door in frustration and the intern laughs. I really want to kill someone. I try to squeeze passed her again and we end up tangled for some reason. I try shuffling through but nothing until we bump heads. Ow. "That hurts alright, if this is some rouse to get me alone with you so you can have your way–"
"Excuse me? I'm not the reason we are in this mess got that. If you hadn't pushed me we wouldn't be in this mess so just shut the hell up!" I growled at her. "Secondly I'm not trying to have my way with some blind girl that has been looking for a reason to touch me since we freaking got here, so mind your language girly, don't push it." I welcome the silence that accompanies us. I take out my phone to call my driver or Jason and the reception is garbage. I'm stuck and tired, and I want to sit down but there's no room. Urgh.
"Move you're brushing me."
"Do you see any room to move princess?" I ask the idiot next to me. "Check your phone if you have any reception." She starts shuffling her clothes and I stare at her momentarily.
"Stop staring, I'm not some easy girl you find out there. I'm a decent girl." I chuckle amused.
"Are you drunk cause I'm not trying to come at you princess, you're not my cup of tea." She looks up at me in disbelief then drops her gaze to the small wood tiled floor. I can't decipher the facial expressions she has. "Phone?" I speak.
"I don't have it, it must have fallen out of my pocket when we landed in here. Sorry."
"Don't apologise it's not your fault." I look down at my wrist and realize what I had just said. Don't apologise, really. She must have noticed my discomfort. She is so close now, I feel like I'm suffocating.
"I'm tired of standing I need to sit." She says looking at me.
"Me too Sherlock." The room is so small, approximately three steps back and two steps forward from where we are standing. I'm 6,7 so this isn't going to work unless she sits on my lap or between my legs. Geeze.
I risk a glance at my watch and it's 04:15pm, we need to leave this place soon.
My legs are cramped and the intern is spacing out, maybe I should just let her sit on my laps no matter how awkward that would be. I look at my phone, still no reception. I try banging on the door again for a few minutes and nothing.
"Move a little to the front," I say shocking myself.
"Why?" She asked me clearly confused.
"If you want to sit just do as I say." With that she complies and moves ahead. I take a few steps back hitting the wall and slide down slowly lifting my knees up and spreading my legs to leave space for the intern. She quickly gets the message and positions herself between my legs, her back resting on my chest. "Much better don't you think." She nods clearly exhausted to form a proper sentence. We stay like this for awhile.
I've checked my phone I think a million times already still nothing.
The intern is still glued to me like gum.
"Am I that ugly or is it the fact that I have one working eye that throws people off. Everyone I love leave in a way and as much as I know it's natural it still hurts." Now this is getting pathetic, she starts sniffling. I don't know how to comfort people.
"What does that have to do with me?" I ask her. She muffles a laugh.
"You know Sir, pain is something we all experience or have experienced. It hurts but we don't have to make others suffer for what they don't know. Trust me on that." She pauses as if thinking about something. "My pare-"
"I have reception yes, let me make a call." I cut her off. I quickly call my driver and he's on his way.
She doesn't say a thing after that and my ok with it. 05:42 the driver calls saying he has arrived. I give him the direction of our location and he is opening the door in no time.
"Evening sir? How did you end up in here?" He asked me looking at me and the interns flushed face.
"Not what you're imagining." I retain quickly. He looks down and walks ahead of the intern and I. The intern grabs hold of her phone that is swimming with missed calls and voicemails.
We reach the parking space and I tell my driver to take the intern wherever she wants to go. He puts up a small argument knowing fully well that I'm a terrible driver.
"Sir I can call someone to drive this car back to the manor so that I take both of you home." Lombe my driver says.
"That's not necessary, just do as you are told alright. I have somewhere to stop by. See you on Monday intern." I then get into my car and see my driver in a dilemma. He quickly regains his senses and drives off with the intern.
I set my car in ignition and drive off, finally leaving that stupid place. Instead of going to the manor, I get to a restaurant to have an early dinner. I did skip lunch after all just to be at the cursed place. A glance at my watch and it tells me it's 06:11pm. A few minutes later my food arrives and I dig in. After devouring my lasagna, decide to take a little walk around the place to calm my senses.
It's getting dark and I don't even realize it. My buzzing phone brings me back from my daze.
"Maximo Shula speaking," I reply to the unknown caller ID.
"Hello Max, you've deleted my phone number so soon." Idiots that surround me.
"Hey Bukata, I would say I'm glad you called but I'm not, your little boyfriend isn't enough for you that you're calling me now?" I say with a laugh.
"Don't get it twisted, your stupid friend who's unfortunately my brother is here causing a scene at the family dinner, he's drunk as usual and keeps saying your stupid name, just come here and get him ok." And she hangs up. Great. Now I have to drive to Bwale's family home.
That what he and Edith were talking about. He was having a family dinner and didn't tell me about it. He knows he can't handle these things and he still kept quiet. Even though we are not on talking terms, his family dinners are different. I promised him that I'd be there for him at each and every one of them after the 'incident' some years back.
I quickly hurry to my car and drive full speed to the Chola family home to get a drunk Bwale.

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