Internal poverty (Unedited)

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Chapter Nine: Memories, Affection and Body Heat?

Max's POV
When you think about the Chola family house, think white. Clean white. Plain white. Just pure white.
I have so many memories here. My dad and Bwale's dad were really close friends. Their closeness made it possible for Bwale and I to be super close. I met Bwale when I fifteen by accident, well actually I met him when I was about five then we separated when I was eight after my family decided we move because my mother was having complications due to her pregnancy. I met him again some years later when he almost killed me.Literally, he hit me with his car on my first visit after a long time to their house and I lost my mind.
"Can you atleast pretend you're happy going to visit your old man's best friend or should I say bestie." My dad said smiling. I looked up and then back down at my phone ignoring that crazy man. "Come on Max, Greg has a son about your age Bwale, you remember him right?" I ignored him. "You two were so close that we had to wait for the both of you to fall asleep inorder to separate you. Now you two are going to meet after a long time, how exciting is that."
"Aha." I said still uninterested. My dad shook me making me gasp in surprise. "What? Look I agreed to go with you at this weird dinner of yours because of mom's insistence, but why are we going there this early dad?" I asked him and he gave the 'you know the answer to that question son' look. "Mom is not coming till evening and it's only 10:00.....AM!" I exclaimed, still not looking at him.
"Stop being a brat and just enjoy this meeting Max. Don't embarrass me son got that?" He asked me a little serious. As the spoiled brat my parents raised me to be, I just had to make things complicated.
"You raised me a brat Ephraim, get over it." I snickered and he grabbed my phone throwing it on the car floor. I yelped when he grabbed my face, forcing me to look at him. The man was angry. "The hell Ephra-" before I could finish, he pressed his fingers in my cheeks, looking me in the eye.
"I know I should have disciplined you more as a child. You would have had more manners." He said, slowly withdrawing his hands from my face. "Now what was that I said you should do when you talk to me son mmm?" When I didn't answer he gripped me again. I whimpered.
"T-that I should look you in the eye,"
"That I should address you properly, no calling you names or swearing, or cursing. Absolutely no disrespect." I said and he let go. "You almost broke my face sorry."
"Good, now stop whining and just enjoy spending some quality time with me alright?" I shook my head. "Maximo Shula, son of Ephraim and Mwaka Shula do you promise to be on your best behavior?" I laughed at how crazy my dad can be at times. Especially with the whole Maximo Shula drama.
"Yes dad, I'll behave."
"That's my Max." He said messing my clothes and then he began tickling me and we started laughing, the driver inclusive.
"Sir, you two are adorable." Mr Whiteson said. "He's a good kid just a little spoiled."
My dad stopped his attack on my beautiful body and laughed with his driver. "Not a little spoiled, completely spoiled." He said before moving back to his seat and started to think. "He would have been more well behaved if his little sister was still alive." The man said sadly.
"Dad, things happen, we can't control them." I reassured him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He smiled at that.
"You might be spoiled but still a good kid. You know Max, life is full of surprises, make sure you find something that makes you happy no matter what happens." I hated when he talked to me like that. Like he was going to leave me. I only had him, my mom, nanny and the servants. My grandparents disowned my dad when he adamantly refused to let go of my mother because he was crazy about her.
They got married in secret and when my dad's family found out he married a woman raised in an orphanage, who didn't even know her own surname, they were furious and turned their backs on my dad. Even his own siblings were against him. The only one that remained his friend was Greg, Bwale's dad.
After that my dad emptied his bank account, collected the inheritance given to him by my great grandma, took my very pregnant mom and started his life away from his family chaos. From what I know my dad's family is rich one so even when my dad made his millions, they didn't care. Apparently the fact that my mom had no pedigree and my dad marrying her tarnished the family name. So the had to get rid of the black sheep without looking back.
"Sure thing dad." I leaned back, as we continued cruising.
A few minutes later, we arrived at the Chola family house. The first thing I realized was that I completely forget what that house looked like. All I saw was white. White everywhere apart from the green grass of course.
We exited the car and I followed my dad to what I assumed was a large golf course at the back of the house, and it was massive. The entire property was huge, expanding over hectors and hectors of land and a lake. We walked until we came across Greg who then hugged his friend and started saying how much I looked like my dad and how much I've grown.
The two started talking amongst themselves and I just felt out of place. I reached inside my pocket to grab my phone before realizing that my dad threw it on the car floor.
"Um dad, I'm gonna go grab my phone from the car, I'll be right back."
"Why, are we boring you son?" Did he just ask me that? Really? I chuckled nervously, trying to keep the brat at Bay.
"No I just need to check some messages."
"Can't it wait Max , your friend is almost here and it's rude to just go wondering off."
"I'm not going to wonder off, I just need to get my pho-" he interrupted me.
"It can wait so-"
"Let the young man go Ephraim, besides he'll be back before Bwale shows up." Thank you Greg, you're awesome. I thought to myself before trotting off.
I arrived at our car and Mr Whiteson opened the door for me. I grabbed my phone and started scrolling through my apps, while walking around in the car park.
I was so involved in my phone when I felt something large and hard hit my side making me land on my side. A sharp pain hit me coming from my throbbing wrist and hip. My phone was laying lifeless above my head. I thought I passed out until I heard Mr Whiteson calling my name. I used my hurt wrist to try and pull my weight off the ground and was met with severe pain. Mr Whiteson came to the rescue, helping me to my feet. I winced from the discomfort that emanated from my side.
"Is he ok sir?" Someone asked Mr Whiteson. I turned to see a scrawny looking kid holding some car keys. Mr Whiteson looked at me clearly worried. He wanted to nod but I chimed in.
"Do I look ok to you hotshot?" I said still wincing in pain.
"Why the heck were you walking like you're confused in the parking space?" The boy asked me.
"You should just say sorry for hitting me with that stupid car of yours." I retorted.
"Sorry, for what? And my car is not stupid, you were stupid enough to not pay attention to were you were going. So you should appologize for grazing my car with your stupid body." The nerve of the kid.
"I could have you arrested you know that, and you're replacing my broken phone. I'm still waiting for that appology." I returned. "You should also be grateful that your car had the privilege of hitting someone like me."
"Who are you again?" He asked me.
"No, who are you?" I asked instead. He just chuckled and rolled his eyes. Then I was pissed. I tore myself from the driver and went and attacked the kid that hit me. "You hit me and think this is funny huh?" I pushed the fool with my might and he stumbled backwards.
"The hell man, I'll break your other wrist as well." He retorted coming at me.
"Stop at once, both of you!" We both turned looking at two furious dad's.
We both looked at them with an argument of our own."Bwale what are doing?" Greg said. So the fool is Bwale huh. "I asked a question here, what's going on?"
"I'll tell you what happened Greg," I began. "That kid hit me with his car and refused to appologize!"
"Why should I appologize when he was walking like a zombie, unaware of his surroundings? He's the one that hit my car."
"Are you being serious? I'm injured!"
"And my car probably has your stench." That was it I attached him with my all the energy I had in me.
End of flashback
I quickly make my way to the parking space and park my car. As I make my way to the main entrance, I notice quiet music from the main room.
No need to knock.
I make my way towards the main room and I'm graced with a bunch of people staring at me. I remember some of them but unfortunately, I'm not here to socialize, so I just pass them by without uttering any words.
"Maximo Shula," I turn just to be faced with the person I was trying to avoid upon coming here.
"Mr Chola." I greet Bwale's grandfather. Who looks at me with discontent.
"I was very surprised when Bwale showed up here without you."He paused eyeing me up and down. "He put up a performance while you weren't here as usual. He's such an embarrassment to the family." No old man you're the embarrassment.
I just nodd trying to free myself from the old man.
"Look I'm here for Bwale, I'm really tired and I need to go to home alright." I said dismissively. The man just keeps following me. "What do you want now?"
"Do you miss her?" I shudder and he grins. "You act so high and mighty not knowing that the people you think are your friends are the ones hurting you the most." He says that and walks away leaving an evil aura.
Everything about him is evil. From his silver hair to his dark suites and golden staff. Everything is evil. Especially his personality.
I continue my way towards Bwale's room, knowing fully well that was his favorite place to be during these dinners.
As I'm about to go up the stairs someone grabs me, dragging me into the hallway. I turn around and realize that it's Bukata being irritating as usual.
"You still look like the devil." I comment dryly. She looks at me with anger and that causes a smile to appear on my face. "So...why did you drag me here? Did you miss me this bad?" I whisper the last question.
She lifts up her wrist showing me a diamond engagement ring, smiling like a lunatic. "The world doesn't revolve around you Max, and you no longer have an effect on me."
"Really?" I ask.
"Really." she replies almost immediately.
I like playing this game with this woman. She's so pathetic it's a sorry sight to see. I move closer to her cupping her face. She doesn't move. I proceed by placing my face close to hers. Our noses brushing. I look past her shoulder and see her stupid boyfriend witnessing our little scene. Knowing she's clueless, I decide to take it a step further. "You look so hot tonight, simply irresistible." I say seductively, licking her upper lip. I can feel her breath hitching, and her eyes close. She made a mistake dragging me here. Her body tenses, so I decide to give her little boyfriend a better view. I push her towards the wall her back hitting it, and she gasps as I place my body to hers tilting her head up.
I lick at her lips again and witness her boyfriend at the corner of my eye almost have a heart attach. I move back a little and smile when I hear her beg.
"Please..I- I.."
"Kiss me." I order and she does as she is told. Wrapping her arms around my neck. She attacks my mouth with desperation and ends up lost in my mouth. As she is about to slip her tongue in, I move back and she whines. I place my face at her ear and bite lightly before whispering in it.
"You're so easy girly." I breath hot air in her ear making her gasp. I move back and look her in the eye. "Tell me, how are you going to explain yourself to him?" I say pointing at the idiot that was watching us.
She turns and freezes as she sees the man giving her a death glare. I laugh at her reaction and turn, heading for Bwale's room.
As I enter Bwale's room, I witness a sight I was praying I didn't have to ever again. I move quickly and grab the bottle of liquor in his hands and he looks up at me as if in a frenzy.
"My hero Max, I'm so sorry, I'm such a bad friend no, a bad person," he hiccups every word, punctuating them with a sob.
"Stop talking, I'm taking you home." I said, dragging him to his feet and out of his room.
"I don't deserve a friend like you Max, you're an amazing person, and I suck at friendship." Now he's laughing like a lunatic. Making the people we pass by to stare.
I don't know why but when I'm with Bwale, I don't care what people think of me.
I manage to drag Bwale into my car and place him in the back seat. He keeps muttering nonsense until he quiets down a few minutes later. I hear faint snores and realize he is completely wiped out.
When you have no one in the world that genuinely cares about you, you tend to take care of the one's that give you the smallest ounce of affection, my case isn't any different. I would literally drop everything just to save the drunk man in my car, anytime.

The ride is silent for the rest of the way. I've managed to make atleast two smooth turns and followed about three road safety guidelines without being told to pull over.
As I drive, my mind wonders towards a figure ahead of me. A small woman if I'm not mistaken,whose trying to get herself killed?
I drive forward and, you've got to be kidding me. It's the intern walking straight into a highway. Is she blind?
Oh God, she's partially blind and has night blindness. Then why is she walking in the middle of road at night?
I park my car nearly two inches from the intern and rush out.
I pull the intern away from an incoming car, and whisper angrily at her.
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Nothing, I just wanted to get some air and ended up here, sir is that you?" She just needed air so she walked in the middle of the road?
"Yes it's me, and you're completely insane!" I shout and hear a car honking at my back. "Come with me." I order pulling her along with me, heading straight for my car. I let her into the passenger side and start driving without saying another word.
"Where are we going?" I ignore her. At this point I'm really angry at this woman. This is the second time today that she's tried to kill herself. Wether intentionally or not, and I'm pissed.
I arrive at the manor and ask one of the helpers to help me take Bwale to the guest room. I quickly open the passenger door and help the intern out. Why am acting this way is still a mistery.
She grabs hold of my hand as I direct her inside the house. I sit her down on the living room couch and position myself across from her.
"I'm sorry for all the trouble, it's just that-"
"Save it, I don't care what your reasons are." I interrupt. "Who do I call to come and get you intern?" She begins fidgeting. I really don't have time for this.
"Sir, I need a favor from you, please don't say no." She begins. I look at her with a raised brow, not even sure what's going on anymore.
"You can't make such a demand in my house, Intern'."
"Let me stay the night."
"Absolutely not, you're leaving." She's completely insane.
"Sir I can't go home, please let me stay the night, it's just a request, you're not going to lose anything." She states shamelessly.
"I'm not going to gain anything either." I retain tiredly.
"Ok let's make a deal then sir,"
"What deal?" I ask, surprised at her boldness.
"Do me this favor and I'll owe you a favor as well. It's a fair trade."
"What is wrong with your family and always trying your best to have your way huh? You're not staying the night." I state clearly.
"Then I'll just walk into the street and probably get hit by a car."
"Do as you wish, I don't care."
"But you tried to save me twice today. I think you care. Besides, I know you have a heart in there somewhere. Come on I'll owe you a favor after this."
I'm about to answer before Hellen approaches."Sir, I need the keys to the guest rooms." I stand and so does the intern.
"Come with me." Hellen begins following me and the intern grabs me as I'm about to pass by her.
"That's a yes from you sir?" She says smiling.
"Let go." I demand and Hellen chimes in.
"Sir it's really late, it's not safe to let her go now. Let her stay." She smiles and I shoot her a glare.
"You can stay. Just this once and don't get comfortable with me, understood?"
"Yes sir." The intern smiles.
We head upstairs and I enter my room with the intern still holding me.
I give Hellen the guest rooms keys and she leaves me and the intern closing the door shut.
"This is your room right?" She releases my arm from her animalistic grip. She then sits on my bed.oh Hellen is so dead. "Comfy." She says practically bouncing on it messing up my sheets.
"You're not staying here." I say yanking off my tie and jacket.
"Are you undressing in front of me? So shameless." She comments smiling.
"Don't you night blindness or something?" I ask. Getting rid of my shirt. Maybe I'm a little shameless. Never been shy to begin with.
"I am, but that only makes my others senses sharper, like smell. This place smells just like you."
"What does it smell like?" I ask genuinely interested, moving closer to her.
She grabs my arm and rubs her her palm up and down it. She then puts it on her and inhales, closing her eyes whispering,"like musk...." Inhales. "...and mint. It's intoxicating, just like your personality." She opens her eyes and they just sparkle, igniting a fire in my chest.
I move my hands caressing her face. She melts from my touch, closing her eyes, she gives butterfly kisses to my fingers and I groan.
This fire keeps growing, setting my entire body ablaze.
I push the intern towards me, pulling at her neck until our lips collide. I attack her mouth ferociously and she returns with the passion.
The rest is a blur. Before I know it the intern is writhing under me, completely 'bare' and so am I.
Not how I thought the day would end.

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