Downfall - 3000 vs 30,000

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Chapter 4

Boardroom, Manhattan Investment Bank, At Night, Early September 2001

'This is good, but I want excellent. You're working for me and by now you should have figured my expectation of brilliance is far above the industry standard. Come on, people. You're gonna have to do more than that to get me wet. Impress me, damn it!'

'We can announce a 3% salary increment for the strata that comes up with the best productivity!' says one male analyst. She shakes her head, 'Too cheap, we an investment bank, for crying out loud.'

'We could crowdsource the area's customers for short-term improvement tips and gauge it with the forecast-average.', a female business development professional suggests. The boss looks at her, 'OK, now you've got my attention!' The newbie professional glances at her colleagues, feeling on the spot, 'Erm, if we liaise with regional consulting groups, we could...' Her boss waves at her in rejection, 'And you're not so cute after all!' The portfolio manager raises her hand & speaks up, 'Why don't we have a contest in the innovation of operational processes that can be optimized in time spent & output? We could measure the productivity against each team member & prognose that against the crowdsourced innovation-tips from the area's customers? Sort of like an indicator of the likelihood consumer needs in the future will be met. It would provide a more detailed feasibility map than solely relying on consultants' figures, that probably haven't been updated in a while!' The boss' face lights up, and she slams her hand on the table, 'TOUCHDOWN! I'm goin' home with you tonight, baby!' The portfolio manager grins while her business development colleague broods and gives her a couple of evils. The top sales/marketing executive then adds, 'And keeping in line with our Top Gun operations, we could not only cover clients' travel expenses from & to the Black Sea but go one step further by putting them into the Four Seasons, giving them an informal presentation, in the conference room, with a cinematic propaganda video illustrating our superior ranking in one of the most competitive & lucrative markets in the world. We'll pitch them the proposal here and after they sign the papers, they'll fly down to Florida & play in one of the finest 18-hole golf courses in the country, followed by a few days of a VIP exclusive experience in Vegas. It sends a strong message not only to them but future prospects, that we work hard, play hard & treat our clients like royalty because we're the best!' The whole room looks at him, almost flabbergasted. The boss puts a big smile on her face and says, 'That's it, you're coming along. GANGBANG!' He grins nodding and answers, 'Yeah, man!', punching his forecast evaluations colleague in the shoulder, who's not looking impressed. 'Now THAT'S the grade of work I expect from you guys. When the sun sets, THAT'S what you give me!' She gets off her seat & collates her documents together. She looks at the forecast evaluation specialist, the analyst & the newbie business development manager, 'Since you either didn't contribute or performed as lacklustre as baby's diarrhea, you hot-shots can execute the entire project under the supervision & close scrutiny of my two lucky ones! Get it done by Monday next week so we can kick ass on Tuesday. WORK THROUGH THE WEEKEND, IF YOU HAVE TO!' The specialist rubs his forehead & lays his pen to the table. The three look at each other dejectedly as the stars of the night enthusiastically high-five each other, behind the boss while exiting the boardroom.

Roughly 30,000 children, aged under 5 years, die by midnight all over the world, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia, because of poverty & starvation.

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