Downfall - 3000 vs 30,000

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Chapter 5

At The Recommended Healthcare Provider, New York, Next Day

'I'm awfully sorry for the late surprise doctor. You see, my wife and I had to cash our financial worth to be able to come here. We sold the house & car, cashed in our life savings & some insurance. It wasn't enough, so we had to pull out some extra stops. My wife's parents own a vineyard & have been very successful with it. Sadly, because her father never much approved of me, we never got to see any, you know what I mean? So, 6 weeks back, my wife confronts the man and tells him, “If my husband dies, it'll be his blood on your hands!” Now, she's his little angel and he didn't wanna risk losing her at the end of his days. Turns out, he made up the shortfall with several premium wine cases of exquisite 1875 Chateau Jean-Jacque Maitre. Hurt him a lot but was cheaper than losing his baby. My wife, my son & I all sat down together & figured we might as well turn a new page & start over. They'd get a job & wouldn't feel the pinch of relocation that much. Besides, my son, he loves America! Thinks this place is the greatest country in the world. He keeps on talking about how he's gonna open up a logistics business in New York City & how he's willing to start from the bottom, all the way to the top. The American Dream, you know? I tell him as long as he can pay his college tuition fees, that's fine by me. You gotta love these kids though, gotta hand it to them. They chase their dreams – they go for what they believe in. Me, I decided if I'm to go, I'm gonna make positive changes in people's lives. So, I've been volunteering to mentor teens, new blood into the workforce about the importance of employment safety. Nothing big, but I make sure the quality on the small numbers count!' The doctor, who's been listening attentively, smiles, enchanted by the senior citizen's story. It's tragic what horrible illnesses befall such great people. He snaps back to the reality at hand & gently says, 'Sir,... I don't normally do this, but given your extraordinary circumstances and miraculous achievement in getting the required fees together – I'm waivering your costs for the diagnostics & treatment programme. You convince me that there are still good people out there and I just couldn't take your money, in spite of that - after everything you've been through! To keep the hospital's accountant's from strangling me in the audit at the end of the year, I'm going to have to extract a relatively small amount for operational expenses but even that, I'm going to subsidize under the hospital's annual Charitable Deeds & Grants Scheme. I promise you'll receive at least 95% of your money back, sir!' The old man breaks into tears covering his eyes, then peeps at the doctor, only to cover his eyes again, crying, 'I ca... I can't beluh, beluhh', as he becomes really emotional. The sight of an elderly man crying with joy despite his grim situation, forces the doctor to take off his glasses & hold his eyes, as well. He gives the engineer some tissue. He stands up & walks up to him at the other side of his desk. The engineer gets up and is hugged from the side by the doctor, who comforts him, 'I know it's a tough situation, but everything will be alright. You're gonna make the best of everything with your family & you're all going to have a wonderful life here in the United States. I'm positive about it. Just take your mind off it & try to relax. I recommend you don't engage in any activities today & just go home & rest. The rejuvenation will do you well. OK?' The engineer, with lightly red eyes firmly shakes the doctor's hand, deeply thanking him from the bottom of his heart. Slightly disoriented, he goes out of the doctor's practice and down the bright, fluorescent-lit corridor. He thinks in gradually-unfolding, mental catharsis, 'The United States of America is a country of immigrants, each of whom left behind an old story, and were given the chance to be part of a growing country & start a new page for themselves. That is the deep connection of America to Americans.' He turns, gets to the elevators & presses the arrow pointing down. 'What a great country indeed... wait 'til that boy hears about this!' The following days, he undergoes a series of tests, all under strict supervision of the doctor. He's told afterwards, he'll be contacted with the results, at which time he'll be briefed on his treatment programme. The family laughed & cried ever since the news. They put the money in a high-interest yield investment account, and decided they would live off the yearly dividends, since they'd be paying their monthly pensions regularly into it, too. The son's college fees would be paid upfront, which he would repay them, once his entrepreneurship becomes profitable. They spent a lot of quality time together as a family & the son tried to be there whenever he could, fitting the time around his schedule of the new job he got, as a delivery cyclist in Downtown Manhattan. From the initial consultation until the last day of their time-out, 30,000 children under 5 years, died globally every day, as a result of poverty & starvation. Most of the children were in Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia.

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