Dave (Bonus Book 4)

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Chapter 19: First Day (Part 1)

Dave’s p.o.v.

“Do you really think I need a haircut?” I asked, pouting a little as she laughed. I know typically guys adorned shorter hairstyles, but I’d grown attached to my hair and loved it.

“I was kidding.” she laughed. “Besides whenever I meet my Prince Charming, I hope he has hair as long as yours.” I couldn’t help the grin that had taken over. After last night that had to be a hint. Was she admitting to having feelings for me? We rode the rest of the way in silence, our hands somehow becoming glued together as they rested in my lap. It felt like such a normal thing to do that neither of us bothered to change it. When we finally parked in the students parking lot I was feeling a bit silly because of the idea that popped into my head.

“Don’t move.” I grinned as she raised her eyebrow at me questioningly. Getting out of the car, I grabbed our bags from the back before going over to her door and opening it. “We have reached our destination madam. May I take your hand and escort you inside?”

“Such a gentleman.” she placed her hand over her chest feigning shock and gasping as I tried not to laugh.

“For a gem like you always. Such a prize you are, young fair maiden. How doth thee manage to outshine thy sun?”

“It’s not hard for a natural beauty.” she retorted, curling a piece of hair around her finger and batting her eyelashes. I was falling more in love with her every second she joined in with me on this.

“Such a beauty, such a rarity to find, I must have you as mine. I take thy knee and beg thy maiden to let me be her Prince. Beat me until I’m worthy!” I shouted, causing her to break and laugh.

“Now mister!” she gasped feigning shock as she brought her hand across my face in the softest slap known to mankind.

“Minnie! You actually struck me.” I laughed with a scoff.

“Well you asked me to Mickey.” she shrugged sticking her tongue out at me as I got uo.” Come on Prince of Doofus before we’re late.”

“I can’t believe you hit me.” I teased.

“You’ll get over it.” she laughed, taking her bags from mr and practically skipping off. I was stuck, rooted in place with my hand on the cheek she hit as I watched her leave.

“Damn you Maria, what have you done to my heart?” I asked no one in particular as a wide grin stretched across my face. Yeah I had it bad and no longer wanted to hide it.

By the time lunch came around I couldn’t wait to see her again. I know this may be dramatic, especially since we only spent three class periods away from each other, but those three classes were back to back. It was jarring to go from all morning with her to the afternoon without her. I couldn’t protect her if I wasn’t with her. I couldn’t stop her from the prying, judgemental eyes who only knew what they had been told. For three class periods, basically three consecutive hours, I couldn’t get her mind off of things. For that time she suffered in her silence alone. More often than not, that silence got to her.

Then there was the fact that John could become a problem. I was really regretting telling her to go for it. That was the complete opposite of what I wanted to happen. I was jealous, yes, but I still knew that I couldn’t have her. Just because I wasn’t ready for her, doesn’t mean I had the right to hold her back from someone else. It wouldn’t be fair to her to have to wait on me. If she was starting to feel for me in the same way that I felt for her, I didn’t want to ruin it before it had a chance to really start. I also didn’t want to miss that chance. It was complicated.

“Davie!” yelled a voice snapping me out of my thoughts. I groaned trying to pretend like I didn’t hear her. All I wanted was to hurry so I could eat lunch and chat with Maria without anyone there who would try to ruin it. “Damn you walk fast as hell.” she panted scaring me as she fell in step with me. Did she really just fucking run to catch up with me? What the hell?

“What do you want Riss?” I snapped.

“Well, I was thinking that we could eat lunch together.” She smiled, batting her eyes. I fought the grimace trying to take over my face. She really wasn’t worth the distractions she’d offered.

“Everyone knows that I eat lunch with Maria.”

“Great! I’ll join you.” she grinned locking her arms with mine, no chance of me escaping, as we continued on to the cafeteria. Something was really wrong with this girl.

The second we walked through the cafeteria doors, my eyes were searching for her. It took a minute before I found her sitting at our usual table with her headphones in. The closer I got to her, the more I realized she was sketching also. I sighed, I didn’t want to be right. I wanted to ask her, but right now wasn’t the time and until I could get her alone I didn’t want to bother. Instead I took out my lunch, smiling to myself because I knew she’d made it for me. Just as I finished I felt her eyes on me. For a second I studied her hazel pools trying to decipher if she was willing to talk or not and was happy to see she was. I gestured for her to take her headphones out and the annoyed groan she’d made had me wondering if I just sucked at reading her emotions entirely. I stared at her curiously seconds away from asking what happened when she just shook her head no. I could see her eyes as she quickly glanced towards Clarissa and her friends. I understood, but I still yanked my arm from Clarissa’s hold annoyed by her presence, but glad to finally be free.

“Hey Maria, want to hang out with us after school? We’re just going to swim at my house for awhile.” I shrugged really hoping she would say yes. If she did, they wouldn’t and I’d be able to enjoy her company like I wanted too.

“We did enough swimming last night.” she teased before winking at me. My jaw dropped. Did Clarissa clinging onto me make her jealous? I know I shouldn’t have been, but I was enjoying seeing her like that. It really made me want to be with her more and say fuck it all. The memory of last night forced itself to the front of my mind.

I was still nervous. Yes, I was trying to play it off like this was yet another late night swim for us, but it was like I was seeing through a new set of eyes. She was gorgeous. I sighed as I watched her just floating underwater. I wanted to take back everything I had said. Tell her that he wasn’t the one and beg for her to see that she wanted to be with me, but it was too late. All I could do was make most of the moment I was in right now. I watched as she emerged from the water as I gathered the courage to go over to her.

I’d already done it twice, but going for a third still felt impossible. There was no reason to get caught up in the moment right now. I wanted to kiss her while we swam, but I knew I had to build up to it. My heart was pounding as I met her in the middle of the pool. Her hazel eyes shone under the pool lights bouncing off of her. She smiled at me before I doved under pulling her down with me.

For a minute we swam just gliding along the water. The moment was perfect. Just as I was about to go for it, I couldn’t hold my breath anymore. We broke through the surface, both of us laughing for no reason in particular besides we were being silly. Failed moment or not, this night still was perfect.

“Mickey I-”

“Please don’t ask me about John again.” I cut her off, unable to contain it. Her talking about him was making me crazy with jealousy. “I know I said I can’t like you Minnie, but I won’t lie… talking about John with you is making me jealous. Especially since he can have you in a way I never will.”saying fuck it, I took my chance and pressed my lips against hers pulling her close to me in the water. I couldn’t believe that I was kissing her again as she wrapped herself around me. I never wanted this moment to end. I never wanted to stop kissing her. I never wanted her apart from me again.

I felt an elbow in my side bringing me back to reality.

“Maybe next time though.” she continued. “I’m probably going to take the pups for a walk and just spend some alone time with them since we now have a constant intruder. Besides, I hate that they’re basically couped up in the house for eight hours while we’re here.”

“Freak.” Clarissa mumbled under her breath as I rolled my eyes hoping Maria hadn’t heard her. It amazed me that Clarissa knew she stood no chance against Maria for my heart, yet she tried to act like she did. It really made me wonder what the hell happened between them. The truth, not the rumors being told. However, right now Maria was what I wanted to focus on. Nothing else.

“First, you love when I intrude. Don’t be jelly. I see you trying to steal all the love they have for me and keep it for yourself. Your evil plan doesn’t work. They’ll still love me.” I laughed evilly as she laughed. “Well I hope I can at least stop by and see them. I miss them too. It’ll be nice to see them again.”

“You see them everyday you dork!” she laughed as I shrugged and made a play to steal the rest of her grapes. I’d already finished mine and wanted more. “Well, you can come see the children when your pool party is over. Don’t want someone to end up in the pool again or worse. Like a swollen black eye worse than the last one or something.” She shrugged, bringing a bright red, plump and juicy strawberry to her lips and biting it. I knew what she was referencing and although I wanted to laugh, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she ate that strawberry. I tried to shake myself off, but the moment kept replaying in my head. Damn I wanted so bad to kiss right now.

“How much I see my children is my business and mine alone.” I teased. “Well I’ll just come over later.”

“Okay. I’m pretty sure that my parents would love to have you over for dinner like any other night you force yourself on us.” She spoke sarcasm heavily in her tone as I laughed. Had it not been for the playful sparkle in her eye, I would have taken her verbal assault seriously.

“Fine I’ll see you at eight o’clock.” I grinned.

“I won’t be there, I have plans.” She smirked as I narrowed my eyes at her. The hell did she mean she had plans and who the fuck with? I hated those three classes we didn’t have together. If John…

“What kind of loser did you trick into willingly hanging out with a fucked up freak like you.” Spat Clarissa cutting into my thoughts and snapping me out of it.

“That would be me.” Came John’s voice as he sat on side of her, bringing a few of the football players to the table with him. I tried to play it cool as I exchanged pleasantries with them and Clarissa stumbled over her words. Okay so maybe she had no idea why John was acting like this, but that only made me more suspicious. What was his purpose? I return my eyes to her not being able to hide the hurt. After last night she was still going to go out with him. I never would have asked her not to, but I did hope that after thirty minutes or so of making out with me in my pool she wouldn’t want to.

“Davie, we really should go sit with the actual popular jocks and cheerleaders and not communicate with just anyone because they were a cheer uniform.” spat Clarissa, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Maria. She tried to cling onto my arm again, but I snatched it away. I wasn’t moving.

“I have never agreed with you more Clarissa.” She chastised mockingly. “You should leave. I don’t want people to see us together and think that I’m suddenly open for business. I sure as hell don’t want any of your clientele. That’s just unsanitary as hell.” This wasn’t fair. She had no right to be mad at me and from the look she was throwing at me she was. Here I was trying my best to get away from my stalker, and she was still making plans with John.

“I guess that’s a plus for me then. You know, since I never really gave her any kind of attention.” Added John as the boys from the team laughed. I scoffed trying hard to find reasons not to punch him in the face right now.

“Fuck off. All of you.” She spat, rolling her eyes and stomping off her loyal band of idiots following directly behind her. I watched as she waved goodbye sarcastically as I finally laughed, mostly from disbelief.

“You do know you’re supposed to go after her right?” she asked, annoying me further. I didn’t give a fuck what Clarissa did.

“Why? We aren’t together. Besides you’re my friend and you have fruit.” I spat pulling the container of strawberries towards me. It was a very lowkey, primal thing to do. I just wanted John to understand that I was still here no matter what.

“You have your own plus a sandwich that took forever to make.” she teased pulling the container back to her and biting into another strawberry, stopping to suck the juice out of it. I couldn’t even hide my reaction to that.

“Maybe I should’ve asked for more.” I deadpanned, staring her down. “Besides it always tastes better when it’s not yours.” I winked. If John didn’t get by now, he was dumber than I thought.

Nervously she tucked a loose strand of her behind her ear before giving her attention to the guy sitting on the side of her. I smirked at him over his shoulder, sending him a wink also. I don’t know what had come over me, but now I was intentionally trying to ruin their date before it even happened.

“So John what’s up?”

“Nothing much. Just wondering if we can hangout Friday instead of tonight. I have to watch my niece and little cousin.” That was a lie, but I kept my mouth shut trying to hide the fact I was laughing.

“Oh...um sure.” It was then that I lost it. She’d actually forgotten about him because of me.

“You’re the best.” He smiled tapping his index finger against her nose before he got up and walked away to his usual table.

“Oh shut up.” she snapped her blush deepening.

“I’m just wondering what could have made you forget y’all plans.” I teased.

“Why does it matter?”

“It doesn’t, but clearly even when you’re with him you’re thinking of me.” I spoke smuggly even though we were basically hush whispering. “I enjoy knowing that little fact.”

“And you can’t like me.” She spat venom coating her words as I cringed. “Friends, remember?” I should have known that it would come back to bite me in the ass eventually.

“Always and forever, but like I said last night. Seeing you with him makes me jealous; even if I don’t deserve to be.” she groaned, starting to pack up. Fuck! I had gone too far.

“Well learn to deal with it.” she spat before stomping off out of the cafeteria, towards our locker and away from the small crowd forming. I rushed to pack up before running after her. I didn’t care about the whispers our little moment had started. I didn’t want her mad at me again so soon.

“Minnie!” I yelled as she just ignored me before speeding up. However, her wedges just weren’t fast enough and I finally caught up with her. “What are you so upset about?!” I snapped.

“Why are you playing games with me Mickey?!” she all but whined frustrated.

“I’ve been nothing but honest with you. I don’t like seeing him with you.”

“But you don’t want to be with me. So you have no choice but to get used to it and you don’t get to make me feel bad about it.” she had a point, but I didn’t care. I would tell her everything right now if she wanted me to. If it was the only way to get her to see it the way I did.

“Well you can’t make me like it.” I growled as she rolled her eyes. “I. Don’t. Like. You. With. Him.” I said putting emphasis on each word. I wished she would just ask what was holding me back already. If she said those words, I’d gladly spill my guts.

“You’re so fucking insufferable Mickey! I hate you!” she snapped trying to walk away from me again, but I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to me. I was tired of her walking away from me and it had to stop.

“You know you don’t hate me. You actually like it when I’m insufferable.” I whispered against her lips as our foreheads pressed together. I hadn’t for us to get this close, but if she wasn’t going to stop it, neither was I.

“No I don’t and you can’t make me.” she mocked breathlessly as I laughed before pushing my lips against her. It was everything and more than I wanted all day. I would never grow tired of tasting her soft, plump lips as they pressed against my own.

“You are mine. Always will be mine.” I whispered aggressively. I was fast approaching creep territory, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to hide how I felt anymore and I didn’t want her with any other guy. Especially not John. Her strawberry flavored lips and strawberry scent was mine to enjoy. No one else’s.

“No.” she whispered back before pushing me away before heading towards our next class. I stood in the middle of the hallway dazed and confused. That was the first time she had ever told me no and it bothered him. I didn’t care about the people who probably just saw the whole thing. If this was the game she wanted to play, then I was all in. As long as her heart was the prize in the end.

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