Dave (Bonus Book 4)

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Chapter 21: First Day (Part 3)

The Maria induced euphoria seemed to last through the night and into the next morning. The next morning I found myself constantly thinking about her. I had never wanted our little coincidence as much as I did now. I needed proof that we were still in sync. Whereas it usually came easy to find something to wear, it was exceptionally hard. It was like everything that I picked up just felt wrong. I was running out of clothes by the time I’d managed to say yes. It had taken far longer than I would have liked to get ready and it only made me wonder if she’d had the same issue. Whatever this connection was, it was deeper than we were giving it credit for.

After thirty-five minutes, I was finally ready to go, opting to grab a breakfast sandwich on the way to school. What I hadn’t expected was to bump into my father on the way out. I honestly expected him to still be gone. I also didn’t expect him to want to hold a conversation right then.

“Jr wait.” he called out, stopping me in my tracks. I groaned, forcing myself to control my temper. When he left we hadn’t been on the best of terms and right now the last thing I wanted to do was talk to him.

“Dad, I have to go.” I whined and yhup I’m proud of it.

“It’ll only take a second. Come over here and sit down.” begrudgingly I did as told.

“What?” I spat annoyed.

“Look Jr, you can be mad at me all you want, but I still stand by what I said. I love Maria, really I do, but you are not ready for something serious. I’m proud of the work you’ve done on yourself this past year, but ruining it for some girl is stupid.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” I seethed.

“David, listen to me, your mother called me yesterday and told me she saw you two. Now it was all fun and games when I thought this was just a crush, but I don’t think this is something you should pursue. You aren’t ready and I’ll be damned if I let another little bitch try to take advantage of you.” I jumped wide-eyed as he slammed his fist down on the table. Moments like this I saw where my temper came from. “I won’t be able to bail you out this time. Stop being stupid and learn to make better choices. Stop going for the girls that remind you of her.”

“You. Don’t. Know- know what nevermind.” every inch of my brain was begging my body to walk off, but the anger wouldn’t let me. “Who in the hell are you to try and tell me anything about what I chose to do?! You promised things were going to be different and that lasted all of what, three months? You’re never here! At least mom tries! You have no idea what Maria deals with or what she has to go through! Don’t you dare belittle and degrade her down to a level because you can find a girl willing to keep her mouth hush while sleeping with a married man. I mean what I said David mom was a fool for forgiving you. You’ll never change and she deserves better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have school.”

After stomping away I needed a minute to calm down. I know mom says I should learn to forgive him and the mistake he made, but a year of secrecy and lies is more than a mistake. He knew what he was doing and thought he could get away from it. He was the exact kind of guy I felt I had to protect all the women in my life from, but they were married and she still loved him. It annoyed the hell out of me that it was so easy for her to get over but what choice did I have.

Once I felt composed enough to be around others, and realizing that we were definitely going to be late, I trudged over to Maria’s house. I was feeling even more conflicted than ever about my pursuit of her, but there was no denying that being around her just made me feel better. She was the light in my day and right now I needed a bit of that.

I hesitated to ring the bell before sucking it up and just doing it. When I did, I couldn’t believe my luck. She was beautiful. Her black skinny jeans hugged her body like they were scared to leave her. Her belly button peaked out just enough from her sky blue crop top to say hello, although she covered those beautiful shoulders with a blazer. I never really paid attention to the make-up she wore, but I had to admit I was entranced with the red on her lips that made them look fuller. She never ceased to amaze me and everyday I found her more beautiful than the last. I watched her as she watched me and couldn’t help the smile on my face as a frown graced hers. I, myself, was wearing a pair of all black jeans, a sky blue t-shirt, a black plaid button tied around my waist, a black and blue fedora and some sky blue boots.

“I’ve said it before Mickey, I’m really starting to think that you watch me through my window when I pick out my outfit.” I laughed, glad to have the freedom to do so. Just being in her presence already had me feeling ten times better. I would never understand my father’s issue or why he chose this random moment before school to bring them up.

“Like I’ve told you Minnie, I usually pick my clothes out the night before. It’s a coincidence. Just face it already. This,” I paused to point from myself to her and back. “It’s inevitable love.” Okay, so I lied a bit. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t want to admit that I’d gone through my clothes this time until they just felt right. It didn’t quite sound manly.

“No its fucking creepy.” she laughed as I rolled my eyes and grabbed her things from her.

“Or maybe we’re soulmates and this is the way that fate is choosing to show it to us because we’re too stubborn to see it ourselves.”

“Screw you. By the way soulmate I can carry my own bag to the car. It’s not fair for you to carry both.”

“Shut up and enjoy it.” I replied, bumping her shoulder. She just rolled my eyes and laughed as we finally headed to the car. For the most part the routine at school had been the same, but I had to admit I was being a little more clingy than usual. My father’s words were still echoing in my head and I wanted desperately to prove him wrong about me, her and us.

“What is this thing?” I asked, grabbing the thing on her head before it fell to the floor.

“This stupid thing is called a beanie and it keeps slipping off. So I’m just going to stuff it in my bag and let my outfit go incomplete.” She groaned angrily, stuffing the thing in her bag.

“Here you go drama queen.” I rolled my eyes before placing my fedora on top of her head and trying to adjust it until it was just right. Something about that moment was perfect, but I couldn’t describe it and didn’t want to ruin the moment with words. I rather they stayed unspoken.

“See now we have to take pictures.”

“Nope.” I whispered trying to find a logical reason not to kiss the exposed part of her neck.

“If you want your lunch you’d take pictures with me.” She teased, shaking the bag in my face and bringing my attention back to her the right way.

“Fine you damn tease. Your phone or mine?”

“Mines. You have all the pictures from last time and for some reason you don’t know how to share them.” she teased shoving her phone in my face.


Soon we began laughing and making funny faces as we took turns wearing the fedora and people walked past us looking more confused than ever making us laugh harder. We really weren’t helping the rumors especially after the seen kiss in the hallway. By the time we were done it was only thirty minutes left of lunch. We raced to the lunchroom to see Clarissa and John sitting at the table she claimed as ours and again it was filled with the cheerleaders and jocks. This only made me more suspicious of John’s intention. John looked sad and Clarissa looked irritated.

“Told you they were together.” Spat Clarissa as I handed Maria her phone and John nodded to her. I tried my best to ignore them both as I tried to sneak my lunch out her bag but failed.

“If you two want to be friends with us you both need to realize that we’re friends with each other and we are going to hang out. We’re going to get caught up in being us. Hell, we might even decide to have sleepovers because we are friends and that’s what friends do. You can hang out with us as much as you want. I don’t care. Clarissa I borderline hate you and want you nowhere near my pets, but Dave likes you and because I’m a good friend I’ll tolerate you. If you can’t do the same maybe you’re not the one for him. John if you want to get to know me get over the rumors you hear because it’s ridiculous. It’s been only Dave and I for the past year or so. That won’t change because we’re expanding our little group.” He nodded his head before kissing her cheek and winking at the other football players at the table with us. I was stuck trying to understand what the hell just happened.

“Will you ever learn?” She asked as I shrugged realizing that Clarissa had left and I was still expected to follow behind her.

“Nope, now send me the pictures.”

“I’m still waiting on you to send me the other pictures.” she laughed.

“How about you come over today after school, my dad just got this new digital printer and after I hook it up we’d both have copies for our scrapbooks.” I teased as my hand creeped up her thigh. I was rushing, pushing the limits of what she was deeming as okay. I needed to know how far she was willing to let me go. I needed confirmation that she indeed liked me back.

“Fine, but I can only stay awhile. Tonight is my date night with my dad.” She replied before pulling out my lunch and smacking me with it.

“Weirdo.” I teased sticking my tongue out at her.

“Fuck off and eat your food.” she laughed as we finally began to eat our lunch with barely any time left.


By the time school ended, I couldn’t hold it anymore. We’d been flirting all day and it was killing me. I had to kiss her. The moment we reached our lockers I found myself staring at her trying to build the courage to just do it.

“Don’t even think about it.” she said putting in the combination to her locker and ended up using the wrong one. My smirk widened. She wanted to kiss me too, but wouldn’t admit it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Seriously Dave, your kisses are gross and everyone in the hall will be talking about it.”

“Pssh, you love my kisses, otherwise you wouldn’t have kissed me back.” my eyes trailed her blush as it filled her with warm tones making her glow even more. Now I really had to kiss her.

“Let’s just go.” she sighed, still not really rejecting my advances.

“Denial is kinda cute on you Minnie.” I teased as we left the building and got in my car. I teased her the entire ride home using that as an excuse to find out how she felt for me. She only blushed and hid her face, but it was enough for me. Once we made it to my house, as expected my dad hadn’t bothered to stick around and my mom was rushing out. After waving goodbye to her I closed the door and wasted no time finally pushing my lips against hers. My arms wrapped tightly around her waist as I pulled her closer to me, deepening the kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that all day.” I said, pecking her lips again. Thankfully, she was smiling instead of backhanding me.

“If you wanted to wear my lipstick that bad all you had to do was ask for the tube Mickey.” I rolled my eyes as she burst out laughing. Her laugh was my new favorite song.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Let’s go get a snack smartass.” she rolled her eyes and walked away earning a smack on the behind. Not going to lie, I was probably enjoying this freedom. I felt a little too much as I watched her ass shake while following her into the kitchen. My eyes were still glued to her as she bit her lip and leaned against the counter. Again my hands were on either side of her waist leaving no space between us at all. The more she engaged with me, the more confident I felt about us feeling the same way.

“Thought you wanted a snack.” she teased her breathing shaky. I loved that I had an effect on her.

“You look pretty tasty right now.” I smiled before pushing my lips against hers again. It was like something had possessed me and before I knew it her hand was stroking me through my unzipped pants as my fingers rubbed at her under her underwear. I had no idea how we got here, but my brain was getting foggy and I couldn’t stop it. I started sucking violently on her neck loving the sounds I could get her to make.

“Shit! Damn it Dave.” She groaned, bringing us back to reality. “I hate to leave unfinished, but I have to find a way to hide these hickeys in thirty minutes and go on my date with my dad.”

“Pick up where we left off later?” I asked, holding onto her tighter. It had taken me far too long to be able to touch her like this and I wasn’t quite ready to just let it go.

“You know I’m a virgin and we really should get some rest for once. Practice starts up again soon. Now I really have to go.” she whined as she tried to fix her clothes before turning towards the back door. I knew things were going to go back to being weird, for the last time I pulled her back into another long kiss.

“Later.” I mumbled against her lips practically begging as she nodded her head yes. We didn’t have to do anything else. I just wanted to be able to kiss just a little bit more. “Don’t worry Minnie, I could never hurt you.” she blushed before leaving and closing the door. It was then I realized we’d completely forgotten to print out the pictures, but it was definitely worth it.

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