Dave (Bonus Book 4)

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Chapter 28: The Girl Next Door, Home Again (Part 2)

I spent the night tossing and turning both excited and petrified. I kept wondering what it would be like to see her again. To be able to hug her and just talk. If we kissed, cool, but more than anything else, I just wanted to talk to her again. To hear her voice and feel the same way I felt the very first time it hit my ears. To be able to smell that wonderful strawberry scent of hers and finally be able to see for myself that she’s okay. To be able to make our inside jokes again and spend nights sitting in one of our yards reading a book. I missed the simpleness of it all, but I wasn’t foolish to think it would still be that simple. We still had some work to do on our friendship alone. So much so that a possible relationship still felt too far out of reach. Until then, it was time to go see the kids.

I admit, it has been a while since I’ve done my share, but after a while it just was too painful to continue on with them. I’d always been skeptical about going over there, even though Mr.Anise made it clear it was okay, but today just felt right. Letting out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding, I stood up, left my house and made my way over to her backyard where her father was. The minute I made it to the gate, there they were barking like crazy. My heart clenched in my chest as a wave of guilt washed over me.

“Hey guys.” I cooed after opening the gate and bending down to their level. “I’m so sorry.” I could hear him laughing at me, and I understand why. “Do you mind if I spend some time with them before I go to practice?” I asked, feeling obliged to get permission.

“They’re your problem now,” he teased. “Just don’t turn into a deadbeat again.” I rolled my eyes at his joke trying not to get choked up as he left me alone with them.

“Never again.” I whispered allowing them to jump all over me as we rolled around in the grass. I was ashamed that I turned my back on them the way they had. Dogs or not, they’d always been a happy place for me and I missed them like hell.

… … … … …

“David! Damn it David, pass the ball! Pass the fucking ball!” yelled coach, his voice sounding further away than he actually was. I was in my zone and really didn’t care what the purpose of this scrimmage game was for. I didn’t want to get to know the new players, I had been top gun for the past year. I already had scouts looking for me trying to convince me to skip college, but ball wasn’t my dream. My dream at the moment was to get my girl back and I wanted to end this as quickly as possible so I could be there when she finally came back home. It’s been a long year since I’ve last seen her and that was all that I could focus on.

What would she look like now? How would she respond to me being there? Did she still carry those feelings for me? Would she still care the way she once did? Has she finally forgiven me? Does she still think that I betrayed her? Can we pick up where we left off? Is she going to make us start all over? Did she still wear her bracelet? I never take off my chain unless I’m in the shower. I just wanted my best-friend back and I was willing to do whatever it took to get her back. I was in my head more than I was in the game, but talent just doesn’t go away. I ran up to the three point line, took my stance and made an easy three pointer.

“Damn it David! This is not the time to show off! Get off of my court! Go home!” yelled coach as I smiled and ran out the gym room deciding to just shower at home. I needed to be there. I needed to show her how much I changed. I wasn’t the same Dave she left looking like a loser. I was someone new. I wasn’t letting her run over me anymore because of a past I couldn’t get over. I was more than enough for anyone. I was more than enough for her.

I have a big heart. I care more than the normal person dies. I would jump in front of a bullet if it meant saving her. I would use my body to shield her from anything wanting to harm her. If they only had one seat left to go to Mars when the world ended and I had the last ticket I would give it to her. I would do anything to ensure her happiness and it was about time that she started to realize it. There was nothing else I could do to show her and prove to her that I’m more than a hundred percent committed to what we could be. It was about time that she saw it for herself for once.

… … … … … ...

Okay, so I lied. Well I did and I didn’t. I meant everything I said, but it was easier to downplay it all than to admit the kind of intensity it truly was. The closer it got to her arrival, the more prominent that reality became. I was ansty, unable to sit still. The only thing I could think to do was wash my truck. My mind focused on all the times we’d done it together and trying to calm the palpitations in my heart. I wondered if I’d still be able to pick her up. Or at least if she’d allow me to.

Did she think about me as much as I thought about her? Has she changed also? Was it a good change or had her pure heart finally been corrupted? I would be foolish to think that she was still the same person. The both of us had been changed a year ago. On one hand I wanted to tell her everything. She still only knew half the story. She knew about what happened with Natalie, but she didn’t know the full story. She didn’t know about Persephone or how low I’d gotten. She didn’t know that Clarissa had taken advantage of me all because I was curious about the girl next door. I didn’t want her to blame herself for anything. Which brings me to the next point. I can’t tell her as much as I want to. I don’t want to hurt her anymore than I already have and I don’t want her looking at me different.

Besides, would she even believe me or would she be like everyone else? Would she think that the thought of someone taking advantage of me was laughable. As much as I want to protect her, I have to learn to protect myself also. I can’t afford another relapse. My parents can’t afford for me to have another relapse. It’s not fair to them or me. The sound of tires screeching to a stop behind me pulled me from my thoughts. I turned, my breath catching my throat as we just stared at each other. Those wide eyes watched me closely as I licked my dry lips. What was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to act? Suddenly I was wishing that I had on more than a pair of basketball shorts and my dad’s weird sandals. Time seemed to stand still. I hadn’t even noticed her pull into her driveway until I heard her door close.

She walked as if she was gliding and I couldn’t find a way to loosen my tongue. Fuck she was more beautiful that I remember. The sun shining down on her skin had her looking like the tastiest caramel ever made. The kind that melted in your mouth and had you moaning with pleasure. Her long beautiful curly locs that I loved now had hidden highlights and blended with her skin. All I wanted to do was grab a fist full and pull her towards me with it. Take that how you want. Something about her being so close to me, yet still so far away had me stepping closer to her. Each step brought me closer to that strawberry scent I craved. My mind couldn’t help replaying the way those plump delicious vessels she called lips felt against mines and how they tasted.

“Need help?” I all but whispered as I came to a stop behind her. I was begging for her to turn around so I could see the goddess face up close one more time. I wanted to see those eyes that I loved, that couldn’t lie to me. I wanted to beg her to see her Mickey and not Dave. Dave was just her friend. Mickey was her soulmate.

“No that’s okay. I got it.” she spat and I melted. Her melodious voice kissed my eyes like it craved to be heard by them. Still, the hurt from her rejection gripped my heart pulling it apart. Why was she pushing me away? Why was she acting like I was still the monster in her life? Right now, more than anything, I just wanted to hear her say that she missed me too. I wanted her to wrap her arms tight around me pulling me into a hug as she burst into tears against my chest. I wanted to believe that being a part nearly destroyed her as much as it destroyed me.

“Come on Minnie,” I couldn’t help how the words came out. I was desperate to see her. Her hand reached for her bag as she continued to ignore me. Before I knew it I’d reach out and grabbed it trying to make sure that I was seeing what I believed as a sign of hope. There laid her bracelet. The one that marked hers as mine. The one that matched the chain currently around my neck. “Please just…” I couldn’t bring myself to beg. I didn’t want her to think I was trying to push her. Instead I let her go and stepped back. Before I could turn my back, she was facing me and my heart burst. “I’m so sorry Minnie. I really am.” she gasped and I wondered if it was because of the tears she could see in my eyes.

“Oh Mickey.” she breathed and before I knew it, her lips were on mine. Instant I pulled her closer to me deepening the kiss hoping she could feel what I was feeling as our lips danced. Fuck she drove me crazy. Her hands were entangled in my hair begging me to come closer and just as I began to obliged she pulled away from me.

“No. no no no. We can’t do this.” she breathed against my lips before finally separating from me altogether, only to bring me back closer to her. She was playing with my emotions and I didn’t like it. My dick was rock hard and I wanted her more than anything at this moment. I could barely think straight with her so close to me. Her scent filled my nose and I could still taste her on my lips as our foreheads pressed together.

“Minnie…” I whined hornily.

“No.” she whispered. I could see the internal battle she was having in her eyes and waited to see what she would say next. I was hoping that her need for me would outweigh whatever she thought was the right thing. Trying to do what we thought was the right thing never really worked out for us. It was only when we did the things we hesitated about that we seemed to get closer. “Just friends Mickey. We’re just barely friends again. Please-” Those words only made me more confused. She wanted me, but she was stopping herself. She wanted to be friends again, but she was still unsure. I didn’t know how many ways I could apologize. I didn’t know how far I could without having to explain the whole Clarissa situation. Hell she still didn’t know that it was because of me that they even got arrested. That thought there pissed me off and more than ever I wanted her to hear me clearly.

“We were never just friends Maria, you and I both know that much.” I spat before separating us. I needed her to see me clearly. To understand that I didn’t want to play these games anymore. “If you’re thinking of it in any other way, you’re only kidding yourself. Stop denying what’s here between us.”

“There’s nothing between us anymore David. That changed when I found out about the seven thousand dollars and it became concrete when I found out about Clarissa. I’m not denying anything, I just don’t feel that way anymore. Nothing will change that. I don’t trust you anymore, at least not enough to be what you want me to be.” what she said felt like a knife twisting in my heart, but kept my game face on. I refused to let her get to me like that. I had to remember that she didn't know the whole story. I also had to remember that she wasn't technically wrong.

“Stop lying Maria.” I scoffed, allowing a smirk to place itself on my face. She could say what she wanted, but that didn’t change the fact that she was just the one to kiss me. She made the first move and I was all too happy to reciprocate it. “Even after everything came out you fucked me. I would say it was only twice, but you and I both know how insatiable you are. I bet you still haven’t found someone that can make you scream their name while you dig your claws into their backs.” I laughed not feeling the need to sugarcoat shit. She knew no one could make her feel as good as I had. Sex was only aamzing when you genuinely had some kind of connection with your partner. Our connection came from the soul. I’d touched all her demons without even knowing. You don’t just get over that. It’s not possible. “You know where to find me when you want a real orgasm.” I teased, pressing my hard cock against her thigh as she gasped. She was trying everything not to look down or reach out and touch it. If this was the game she wanted to play, I wasn’t going to play fair. I was going to break all the rules. I was tired of being the fair one in this case. I was going after what I wanted for once.

“In. Your. Dreams.” she spat struggling to push me away from her as I laughed. I’d almost forgotten how good she was at denying what she really wanted. I could tell though. She wanted this as much as I did, she just needed a little bit more convincing.

“Always Minnie. At least then there’s no clothes in the way in my dreams.” I winked as her jaw dropped open and a blush painted her cheeks. Shrugging, I pretended not to notice and just walked away to my car to finish washing it. I couldn’t let her see how much she’d affected me too.

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