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Chapter 32: BIg Bad Wolves (Part 2)

I stuck around after she left to help clean the mess we made. Afterwards, I gave the workers all a tip, even though they weren’t supposed to take it, and then left. My car was filled with the smells of our lunch and I found myself laughing as the scene repeatedly played out in my head. It would have taken me no time at all to get home, but I decided to stop at the park and video chat with my dad. He picked up after the second ring.

“What happened to you?” he laughed.

“I had a plan and it kind of backfired, then got worse, and then gut punched me. Now here I am.” I smiled letting him see the extent of the damage that was caused.

“Jr, if this is the result of some kind of kinky welcome home party you and Maria had alone, then I don’t want to hear about it.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. You slay me.” I spat sarcastically. “Do you want to hear what happened or not?”

“Fine. Fine. I’m all ears.” I took a moment to really come to terms with what happened, before spilling my guts out. I told him everything, including my new neighbors. Surprisingly he didn’t look surprised about them.

“Did you know they were moving here dad?” I whined. I don’t care how unmasculine the sound was, I was hurt. We had come too far for him to still be withholding important shit like this from me. He nodded and had the decency to look ashamed. “Why wouldn’t you tell me this? I would’ve liked to be giving some kind of a heads up.”

“I was hoping you’d be trying to fix things with Maria before they showed up!” he defended. “I wanted to talk to you first when you had a clear mind.”

“My mind is clear father, but thanks to me being blind sided I went to confess everything to Maria myself. Call it a lesson learned. I thought I was doing the right thing, and instead I found out that she and Phoenix already know each other. I blamed her instantly. Felt like she was playing me and then we fought. I threw my food on her and she retaliated so quickly as you can see. For a minute I saw myself in her and all that did was make me smile. It gave me hope that this could work, but I just-” I paused to wipe the tears from my eyes. I couldn’t even bring myself to say the words out loud.

“You can’t tell her about Clarissa. You don’t want her thinking of you as weak.”

“I rather she thinks of me as a childish, lying, betraying, arrogant, woman abusing, egomaniac, narcissistic murderer before she ever thinks of me as weak.”

… … … … … … …

My talk with my dad had done little to pacify me. I wanted to talk to her more than ever, just to be around her. Old habits seemed to die hard and before I knew it, I was texting her as I stood next to the ladder by her window. As soon as she said yes I was going to climb up.

Mickey: Can I come over? I just want to talk. I was taking a big leap texting this. She could still be mad or just not want to talk to me ever again, but I had to see her. She needed to see me. The pull between us was too strong to even bother trying to ignore. Both as friends and something more.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Please.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Come on sweetheart.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Can you at least say something else besides no?

Minnie: Fine.

Mickey: So I can come over?

Minnie: Hell no. I couldn’t help the bark of laughter that escaped me. There was that sass that I missed.

Mickey: Okay I walked right into that one.

Minnie: Yes you did.

That was it. I was going up there. Without thinking I started to climb and to my surprise the window was closed and locked. I could feel her laughing at me from the inside. With a frown on my face, I climbed back down and pulled my phone back out of my pocket.

Mickey: Open the window.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: Please.

Minnie: No.

Mickey: I’ll scream I love you.

Minnie: You wouldn’t dare.

Mickey: Oh pretty girl, it’s like you don’t know me at all anymore.

Minnie: You are already on a ladder leaning against my window texting. How much of a daredevil do you want to be? I will come push you if that’s the case.

Mickey: Fine. I’m sorry about the food. I shouldn’t have gotten jealous. I shouldn’t have thrown food. It was childish, petty and immature. I overreacted.

Minnie: You can come up now. The window is open.

“Why are you in the dark?” I asked once I was inside.

“Trying to be mad at you, but for some reason I can’t.” she laughed shrugging as she scooted over in the bed. I couldn’t grinning at the fact she made space for me without even thinking about it.

“Because of the food?” I asked as she nodded. “Why not?”

“I keep thinking of that day in the pool.” she blushed. “But mainly I can’t stop thinking about the day that I found out about the money. When I threw that breakfast at your face after you worked all morning to make it. Now I feel bad about getting mad at you earlier since you only gave me a taste of my own medicine.” I was barely listening to a word she was saying. She was close to me. Too close. Her strawberry scent filled the room and wafted over me, enticing me to mark her as mine again, but I had to wait. It needed to be her decision. I needed her consent. So I tried to focus my attention on her words and not her.

“I remember that night.” I whispered. “I wish we could go back there.” She had no idea how true that was. It was before everything became complicated. The last night where we just felt like us.

“I do too, but without the whole John thing happening.” she admitted. We grew quiet as she leaned her head back with her eyes closed. I tried so hard to fight the urge, but I couldn’t help it. I had to kiss her. Cautiously I placed my lips against hers and was thankful when I felt her pulling me closer and letting me know that this was okay. Moving between her legs my hips grind themselves into hers. I needed her. I needed this.

“I want you Minnie.” I breathed forcing myself to separate our lips. Just a simple taste of her had me craving everything about her I missed over the past year.

“I want you too.” she whimpered and I lost it. It wasn’t enough to have her consent. I needed to touch her. I need her skin against mine. Before I knew it we were both naked as my lips found hers once again. I was both eager and scared to touch her, making me move slower than I wanted to. For now, I was taking the moment to enjoy her skin and how it felt under my hand. I could sense that she wanted more, but for now, I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

As if I blinked too fast she was on top of me, her lips still fastened to mine as she slowly slid down my shaft, her walls encasing me. She was so tight as I swallowed her moans.

Maria’s p.o.v.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I slowly inserted the monster I was no longer used to inside me.

Fuck he felt so good against my walls.

Sitting up and separating our liplock, I started bouncing slowly while rolling my hips. If I was going to get the kind of fucking I wanted I needed to adjust and fast. As if catching on he placed his hands under my ass and lifted me up before pulling me down helping me to ride his long veiny wide dick like it was something I did non-stop.

I was moaning loud, practically screaming, not caring if my father had actually left or not. I grabbed his hands, removing them from my ass and placing them onto my breast. He got the hint as he began tweaking and twisting at my nipples before getting frustrated and flipping us over.

“If you wanted to be nasty that’s all you had to say.” he grinned before suckling on my breast. I groaned as my back arched up off the bed. I could feel his fingers entering me going at a steady rhythm as I lost sense of where I was for a minute. Stimulation to my nipples and any part of my pussy had always been a high for me. Sometimes it was better than the actual sex itself and I was surprised that he’d remembered as much.

“Fuck yes, right there.” I moaned as he began fingering me harder. Just as I began to think that this couldn’t get any better, he slipped a third finger into my ass. I screamed as my orgasm hit me unexpected and I actually squirted right in his face. My body was a spasming mess as my back arched up off the bed and I kept jerking. I was shocked as I panted heavily already feeling myself getting tired. Not once had I ever come so hard and so quickly before.

“Don’t quit on me yet Minnie.” he whispered seductively as he bent back down and began licking my juices clean.

Dave’s p.o.v.

She was holding onto me tight as she slept. She had definitely worn me out with the best sex I’ve ever had, but there was just too much on my mind for me to be able to sleep properly.

A part of me felt like I had been given another chance to make things right.

I couldn’t do it with Natalie, but I had the obligation to take up the chance with Persephone. It was the least that I could do and it was the last thing standing in the way of things being perfect with Maria.

She looked far more beautiful than words can describe cuddled up in my arms. Her curly hair was wild and noticeably longer. I couldn’t help myself when I grabbed a handful of it as I slammed myself into her repeatedly from behind. Her caramel skin looked more beautiful than ever basked in her after sex glow. Even her lips, her plump and juicy looking lips beckoned to me like a cold glass of lemonade of a sunny day. She was more goddess-like than I remembered and I couldn’t believe that I was forced to wait so long before I could taste her again. She was more beautiful than I could explained

I was completely enthralled with who she was.

Completely obsessed with how she made me feel.

Completely hooked with what she could make me feel sexually.

Completely, utterly and irrevocably in love with her.

She deserved the perfect gentleman. Someone who dealt with his past instead of running away from it. Someone who could be exactly what she needed when she needed him. Someone who could bring back the quiet Maria, without suffocating who she was now. Someone who knew how to let her be both. Someone who could see her entirely for who she was, is and could be.

She was still hurting.

Everyday she was screaming out for help.

She pushed me away because she knew even after all of this time I would still see who she really was.

I would still see her perfectly.

Together we’d become big bad wolves and I couldn’t wait for her to realize it also. Until then I was going to do whatever I would have to in order to give her that perfect guy that she deserves. If it couldn’t be me, I would try my hardest to make sure I helped her find him.

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