Dave (Bonus Book 4)

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Chapter 36: Mickey and Minnie (Part 2)

Maria’s p.o.v.

By the time I got home all I wanted to do was wash my face, call Dave over to cuddle and just relax for the time being. I was both mentally and emotionally drained from the day and breaking down to my father made it no better. I hadn’t felt like that since graduation; since the day that I left. I had to admit though that I felt like I’d gotten decades of pain off my shoulders after talking to him. To know that he still saw me as me after everything meant more to me than I ever thought it would.

I knew that I still needed to talk to Dave, but right now, it could wait. I just wanted to have at least one peaceful night for us to just be us. Yawning, I headed towards the stairs with the intent to go up them, but the dogs were right at my feet barking to go out. It was almost funny. During everything they just stayed quiet and slept and now that we were home they were wild.

“Come on guys, I just want to relax.” I whined trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. As usual they didn’t listen. The only time they got like this was when Dave was around, but that couldn’t be it because he said that he would be at practice all day. They weren’t hungry because they literally just ate the moment we came in. Maybe they just wanted a bit more exercise. Sucking in a deep breath I forced myself to take a step towards the back door. At least that way I would be able to relax as they ran around. They were still barking and running around my feet. “Okay, okay I’m coming.” I groaned.

The moment I opened the door and stepped onto the patio my mouth dropped. The sun was just starting to set giving the area even more of a glow. It was beautiful and almost brought tears to my eyes as I looked around. Finally my eyes landed on his. The first thing I noticed was that we were dressed alike and I couldn’t help but laugh. Stepping off the porch I took the opportunity to really look around.

“I got all your favorites.” he all but whispered as I finally stood in front of him. He grabbed my hand and led me towards the bean bag chairs. I gasped seeing mine. He’d made me his own personal constellation. I was barely holding it in as I sat down. He had no clue how much I truly needed something like this right now, but he still knew. He winked as he handed me a bottle of grape juice and I laughed.

“David Micheal, what is all of this?” I breathed honestly amazed. Maybe this unexplainable connection we had went further than just dressing alike. Maybe it was also emotionally based. He always knew when I needed him most and vice versa. He stared at me for a moment with a goofy, nervous but cute smile before opening his mouth to speak.

“Ever since that random chance of your dogs running into my backyard and finding me that first day that I moved here and liking me instead of attacking, I’ve been obsessed with you. You went from the beautiful girl next door with amazing pups who I shared a lot in common with, to my best-friend almost instantaneously. The only things that I would change about the entire situation is accepting that money and sleeping with Clarissa. Everything else brought me closer to you than I thought was possible. You didn’t know all that I was going through at first. How broken and misunderstood I felt...that I was. Whatever it was that you initially saw in me, you looked past it. You allowed my truth to shine through. Yes we’ve hit our bumps in passing, but we always come right back together. Minnie you are the best thing to have ever happened to me and will never fully grasp just how much I needed you then. I didn’t even know how much I needed you until I didn’t have you anymore. I know all of this sounds like I planned it out, but that’s only because I’ve had damn near two years to think about this all.” he paused as I laughed. I could still remember thinking what I said sounded like an insult. At least now I knew he thought it too.

“I didn’t mean it like that Mickey.” I said for what felt like the umpteenth time as he just laughed to himself.

“When you finally opened your mouth to speak back, fuck I felt like I was hearing the voice of an angel. I knew my first instinct was right and in this moment, it had only been confirmed even more. You became the only person I could trust; the only person I could truly talk to without fear of judgement, but still my past… that you were unaware of… held me back. I friendzoned you. I wasn’t lying Minnie, I really was sad and alone back there. I wanted a friend, no, I needed a friend. I was determined to start anew without the rumors making it hard. I have the pups to thank for that. I never would have had the courage to talk to you otherwise. The fact that you didn’t cower away from me, and let’s face it, I’m a big guy, and no trace of fear ever filled your eyes is why I opened my mouth and tried. It felt good to be looked at normally again. Once I did it became so easy to do it again. We ended up connecting and just joking around.”

“Over a book.” I smiled, interrupting him. He nodded his head in agreement as he grabbed my hand. Butterflies filled my stomach as I felt the blush starting to stain my cheeks. If things went no further than just what he already said, it would still be perfect.

“First time meeting and we spent hours just talking. It was almost midnight before we called it quits and we still ended up texting for a few more hours. I don’t think that I could have made it through my junior year without you sane. You were more than a friend to me Maria and I’ll never be able to pay you back for helping me find myself again. I know I don’t deserve all that you are, but I’ll try my damndest to earn it everyday. Talking to you every morning and every night was the highlight of my day; and I hated every second that it was taken away from me. I never want either of us to lose ourselves again. I want to be each other anchor. When it all begins to be too much, it’ll be me there to ground you and save you from sinking and vice versa. You are my heart Minerva and now I know just how big of a piece has your name on it. I look forward to spending the day with you and the kids. I love having you take up my time. Between work, school and practice you are legit the best part of my day; and it’s been like that since the end of sophomore year when I first moved here. Whether we’re going out or cooking together, or simply walking around with them. I enjoy every millisecond of it. I love teasing you and having you tease me back. I love how passionate you get when you’re mad at me. Shows me just how much you really care. You ain’t trying to hurt me or push me away, you’re speaking from hurt; a language that I understand so well. You’re trying to get me to open my eyes and see the truth and now I do. I see it so clearly it hurts. I love you and them more than I ever thought I would be capable of again after all that happened with Natalie and Persephone. I knew from the day that I met you, the second that I saw you, that you were all I wanted, but I was scared. I’m not scared anymore Minnie. I want you and only you, no one else. I. Love. You. I love you with every last breath in my body from the bottom of my heart and nothing nor no one can change that. I want you now and always.” Every part of me wanted to kiss him, hug him, and cry yes over and over. First, I needed him to know just how much alike we really were though. Apart from how much we dressed alike and the food we liked to eat.

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