Dave (Bonus Book 4)

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Chapter 37: Mickey and Minnie (Part 3)

Dave’s p.o.v.

I don’t know what I was expecting from her once I finished, but I definitely wasn’t expecting her to just sit there staring at me. Maybe I had misread everything and she just used me to scratch an itch. Maybe I had waited too long and her feelings for me had passed. Maybe I-

“Baby say some please.” I begged starting to feel a sinking feeling in my gut as I cut off my internal rant. I knew that rejection was possible, but I honestly believed I still had a chance. I knew she felt the same that I felt. I knew from deep within my ballsack the attraction we shared was more than lust. Still, with the way she was looking at me, every muscle in my body tensed up with the anticipation of her rejection. Finally, she began to open her mouth as a single tear slid down her cheek.

“When I first met you, I was scared of you. I thought you were going to be the kind of boy that would always hit on me no matter how many times I rejected you. After two years of rumors and hell, I couldn’t handle that. I couldn’t handle being vulnerable to anyone else. When I found out about your lies, it wasn’t you I was mad at, it was me. It was so easy for me to revert to old ways. You have been completely honest with me and yet, they’re still some things that I’ve kept to myself. Mostly because I fear what people will say if they knew the entire truth.” I was shocked, but expected this confession. I knew it was something that she was holding onto, but I knew better than to press it. I didn’t want to pressure her into revealing anything about herself until she was absolutely ready.

“Nothing you can say will make me change my mind about you Maria. Besides who am I to judge?” I joked which only made more tears fall down her beautiful face. Her gorgeous eyes were so sad and my heart ached for her. What could it have been? How bad was it?

“Only a few people know this, including the police. After everything came out they questioned me and assured me that under the circumstances it was still wrong. Somehow, I still feel like they’re wrong. Like a false claim was made on my behalf.” she half laughed, half scoffed, but it was clear she saw no humor in whatever it was she was about to tell me.

“I’m here baby. I’m not going anywhere.” I whispered, bringing her hand to my lips and placing a gentle kiss on it.

“When I was a freshman, I was young, naive and instantly popular. My mom loved it and me. So I played the part that I was expected to play. As you know John had an older brother. His name was Jace. Everyone always questioned why he would go in the room, or why I was placed in there. It was simple. It was a secret only Clarissa knew and we played right into it.” she paused again to pointlessly try to wipe away her tears before taking a swing of her drink.

“What is it Minnie?” I cooed reaching over to rubbed her back soothingly.

“I met Jace one day after cheer practice. He was telling me all of the things that I wanted to hear. How I was the prettiest on the team and how I was the most talented one. How the other girls couldn’t even compare to who I was, how I looked and how talented I was. I believe it all and soaked it in. Like I said, I played the part my mom always wanted me to play. I liked the way he talked and how he made me feel, but I knew people would feel some kind of way about our relationship. We had a few years between us with me being a freshman and him being a senior. So we began to see each other in secret. It was everything that I thought, that I was raised to believe, love was. Foolishly, I thought I could trust someone who was supposed to be my best-friend. I confided in Clarissa, and told her everything. It had been a secret for a little over two months and I thought I was head over heels in love with him. A few weeks after I told her everything, I started noticing she would ask more and more questions…. In front of people. Now that I’m older, I realize that she was only trying to get us caught; but I was naive. I believed she was my friend. In my mind it was the first time any one of us had done something like this and I thought she was just excited. I didn’t know how wrong I was.” she paused again to stand up and move away from me. She looked so guilty and again I had a sinking feeling in both my stomach and heart.

“Baby?” I asked. I couldn’t help myself. The jealous part of me wanted her to know that she was still mine. So much so I couldn’t even use her name.

“I’m so sorry Dave. I led you to believe a lot of me, because it felt nice to be seen as innocent again. I swear to you that you are my first in the only way that matters most. I gave my virginity to you wholeheartedly, but you were not my first attempt. You were not my first kiss. I’ve been played with before, but I never let him actually enter me, finger or otherwise. I’ve been eaten out. I’ve given hand jobs, but was always too afraid to actually put it in my mouth. I’ve given tit jobs and let him cum all over them. I’m innocent in the way that matters most. He never pressured me to go further, he understood. He was sweet to me. That was why when Clarissa went over to him he believed her. It’s why she placed me in his room on her bed. After she got locked up, I went to visit her. It was stupid, but I had to know. I needed to know the truth. It was right before graduation and I needed to know. She told me everything. Clearly she didn’t tell him that I liked him, she told him that I was finally ready and was waiting for him in the room. She said I had taken something to help me relax. She promised him that I was okay with it and went as far as to show him a message that she sent to herself from my phone. She planned it all and made sure to cover her tracks. The message had been deleted from my phone. Jace was drunk. He meant no harm, but he believed her. She had the proof and she was my best-friend. He knew that she knew about us. So why wouldn’t he believe her? She had the audacity to brag to my face how she knew the moment we entered high school she was going to stab me in the back. She salivated in anticipation of the moment I found out. She knew me well enough to know that it would hurt more coming from others instead of her. She knew I would come to her for answers and she saved the best for last. Her last stake through my heart was the admittance of the fact that she had been fucking you the entire time I was trying to get your attention. That was why I left and didn’t come back until now. I felt stupid, foolish. Everyone knew. She had taken Jace from me and now she had you too. I couldn’t handle it. She made my mom hate me. She made me question my father. She ruined everything. She was the reason Caterpillar died. For years I thought I was the one who had left the chocolate lying around that she’d consumed. My parents said it was old age, but I knew the truth. She looked me in the face and laughed as she admitted it. She hated me enough to hurt an innocent puppy. I never saw her for who she was and I lost so much because of it. I bottled it all up and when I went to college I let it all out in all of the wrong ways possible. For Christmas break, I went somewhere. I brought a plane ticket and had gone to see someone I hadn’t in years. I needed answers from him too. When I got there and saw him for the first time all these teenage, unresolved feelings came back. We talked, he apologized and one thing led to another. That entire weekend we barely left his apartment. We fucked any and everywhere possible. I let my demos use my body and possess me. I became someone I no longer recognized and I enjoyed it. It’s no wonder Phoenix reacted the way he did. Between what I did to him and what you did to his sister, he hated us.” she was smirking evilly. Almost laughing at whatever it was that she did. It scared me to see just a glimpse of that demon within her, but it made my monster laugh with her. This part of her appealed to the part of me I wanted to bury.

“What happened between you two Minnie?” I was surprised that I was still so calm about the entire thing,

“I played with his heart.” she giggled to herself. “I saw the signs. I knew he was falling for me, but I just wanted someone to feel as bad as I did. So I’d pull him close and every time I felt like he was getting a little too comfortable I’d push him away and ghost him. This little game of mine lasted a few months. Every time I pushed and he’d start talking to other girls I’d raised hell and throw a fit. I’d spit so many profanities at him accusing him of stepping out repeatedly striking him daring him to do something back. I had lost my mind. It wasn’t until after Christmas break, after Jace that I decided to get some help and try to bury this demon. One thing remains, no matter how much I try to ignore it, and that’s how much I love you. How much I want you, but I can’t be with you a hundred percent without you really knowing who I am.”

She was twiddling her thumbs and I knew she expected me to just walk away and never look back, but my heart just wouldn’t let me. Even with all the new information, I still wanted her. We could discuss anything else later. Letting a smile take over my features, I wasted no time getting to my feet and closing the distance between us. The moment my lips were on hers as my arms wrapped around her holding in place fireworks exploded. I could feel her arms lifting up to wrap around me as the little monster in me rejoiced chanting that she was perfect for us. For once I actually agreed with him.

“I love you and only you. I can’t imagine my life without you. Please be my girlfriend.” I breathed, breaking our liplock as I placed my forehead against hers.

“I wouldn’t have any other way.” she whispered back a smile of her own taken over her features before I placed my lips on hers again. She really was perfect for me in every way possible.

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