Dave (Bonus Book 4)

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Chapter 42: Broken

Jace’s p.o.v.

I froze.

I was stuck, couldn’t move, shock coating my bones.

I didn’t know what to say or do. So I let her continue. I let her belittle and berate me. I let her kick, scream, punch and claw at me. Anything she wanted to harm me. I let her hurt me. I let her break things. I let her yell. I let her take it all out on me.

It wasn’t because I felt I couldn’t do anything to stop her, I could, but I won’t. It was simple really… I deserved it. I deserved every last ounce of it.

As she yelled at me about being insensitive and then told me every damn detail about why exactly she freaked out after seeing Chase. I was sick to my stomach. Nauseous. A part of me still didn’t want to believe it though, but I knew in my gut she wouldn’t lie. She just wasn’t the type to fucking lie about something like this. Besides, no one would be able to fake a reaction like the one she had.

How could he do that to her? Why would he do that to her? Why did he do that at all? Why would he lie? Well, he hadn’t really lied. He just hadn’t told me the truth. The way he smirked when he talked about her now made sense. The way he was too interested in our reunion. How he insisted on calling her fuzzy when at first he liked to call her a midget. It all made sense now and it all made me sick to my stomach. I felt like I was standing on a pile of jello as birds flew around my head making me dizzier than I already was.

“I didn’t know!” I cried out making her stop. “I’m so sorry Princess, but I didn’t know.” There were tears in her eyes making me want to just hug her and never let go. The pain in her voice kept me rooted to my spot.

“You knew Jace, you always knew; you just didn’t want to believe it. It was easier for you to think that I was the one to betray you than to realize the piece of shit your friend actually is. It was easier for you to turn your back on me rather than face your fears and talk to me about the shit. Even if you wouldn’t like the shit you heard you still should have came to me; you should have protected me first, but you didn’t. You became like everybody else and you believed the shit that was being said. You never tried to clear up the rumors that were being said. You knew be better than that, but you just wanted to protect your own reputation. Did you know that your brother tried to get me again? I didn’t even know you had a brother! Yet somehow he still used the past to get under my skin. He knew exactly what to do and say to get to me. I wonder how? Did you know that he was going to cozy up to me to take my virginity? Did the three of you sit around the table at Thanksgiving and plan it?! You disgust me! The three of you deserve each other! You’re all a piece of shit!”

She was trying to hit me again, but I’d broken free of the trance and wrapped my arms around her hugging her close to me. She was right. Everything she was saying was right, but it was wrong also. I was clueless on so much and I felt like shit for never giving her the chance to explain. My own brother? My best-friend? No wonder she’d stopped writing to me. I would have also.

“I had no idea about John and I only believed Chase because I knew you were too good for me Princess. I knew you would realize it sooner or later and leave me in the dust. I wanted to pretend I was truly your other half for as long as you could, but I ran. I always run and I never had anyone there to help. So I ran back. I ran back to you and because of you I had the confidence to do so. I wrote emails all these years hoping that you’d still be mine, but I was wrong. I loved you Maria, I still love you. He didn’t taint you. He didn’t break you. He only made you better and you can bet your ass I’ll kill him when I see him again. I never should have let him hurt you. I should never have let either of them hurt. I should’ve protected you. I should’ve shut down those rumors. None of it ever made sense anyways, but I was looking for an out neither of us wanted. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Maria’s p.o.v.

He was whispering in my ear words that made me crave a bong. A joint wouldn’t be strong enough for what I was feeling. I need a hit from straight weed and weed alone. He made me want a drink. Something definitely a whole lot stronger that some fucking grape juice. I wanted to push away from him, but my body felt like it was breaking down. I wanted to believe him, my demon wanted to believe him, but a part of us denied him the satisfaction. So we did the only thing we could. The only thing we still knew how to do. We screamed. We screamed until we couldn’t scream anymore hoping that when we were done the pain would be gone with it too.

Natalie’s p.o.v.

Dave was moving faster than I ever thought he could; damn near sonic speed. It was like the moment he heard her scream something had taken over him, possessing him to go protect her. I tried to stop him. I knew those kinds of screams. They weren’t ones of anguish. They were filled with pain that she’d finally learn to get out.

I gasped as he kicked in her door. This wasn’t going to end at all and I no longer knew how to protect him from himself.

“Let her the fuck go!” he growled making me pause in my steps. I’ve never heard him use a tone like that. He sounded deadly. Like he was going to kill anyone that got in his way and I didn’t want to be the first one.

“What are you doing?!” yelled the voice from inside before his body was hurled towards us. He landed with a thump the air knocked out his lungs as Dave slowly stocked over to him.

“What did you do to her?!” he growled. There was so much emotion wafting off of him that I unconsciously took a step back out of fear. In this moment he resembled the worst parts of my memories. The parts that I’d just failed to explain to him made me stay away.

“Calm down dude before you piss me off.” said the guy getting up and brushing himself off. He looked completely unfazed and that only made me take another step backwards terrified. “We were just talking.”

“Talking won’t have her screaming Jace. What did you do? You’re buddy or your brother wasn’t enough and now you were coming to do what he couldn’t.”

Wrong move Dave. As he spat his accusation at the guy his hands had gone to cover his chain. Both of them. Why wasn’t he even trying to protect himself? Defense or not it was too late. The Jace guy moved so quickly that I almost didn’t see him. Pure rage filled his face as he threw punch after punch at him not stopping once until Dave had fallen on his ass...asleep. Then he walked off yelling that he’d text Maria later. She just stood there staring at them as it happened before turning and going back into her home. I frowned. What the fuck?

This was the bitch that was supposed to care about him? It pissed me off and for the first time in a long time I went to go confront someone. If she didn’t get it once I was done, I’d knock the sense into her myself.

You could feel the anger floating off of her, but as towards the placement was unknown. She was pissed at herself for hurting him, but she also was pissed with what she’d just witnessed. Natalie followed behind her, inviting herself into Maria’s residence, with the intent full of rage to give Maria a piece of her mind. She scoffed as the strong scent of weed hit her nose.

She didn’t know who this person was. This was not the girl she’d met over the last couple of months. This was not the Mary she’d come to know and love. This was not the girl who told her she dreamed of reading a good book on the beach and having her boyfriend reading it over her shoulder because they had so much in common.

This girl was a stoner who cared about nothing and no one and it really pissed Natalie off. Dave deserved someone who would be there, not someone who would walk away.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she yelled as Maria just shrugged and rolled her eyes before lighting yet another joint. “Why didn’t you just do something? You could have stopped that! You could’ve at least made sure he was okay. He wasn’t even defending himself! He just let it happen for some fucking reason. I’m willing to bet my life that reason has something to do with you.” she cried frustration building up within her. She was confused. The Dave she knew could fight, but he hadn’t even bothered. Was he trying to prove to Maria that he wasn’t the monster she feared he was?

“He’s fine.” Maria laughed. “Not my fault he finally found his match. He should’ve walked away and listened, but no. Like always he chooses his fist because, thanks to you, he no longer knows how to deal.” If he had been trying to prove something, he failed.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Natalie yelled, taking a defensive stance as she clenched her fists. Her nostrils flared as she stared down the girl who seemingly just didn’t care at all. How could Dave have fallen for a nonchalant bitch like this? She no longer saw the appeal for this shallow stoner.

“The world doesn’t revolve around either of you. This isn’t the Natalie and Dave universe where everything ties back to your friendship and that’s all that matters. We get it already! You played in sand together, took baths together and even shared your boogers for a snack. You’ve been hit with reality now, others have shit going on too. Others have lives that matter just as much as yours do. Dave decided to stay out of mine and rejoin yours, so please do me a favor and bitch to someone else about why he’s sleeping on the grass.”

“He just went to jail for you!”

“No he went to jail for you and used me as an excuse. You see he’ll never hit a girl again, but this stunt you pulled made him want to knock your fucking head off. It just so happens that at the same time I was losing my mind. How convenient?! You pissed him off, he fills with aggression and his girl is screaming because of this guy. Why not attack the guy? Why not use her fear and just make it seem like you’re playing the hero?” Tension filled the room. Natalie had no idea that Maria wasn’t the princess everyone believed her to be, even when it was staring her right in the face.

“You don’t know him!” Natalie yelled tears filling her eyes as Maria just laughed a little harder. “He deserves so much better than you. He deserves someone who actually cares. Someone who will actually be there for him instead of having her head too far up her own ass and only wants to smoke weed. What’s the matter princess? Did some things you regret and now the pass is making you a pothead?” She was already numb, but now the demon was taking over removing that last bit of filter that remained.

“Do tell who’s better? You? Are you the missing piece that will fix everything that’s gone wrong for him? Have you forgotten that you’re the cause of it? Have you forgotten that it was because of your idiocy and you not listening to his warnings that caused his life to come apart in shambles? You ruined everything for him. You made him become a shell of his former self. It was because of you that led to the actions that uprooted his life and forced him here. You are poison for him Amaryllis and you know it. You aren’t the solution here, you’re the problem. I’m tired of having to apologize for my issues because he insists on seeing parts of you in me. I have my own issues. I had my own life. I made my own mistakes and I have to deal with that. I can’t deal with that and his because you’ve decided that now was the time to come back. Tell me Bear, does your Scar know you had no intention of ever coming back? That the only reason this conversation is even happening right now is because you were forced to deal with your past? Does he know that you went and visited that jackass in jail for some reason that only makes sense to you? Does your Scar know that you blame him for what happened? That you think he was too self centered and selfish to really give a damn about you? Does he know how you speak of him to strangers? How you talk as if he was the one to harm you and not the only fucking reason that things didn’t end up worse? HE TRIED TO WARN YOU AND YOU DIDN’T LISTEN! Yet, you still stand here and try to act as if you are somehow better than me because I’m smoking a bit of weed?” she paused to take a deep inhale before blowing the smoke directly in Natalie’s face. Neither one had even realized how close they were getting as she ranted. The weed was pointless. She was too angry to be able to feel its effects that way she needed to. “Tell me Bear, does your Scar even know that you fell in love with him? That the reason Justin went crazy is because you called out Dave’s name while fucking him? I’m guessing he doesn’t. Now get the fuck out of my house. You won already. He chose you and I damn sure ain’t gone fight it. I’m not that stupid. I’m not Justin.”

Maria stomped away leaving a stunned Natalie behind her. It was easy to figure out how she put the clues together. She was possibly the only person in the world who knew both sides of the story. Natalie knew she had no choice now. She had to leave again. Only this time, she’d be able to say good-bye. She wouldn’t make the same mistake that she made last time she left, but she was still going to leave him again after promising that she wouldn’t.

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