Matt, Sadie, Helen & Mo

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“Have you heard from him?” asked Sadie as her and Doug sat at the table in the window to drink their tea.

“No, not for weeks now. Go on say it…I told you so.”

“You knew Stuie was a user, you can hardly be surprised that he’s moved on. I did warn you.”

“I know, but, oh I dunno. Anyway, enough of me. How’s you?”

“Really good. Melissa’s cookery show is doing really well both here and in the States so they’ve commissioned at least two more series of it, which is great news for my bank account.”

“You’ve hardly had a day off since that day.”

“I know, but mostly I’m working for the charity.”

“Every advert I hear is your voice, I can’t move for your voice. It’s a wonder I haven’t got a permanent semi on,” laughed Doug, glad that they were still as close as ever, even with Sadie doing so well.

“Needs must and all that. I don’t get a wage from the charity so I have to take what’s offered.”

The waiter brought over their food, Sadie had ordered a cream puff and Doug the banana loaf.

“I’ve got food envy,” he whined.

“Mmmmmm,” said Sadie as she took a huge bite then smiled squashing the cream through her teeth.


“Delicious,” she mumbled.

The charity Sadie worked for had been set up by Kahil, using the money Mo had been awarded as compensation, plus he’d boosted it with some of the money left to them by old Mr Akbar. It was a community based action group against bullying, racially motivated or otherwise. Sadie’s main role was to go into schools, colleges and community centres to speak with young people, and to provide small follow up groups for victims of bullying with the aim of giving them the tools to keep safe. She was a natural carer and the children and young people gained a lot from speaking with her, someone who had experienced what they were going through for as long as she could remember. Confidence was the key. She tried to point them in the right direction so they became less appealing as victims. Sadie’s own confidence had grown disproportionately and it filled her, she no longer felt empty.

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