Matt, Sadie, Helen & Mo

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“So, my leading lady, you are to be leaving us today I hear.”

“Only for a few weeks, I’ve got another in-patient date for next month. Don’t worry Mo, I’ll be back to help soon.”

“Oh thank goodness for that. This place will run to rack and ruin if you are not here to help with the sorting out of drawings and craft work,” smiled Mo. “However, I do know that your Daddy is very excited that you will be going home to help look after him. He is not very good at running the house and making the dinners for your sister.”

“I know. My nanny has to go round there a lot to help or Charlotte will have omelette or pizza every night for her tea.”

“Omelette is my very favourite, especially when the eggs are from my magic chicken.” The young girl’s eyes opened wide and a smile spread across her face, she was fully aware of Mo’s stories. “My chicken has purple feathers and lays turquoise eggs. Do you have a chicken like that?” the little girl shook her head. “The magic eggs let me travel in time. I like to go back to the days of pirates, and heavy treasure chests and eye patches and parrots. The parrot I like the best is called Mr Barnacle and he lives on a big ship called HMS Victory. Perhaps when I am missing you greatly I will go on another sea voyage, and because I know about all the countries in the world, I will teach the pirates who will then think I am some sort of genius.”

“I think you’re a genius Mo,” said the little girl.

“And I think you are too. Now you go home before old Captain Black Beard calls me and gets us both into trouble.”

“We’ll see you in a few weeks Mo, take care.”

He watched as the mother pushed the girl’s wheelchair towards the lift, ladened with bags and toys from her two week stay on Woodland Ward. The mother smiled over her shoulder as her daughter pressed the button and mouthed “Thank you,” to Mo, who smiled back.

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